Pizza Time Caffe

6620 Parkside Dr, Parkland
(954) 345-8665

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stephan ali

I used to love pizza time. I stopped coming here because over the years it just stopped being worth it, there was no notable reason other than convenience to order from them. I supported them because I personally know family members of owners, management and workers, unfortunately there hasn’t been a justifiable reason to continue to spend money here, not with so many better options. The cheese and topping just slide complete off their pizzas leaving some sauce and dough left behind. You’re just paying to have someone else cook average food for you. There honestly isn’t anything particularly special about this place anymore, they used to be better but nothing sets them apart from any other pizza/Italian spot anymore. Never thought I’d say I’d rather order from Anthony’s coal fire than pizza time. Other than pizza which I’ve never made in my life, every other item on the menu anyone with an iota of cooking ability can make just as well. Their decline in quality is sad I’ve gone here about four times in the last 10 years since I noticed that honestly they just suck especially when considering the money you spend here, I was highly disappointed every single times. If you live in parkland and you don’t feel like cooking then go for it, you’re only lying for convenience, but again there are other nearby options that are much better. It’s really sad because I remember when they were open the day after Wilma generators going and feeding the whole community with great food.

David velez

This is real italian food. The quality and standards for the food and desserts are phenomenal. This is a Absolute must if you love food.

Begüm Dombai

Horrible service !!!! I was there with my 3 kids and one had a birthday I told the server it’s her bday and normally in every restaurant I’ve been in the bday cake treat is included and she went to the back to charge me $13.00 for the cake after I had already paid . But that’s not all the servers were cursing around our table they all smelled like cigarettes and were in a hurry to get our table cleaned we felt rushed the food wasn’t even good and my daughter’s bday surprise desert was ruined . I hate this restaurant and I spent over $100 just to be mistreated.

Malcom B.

Very slow service. Not very appetising as they make us wait so long Would rather go elsewhere

Barron R.

I would always go to lunch there inside! I am diabetic and have a small Bichón Frise that is a legitimate Diabetic Alert Dog that can determine when my sugar drops that always would go with me! Never had a problem! Today, I was confronted with a b**** waitress, that said no dogs allowed I showed and told her that she was a service dog! She repeated no dogs allowed! Little does she know that she has created a major problem for the owner of Pizza Time!

Doug M.

Pizza Time Cafee in Parkland is the only place to go for true authentic Italian food. Remember, only the one in Parkland. The others are wannabes.Nowto the menu. The menu offers every adult & kid something they will thoroughly enjoy. The appetizer, from calamari, to rice balls to great, great salads are all there. You will want to order everything on the menu. Whether you have the standby chicken parmigiana or the fruit de mare, it will not disappoint. And if you feel like going back to Grandmas Sunday dinner on Archer Ave, then try the true lasagne or the BOLOGNESE sauce over one of their pastas. Both are to die for.I can't remember everythin, but I plan on trying everything. This is going to be my "go to" restaurant now that we moved to Fl. you can't believe how great their pizza is here. Of course their garlic knots are divine. cant wait to try their calzones, stuffed with anything you want. Their dough is beyond belief. They have a great wine list, tap beer that is super clean & tasty, & a inside & patio dining. Great for small groups of 20 or more. Service is very good & you are treated as family when you dine here. Wait till you you try their homemade cannolis, with a secret ingredient.They taste like no other cannoli you have eaten from Archer Ave to Mott St. They also make homemade zeppolas on Fridays just like you have had down Little Italy at the St Gennaro feast. Pizza Time Cafee should be your place for anything Italian. MANGIA!

Eduardo Tesi

Pizza Time Cafe is like been in the family dining room of your Italian grandma. Great food, great staff, cozy place. You can enjoy inside or outside seating. I love restaurants that give generous portions and Pizza Time Cafe is one of my favorites for this reason. Desserts are incredible. This restaurant is a most if you are in the Parkland area.

Jake Clement

One of those pizzerias that are a big cut above the rest. My favorite place for Pizza in Broward, I drive out of my way to eat here. Not only is their pizza amazing, but so is every other dish. When you dine in, they are presented beautifully and with care. Their Italian sandwich also might be one of the best I’ve had. Always happy eating here.

Kelsey W.

Best ravioli ever!!!!!! And really great garlic rolls. Just so good. You'll never want ravioli anywhere else!

Marc N.

Standard, reliable entrees, such as chicken scarpariello and parmesan. Nice vibe. Family friendly.


Best pizza ever! So many real toppings, like real Italian sausage, eggplant, real mushrooms. Calamari is tender and perfect! Best marinara I’ve ever had. Salad is amazing too! Wonderful house made dressing.

Matt S

We've gone through many pizza places in the years we've lived in Coconut Creek, and I think I've finally found my favorite. I've also eaten inside and their pasta was also delicious! Friendly service as well. Highly recommend :)

Tom J.

Great food, nice people and fantastic wine special ! What's not to love? We will definitely be back

Rita Scott

This place went so downhill it’s not funny. First of all we waited a half hour for the appetizers. Mine never came so the waitress said she will get it right away. My meal came no appetizer. Pasta came out hard as a rock. The person we were with threw the entire fish franchise away. It was awful and we will never be back.


The flagship restaurant of Parkland. Having Pizza Time in town makes life so much better for local residents. Dinner dates, quick dinner after work, family dinner, the place can be anything.

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