36169 E Lake Rd S Unit #9, Palm Harbor
(727) 784-7827

Recent Reviews

bridget light

best subway ever. great employees

Chia Wei Chen

It’s Subway so nothing out of this world. I have to say it’s the cleanest Subway I’ve seen so kudos to the girls working today 4/10/22.

Steven Sikorski

Food was good. Service was very nice. Quick in and out as pick up to take home. Little bit pricey for 2 foot longs, but everything is going up.

Push the Button

This Subway location has curb side parking in front of the store.As well as handicap curb ramps.

Vernon Kilby

Good sandwiches and service. Very clean.

Amanda Melichar

Have ordered from here a million times as we live close by, but tonight was a slap in the face. Ordered a ham and turkey wrap to go...and picked it up just before 8:40. I told the guy working I felt bad for ordering so late but appreciated him and asked for change for a $5 so I could tip him $2. I took the wrap home took two bites one through the wrap end...usually just tortilla...and a second only to realize there was no meat at all. Went back arrived at 8:50 ten minutes before close and everything was locked up. So disappointed...miss the kids that worked here before and feel bad for the owners.

lizaveta Tarasevich

Went in for my first Subway experience. Got a veggie delight. Asked my bread to be toasted, which never happened. Also asked for extra onions and the guy at the register put three extra tiny onion slices on my sub. Had a whatever attitude the whole time and tried to make me decide faster even though I was the only customer in line. I work in food and beverage industry myself and this is not how you treat your customers.

Michael Anderson

Quick service. Great people.

Carmine Conti

I like all the subways but I particularly love the one on East Lake Road very clean fast service your love their tuna friendly service

Kenneth Dillman

Ordered 3 sandwiches thru the app and my sandwich was missing double protein bacon and not toasted after I asked them to put a sticker on the one that was with bacon and toasted to mark it they never even put a sticker on one


democrat promise better life, i vote and NO better life! but subway is there for me. meatball sub is better life. Thank you subway, no thank you democrat.

Angie Stevens

2nd time this month. Horrible service and a horrible meal. The meatball sandwich had 3 meatballs and a quart of marinara sauce. We'll take the time to go to Publix or take the drive to Wawa.


Not the best, not the worst. Best of all, it is convenient, fast, lots of variety, priced reasonably and has good hours for lunch/dinner times. Wish they would open earlier than 10 but Covid has altered a lot of businesses' hours.

Nicole Henry

Poor customer service. Avoid this location if you can.

Mark Wita

All Subways are not the same. This location rocks with perfect sandwiches and very friendly staff.

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