Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

7061 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando
(407) 273-6330

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Andrew Polaskey

Great lil Zaxby's nearby; super friendly staff. For anyone living near or around the international airport it's quite possibly the easiest one to get too in terms of traffic and has moderately short waits during lunch.

Karina Mendez

Love it...the food always taste so fresh and juicy chicken always a plus.

Qveen Bri

Normally I have an over all generic experience here, never had any issues. However today for some reason they were making jokes in the back and laughing while we were trying to order as if my order was funny or something. Maybe try to be more professional and hire people that act their age.

Dante Wilson

I was super excited about trying zaxby’s my first time when moving to the Orlando area! They really don’t miss, unless you forget to ask for your food fresh! They have amazing deals for meals for 2 that they started since the pandemic started!

Gwen Williams

You gotta love zaxbys!! Nice hot,fresh food. Will be back again, when I'm visiting again

Herman Lara

Used to have bigger chicken tenders. You got ride of onion rings. Your chicken tenders have become very small, but the amount for 2 meals is almost $30. You also shorted me on french fries. Not very happy with the last 2 visits.

Alec McCullough

Only Zaxby’s I’ve had issues with... Things in my order were forgotten

Madeline Morcelo

8/19/2020 around 4:45pm. I just left this restaurant; it used to be one of my favorites but not anymore. I tried placing an order on the drive thru. The shift manager as well as other employees were so loud that I could hear their conversation through the speaker, even the inappropriate words they were using. I nicely asked the young girl taking my order to please ask them to lower their voices as it was really very distracting and unprofessional for a customer to hear their inappropriate conversation, and she ignored me completely asking me what I needed for my drinks. I asked her, “did you hear what I say?”, and she kept ignoring me asking me few times if that completed my order. This place is always full of ignorant teenagers as employees, so they definitely need to be retrained on how essential and important customer service is for a business. I felt so disrespected by this employee...completely unnecessary. I will make sure this complaint gets all the way to corporate.

Scott Johnson

Ordered on the app and food was ready on time and order was correct. Great job!

Ana Sosa-Lewis

Super tasty and consistent quality. Loving the curbside pick-up for online orders! Sometimes they forget to add the Zax sauce to the order when they're really busy, but that's easily remedied if you check your order before leaving.


If you want a disappointing meal with missing food, please visit this Zaxbys! Their wings are almost as big as a whole chicken. ? I just can’t. They really do SUCK!!! And that’s coming from the BOTTOM of my heart! ?

Shereka Robinson

They have a great menu and the food is tasty my favorite is their traditional wings in sweet and spicy sauce?, if you are looking for a healthier option try the salad it's pretty good. The fries fresh out the fryer are very good...if you are an ice cruncher they have the good ice.Try will love it!!!.

Kimberly Hafid

Food is inconsistent. Somedays its spot on, others, it has a weird smokey flavor, I think their oil isnt changed often enough. And if you make changes to am order, they 80%of the time ignire them, and I have to go back and have it corrected, upon which they give you an attitude like you're the one who screwed it up.

Haniya The Ultimate Diva

Good food. Service could be faster.


Usually perfect they gipped me this time on the chicken by 2 tenders.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

7061 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando, FL 32822
(407) 273-6330