Nesting Grounds Cafe

4852 Ridgemoor Blvd, Palm Harbor
(727) 559-1574

Recent Reviews

Mike McLeish

Our new favorite breakfast spot! Meat lover's breakfast bowl was delicious. The family recipe pancakes were amazing. Sooo good.Food: 5/5

Dean I

Beautifully decorated, bright, and clean! Service is quick and friendly. Menu is awesome as is the food.Food: 5/5

Fish Man

I’m sorry but I’m not a fan. Staff was great (and they were very busy). Ingredients were good quality. But I just didn’t like the flavors. Home fries were smothered in dry Italian herbs. “Corned beef hash” was just the home fries with chopped up cold cuts. Not real hash. Hollandaise on the Benedict was bright yellow and very salty. Biscuits and gravy used those cakey biscuits that were seared black on the bottom. Gravy was good but very salty. I’m not slamming this place because I can tell they put the effort in and use good ingredients and the staff busts butt but they need to work on their composition from the kitchen.

Don Mccullough

This is the second time we have been here. Now I understand why we don't come back too often. The food is really really good. However, the service is not good at all. Please be sure to tip the ( not saying the name) short haired/ shoulder length brunette waitress a little extra. She is in desperate need to purchase a new attitude !

Bailey A.

I was so bummed about our meal here. We love supporting local restaurants. We wanted to come here for breakfast but ended up coming for lunch. Our group tried the- Reuben sandwich, Cuban sandwich, chicken salad over a salad, another salad I don't remember the name of, and a kids Mac n Cheese. I was surprised by the prices as I thought it would be a little cheaper than what it was but was ok with it because we were supporting local. We got our food and it was such a let down. I included a picture of my husband's Cuban sandwich. It was literally two small slices of lunch meat. For the price that's ridiculous. I can go to Cuban breezes and get a packed Cuban sandwich for less than $7. My husband had to take lunch meat from our house and add it to his sandwich so he wasn't just eating bread. The chicken salad was ok but was runny and had a lot of liquid. The kids Mac n cheese looked like it was from a Kraft's box. The quality wasn't there for me and neither was the price. We will see if we try breakfast here but are hesitant after this experience.

Rachel Titone

Stopped to eat here today for the first time with my 11 month old and won’t be back due to poor customer service.Walked in around noon and asked if we could sit outside. I was told to go pick any seat and they’ll be out in a minute with a high chair. Great! Went outside, found a table and waited. 5 minutes pass, 10 minutes pass, no service. Other outside tables were being served food and drinks, so I was patient. After the 15 minute mark I went back inside to ask for a menu and the same waitress says “sit anywhere IN HERE, I’m not going outside”. I didn’t appreciate the attitude and was confused after being told I could sit outside?? so I left and instead went to East Lake cafe which was amazing! Great customer service, food and atmosphere. Would recommend going to East Lake Cafe instead!


Went for breakfast, veggie omelet was fantastic, pancakes were delicious, coffee was smooth. Very clean place, great service. Will go back and try lunch.Thank you!!


Breakfast out at a different place. Asked if they had fresh brewed tea - yes. Ordered and received flavored tea out of a dispenser. Waitress didn't return - walked up to the counter and asked about the tea. Person said peoples were complaining all day yesterday the sweet tea tasted like raspberry? (might be a reason) Asked if they could make one of their omelets into a bowl - no substitutions. We ordered all the same ingredients as the omelet in a bowl - minimal upcharge. The waitress was too busy to check on us after taking the order - 7 empty tables and only 1 person at the bar. For 2 people and $35 - many other places in the area to eat.

Gerry Pollack

Food was good, as usual, and staff was friendly. However, the service was very slow. My wife visited not long ago and also found the service to be very slow. So only three stars today

Christopher S.

Relocating my workouts from Clearwater YMCA to the Geigle YMCA on EastLake, I was concerned about where I would go to refuel after the pain! :-p Doing a recon, I found this little gem! The interior setting, accented by relaxing colors, provides a great laid back vibe. The staff has evolved into providing hospitality to the customer. Heather, the owner, is always looking to improve on her high standards. The menu provides breakfast and lunch options for all. I haven't had a bad meal here yet. Oh, one of the stars here are the pancakes! Just try them! Consistency is paramount here at The Nesting Grounds and eating here at least twice a week, I can testify to that. The proverbial gem lives here! Visit them!

Joyce T.

We've been walking from home for breakfast. The food is great and reasonable and the service is very friendly. They really should be more crowded, but it's hard to spot from the road. My friends tell me the lunches are good, too. Hope to see for myself soon.

Jackie Coote

Food qty small. Prices a little higher than other breakfast and luncheon eateries that offer more of a variety. Asked for a slice of tomato and a leaf of lettuce for hamburger, said it wasn't included. FF small amt. So thin hamburger on bun was lost on plate. No lettuce, no tomato, few FF. PD over $11.

Brian Smith

Really nice breakfast/lunch spot with a good range of selections. Friendly staff! I really like the coffee too!

Ted Nester Jr.

Great little cozy place . Perfect place for meeting a Special someone for the first time. Excellent experience from walking in the door to the quick wait staff, excellent kitchen chefs. You won't be disappointed, worth the trip.


We've been to this restaurant about 5 times now. I usually order the cuban which is tasty, but never hot enough to warm the meat inside . This time we went there for breakfast, and I ordered the Classic Devils (eggs). There were 4, and they were SO SMALL! One of the eggs was so small that when I put it in my spoon...the spoon was bigger! I asked the server if she had any other eggs that were bigger to fix me, and she said no because they purchase them like that (pre-made). When I bit into one...the egg white was hard and rubbery...yuk! I then proceeded to eat only the yolks out of them. When the server came back and asked how it was, I told her that I would not order them again! There was no offer to get me something else, nor take it off of my bill. We won't be back.

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