BJ's bakery

5901 W Hillsboro Blvd, Parkland
(954) 340-2300

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Jack Devaney

Great to see Danielle back as line ambassador. She is always so friendly and eager to help customers.

Karen R.

Bought tires there. Comes with " we will fix flat tires" I went there an met with an angry man that doesn't ave time. I can leave the car and shop. And I did. They never touched it. So since I'm on th 95 for 50 minutes one way to work. I had it patched somewhere else for 30 dollars. Thanks for nothing.

Becca Thomas Riley

Great club! Enjoy the atmosphere and friendly team.

Martha L.

I can find nearly everything I need here and the price is nice. I wish this location had gas available, especially with the prices so high now.

Samantha Q.

Great gas prices! Alex from loss prevention was out collecting carts and offered to help load my truck with my stuff. What nice staff!

Wendye C.

I was very disappointed with BJ,s customer service! Bought a 75" tv on Saturday and paid for delivery. Today, upon installation it was noted that the screen was cracked! My husband and son took it back (over 100 lbs) and was offered a credit bit no replacement or credit for delivery fee,! On line customer service was no better! VERY POOR SERVICE FOR A STORE I SHOP IN EVERY WEEK! No choice but to switch to Costco

Jill M.

BJ's is pretty much the same everywhere in the country. I also know it's hard to find people who want to work and I appreciate those you do show up to make life a little easier for us all. What I hate is when people are trying to manage lines and they tell you to go into a specific line stating things like "there's no one in line" only to get out of line to find out there's four people ahead of you when there was none ahead of you before you get out of line. I always try to cooperate because perhaps they know something right now. In this case, the person helping the lines tonight before closing and no clue what was going on. I left

Maridyth N.

It's been a long time since we've been a member of BJ's, but when I saw a Groupon for a year of their Inner Circle Membership for $20 (normally $55/year), I jumped on it! Not to mention, this location is literally 10 minutes from my house. We arrived at the store, and went to the Customer Service desk to claim our membership via the Groupon voucher. The employee who assisted us was super friendly and professional. We were able to add my hubby to the membership at no extra charge! She processed the new membership in less than 10 minutes, gave us our Welcome Packet, and we went into the club to browse. The club itself is well maintained and enormous! The merchandise is in stock and the prices are great! For example, we purchased a 72-count box of Dunkin Donuts coffee k-cups for $38.49, and 36-pack of Diet Pepsi cans for $12.99! When we were ready to check out, there were self-checkout lanes, and since we only had two items, opted to use it. An employee came over stating she saw our Welcome Packet and wanted to make sure we found all we needed and if we had a good experience. That was a nice touch! Overall, this is a great location. The parking is ample, the employees are friendly, the inventory is large, and the prices are great! I will definitely be back for more good deals!

Charles B.

there is nothing like consistency !! when you order the rotisserie chicken...should be the same every time ! when you order the macaroni salad should be the same every time ! this !!! what people want !!!!!! (and your doing it) !!!......continue staying on track !.... change ...."nothing" !!! is perfect ! the split second you change the are doomed ! c. babcock j.karsten boca raton fl.

Venus V.

Awful service. Long lines people working there aren't helpful and take forever. Drivers that go there seem like they've never driven in their life. Not a good deal for the aggravation and lack of service you get. Go to Publix!

Chad C.

The line was ridiculously long. I had pulled up the bjs app and started scanning my items so we could by pass the check out lines. I can't believe more folks are not using this option. My only complaint was that the guy at the exit had to rescan everything again kimd of a waste of time. I get you want to ensure nobody is walking out with unscanned items however this backed up the line at the end as well.

Luciana Reis De Liz

the best ,I Love shop

Thao N.

Did the self checkout today. During the scan, the light for help came on without me realizing it. A Bjs member came over to look to make sure I scanned everything. I told her that I only have 4 items so I'm not stupid to miss them. She then walked over to the register in front of me and called me an idiot. Once I confronted her, and asked for a Supervisor, she said she is the Supervisor. It wasn't until I pushed the issue that she got me the "PIC". I'm pretty sure that if I was white I wouldn't be an idiot. This Parkland Bjs customer service is the worst compare to other Bjs including Costco

Gene T.

Great experience from beginning to end. Thank you Bj Tires in Parkland. John, Wayne, and Mike very accommodating and very helpful. They are assets to Bjs tire dept. and company. I made a mistake with my scheduling online and even though they were booked up, they found an opening for me. Once again a great experience and fast. Great price and install price. Thank you again. Gene

Isabela D.

Rude workers who screams at your when they are closing. You won't be able to finishing your shopping because they want you out. I'm never going back to this location and god is good I was searching for the man who screams and me and my spouse luckily I didnt find his a** .

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