World's Magic Restaurant

7044 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 203-3330

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Lisa Wilson

Middle Eastern food, very satisfying. do yourself a favor and give this place a try. had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again. the bill was good for what you get. they have so many reviews for a reason.

Turki Miski

The food is Arabic and the food is very good I ate mandi lamb and mandi chicken and fish with rice and I ate mooloceya

hosam mobark

Over all, the restaurant was nice, good for kids and the food was super delicious but the service was slow.

Meshal Alanazi

I came with one of my friends we eat mandi chicken and mandi lamb it was fantastic the rice had a special flavor to it it was crazy I recommend everyone to try it.

Hamzah Chirkli

Oh my, what an absolutely pleasant surprise. We were visiting Orlando for Universal Studios and since we only eat halal food, we were googling for halal options nearby.

Bader Ali

Absolutely amazing food! The lamb mandi melts in your mouth, meat falls off the bone!

Amir Malik

The Food is Soooo Amazing Fresh and Delicious I can Say Best Food in Town Orlando If Visit Orlando U Must Visit and Taste the Food Specially the the Price Affordable and Reasonable i Like The owner and his Family Helps and Generous Definitely ill visit again and ill recommend everyone taste Once in a life.

Saad W.

Ifs clean, family owned restaurant with good customer service. I had ramadan iftar buffet for 20$ here. There were many options to choose from but it was nothing exceptional. I believe all arabic people love it.

Helda R.

Had the mixed platter. Very good flavor and the single was more than enough food for two. Spring rolls were very fresh and tasted as they were freshly made.

Good Luck

Arabian Saudi Restaurant on International Drive Road. Mandy they have delicious. The employee is respectable. The negatives are that the employee cleans the dishes in front of the customer before he gets off the table. It is preferable to clean dishes in the kitchen


Absolutely amazing food! The lamb mandi melts in your mouth.l, meat falls off the bone!

Sherif M.

Lamb and Chicken Mandi are tasty and juicy !! Portions are more than satisfying with very good prices.

Healing Water S.

Food and quality off the food is amazing every time you go is better than time before thank you so much

Mayada Z.

The best Indonesian food in the United States. The Restaurant owned by a Saudi family which make it feels like home. The food was very fresh. It took a lot of time to prepare so be patient :) We order mixed Indonesian for tow ( the big plate in the pic) which includes mix meet and vege. Then an order of den den which is a fried beef with red sause and special flavors. Finally we got the chicken safe which was very tender and Yammy. Must of the dishes made with peanuts so if you have any allergies don't forget to read the menu carefully. The kenafa is good as a sweet to get a full Saudi/Indonesian experience in Orlando:)

Warren F.

Orlando is a place filled with every chain restaurant known to man. Thank goodness for Worlds Magic Restaurant. It bills itself as an Indonesian Arabic restaurant. I was concerned that the only review from a fellow Indonesian warned against eating here. However, ethnic food is routinely toned down for American consumption. I'm glad I decided to eat there. The menu is filled with familiar Indonesian dishes. There's even a "combination plate" with small portions of popular dishes. I was going to order it, and my waiter felt it's a great way to have a variety of foods. However, he suggested I order the Arabic Lamb Specialty that was not on the menu. I have had Indonesian food in New York and where I live. How often does one get the opportunity to eat Arabic food? It was an easy decision. I was expecting grilled lamb similar to Lebanese food over steamed rice. What I got was lamb and rice cooked in an underground oven. The waiter said it gave the rice its slightly smoky flavor. I couldn't identify several spices used, but I can attest the result was outstanding. The lamb was soft tender and flavorful. The rice was typical very long grain rice. It has a subtle flavor that compliments the lamb. It was served with a tomato based sauce on the side. The sauce was too spicy for my taste but probably mild on the Indonesian hot scale. I felt it overwhelmed the complex seasoning of the lamb. The lamb was too good to hide its virtues with any sauce no matter how good the sauce may be. Truly an exceptional meal. I again trusted the waiter with the dessert. It was an orange colored cheese dish. The waiter told me to stop playing with my phone and eat it before it got cold. Love the guy. I'm not sure what was in it except some pistachios, but it was a wonderful new experience. Needless to say, my waiter was great! I like people who are proud of their food and not afraid to push what's best. The waiter gave me the dessert with his compliments. He refused my offer to pay for it. If you're in Orlando to visit Mickey Mouse, skip the resort and chain restaurants. Experience something new and wonderful at Worlds Magic Restaurant!

Jack A.

The fish was so salty the rice taste bad and in general just a bad restraunt Maybe justvthe food i got

Abdullah 👨🏻‍✈️ ♏️

Everything delicious

Mario Moquete

Very good indonesian and middle eastern food. We had mostly Indonesian dishes. Big, flavorful dish combination.

Katie D.

Great food, attentive service, nice atmosphere. We were here on a quiet night and got the mixed Indonesian sampler. It was wonderful! The warm sweetened cheese dessert was also great. Worth a stop!

Vince R.

Very friendly staff and was pleased to find Indonesian food in Orlando. Love the flavors of the food and will be back. Mostly saw Indonesian food on the menu but that's exactly what we came here for. Our server Basil recommends food and was very good and attentive. Great desserts too! Break out of the norm and give this place a shot.

World's Magic Restaurant

7044 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819