Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill

34726 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor
(727) 408-5745

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Terry R.

L O U D can't have conversations Small too small for 6 Food standard fare Good service hard to find

The Purple Krow

This was our first time eating here & it was fantastic! Menu is so well organized, lots of photos in case you aren't familiar with the dishes. The restaurant itself was beautiful inside! Staff were all friendly, clean & dressed well. Food was so good! Definitely will revisit & bring friends next time!!

David Harrison

Been wanting to try this place... We stopped in Sunday afternoon. Big place, looked clean, maybe a dozen people in the place. Huge, extensive menu! "Mateo" was our server. Wanted to take our drink order right away. We had never been there before and opening the menu there was a couple of pages of "Specialty" drinks, so I asked for a few minutes to look over what was available....."Mateo" kind of huffed and walked away... a minute or two later he was back. I asked him for another couple of minutes and he rolled his eyes and left the table. He came back right away with a basket of chips and bowl of salsa - they were good! He took quite a few minutes to return to the table... We placed our order. It didn't take long for Mateo to deliver our order! We had Nachos and A variety of Tamales with a side of yellow rice... The nachos were just okay and luke warm... My Tamales were cold and the rice was very dry! Mateo came by, we had both only taken a few bites... he says 'I'll bring boxes "..... dropped off the boxes and the check and disappeared..... to be honest, the flavors were actually pretty good, But the service and the fact that everything was cold kinda ruined the experience for us!!!

Kate B.

I've eaten here a few times and every meal has been wonderful! The chile relleno is my favorite. :) The staff is very friendly. The decor is cool too!

Mary C.

Great could good size portions. We had lunch there. I had the burrito Jelisco. Very tasty.

Teri M.

I've ordered pick up for lunch and gone in for lunch a few times. Great food, a little on the pricey side for Mexican food. Free chips and salsa is something I look for and they have this. Drinks are well made and creative. Good spot if you are craving more of a chain like Mexican restaurant. I do believe this group has a few different locations in Florida.

Mark K.

I got the Molcajete the meat was not cooked my wife got the fajita salad the chicken was raw the drinks were good but the food was Disgusting And they took nothing off the bill 70 bucks waste of money

Darcy S.

Second time here and we drive an hour to come here from W. Bradenton! We really love the food and the Margaritas are excellent also! Always great service!

Dana R.

We discovered this place a couple of months ago and we've been back every week since. Having spent over a decade in Texas, we're pretty picky when it comes to Mexican Food, or maybe I should say TexMex. Our first visit, our waiter brought us chips and salsa to start, and we ordered queso to accompany that. We also tried 3 different dishes to have a variety of tastes to sample. We throughly enjoyed our meals, and because chips, salsa, and queso are the main reason to eat Mexican food, we left with ample leftovers for the next day. It's really good food, but not quite 5 stars. The flavors could be a bit more enhanced and it would meet that 5 star requirement easily! Great atmosphere and very clean restroom.

Jenny Manning

The husband and I both ordered make your own combo of three choices. I did 2 chili rellenos and an Quesadilla. He ordered a tamal, enchilada and a burrito. Came with seasoned rice and beans. We are both very picky on Mexican food but they place had some of the best tasting food. My chili rellenos were tender (i picked beef, you have the option of chicken, beef or cheese) and it was well seasoned. The quesadilla had some of the best seasoned meat. He was very happy with his meal and plans for us going back next weekend to try other dishes.The pictures are of my leftovers.

Thomas T.

First time here... I have driven past this place dozens of times- today I stopped for dinner. Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill is a nice looking restaurant. Clean, bright, a couple TV's. My waitress brought Chips and Salsa automatically and I ordered the Triple Choice Deal: Beef Burrito, Chicken Taco and Cheese Enchilada. It came with Rice and Refried Beans, I paid extra for a small Guacamole. The taco was a little plain- just some lettuce and onion on it. The Burrito was also kind of bland. Not BAD tasting, just "meh". The Enchilada would have been better had the cheese inside been hot and melty. The rice and beans were just typical. I did LIKE the Salsa- but I've had better. Not much to say about Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great- It's just kind of there.

Paula D. Smith

First visit here and the food was absolutely amazing! We had a very large party and the service was never lacking nor were the delicious chips and salsa. Everyone was very pleased with their entreesand the portion size was spot on!

Linda P.

This is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in N. Pinellas. It's got a lovely atmosphere, good and friendly service, with tasty and good quality traditional Mexican food and a nice bar with a wonderful bartender who knows how to make great drinks! The Margaritas are HUGE! You can order them skinny or mixed in many different combinations. And the prices are fair! It's worth the drive further up 19 from Dunedin to eat here.

Michelle Suzanne Tucker

I live very close to this restaurant and dine here quite often, I do want to recognize the staff for being so attentive when I had my Bachelorette Party dinner of 22. I couldn't have asked for better service especially for a Saturday evening when it's pretty busy. They accommodated us, set up tables and were very quick with getting drinks and orders out in a timely manor. All of the food was excellent and we were able to head to our next destination right on time. Thank you 2/5/22

Christina H.

Fast food in a sit down environment. The salsa is tasteless and the food is dry. My daughter had the taquitos which were saturated in oil, not properly rolled and consisted of pulled flavorless chicken. I had soft pork tacos which were dry and full of fat. My husband had the enchiladas with red sauce which was the best tasting but the beans served on all our plates were watery. My daughter actually asked were the beans were in the slop, lol. I'll stick to making my own Mexican food.

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Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill

34726 US Hwy 19 N, Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 408-5745