Moe's Southwest Grill

4683 Park Blvd N, Pinellas Park
(727) 317-4937

Recent Reviews

Brandon Childers

Good food and great service, the last 5 times of being here had been amazing! Would recommend visiting this one over all of them!


This Moe's is hands down the cleanest and most efficient location I have ever been to, by far! I travel frequently, and have been to many in Florida.When Denasia is working, the floor and tables are spotless, and the bathroom is cleaner and fresher than you could ever hope for! She keeps the service line running most efficiently, and keeps the food coming!Thank you to Moe's Pinellas Park location, to Denasia, and to all those there that work as hard as she does!!

Iris Hunt

Came in for lunch today and had an amazing first experience! Fast, friendly service! Oh and the food was amazing?

Nick Kelly

Didn't pay me! I'm a veteran of 8 years! 86-94. Worked my tail off for them, and now I'm losing everything I have because I was counting on this money to pay my storage. I am homeless and live in veterans pod at safe harbor. Rode bicycle 45 minutes every day to and from work just to work there! Do not buy anything from this place if you support your veterans!

Harrison Skiver

This location is usually really good. Tonight there is 10 people doing nothing . No vegetables, no beans, no service. Red hair girl said they were all out of vegetables……No one said welcome to moes :/ . Really disappointed this time . Probably not coming back unless I’m starving and nothing else is open

Angelo Valltos

I've always had a good experience when I come to Moe's the food and especially the customer one employee stands out his name is Lamar very good energy always smiling and always greeting every time I've been there and I go quite often that kind of employee makes people want to keep coming back you get five stars

Jessica Holland

Fresh and delicious! Large portion for the price! One of my favorite chains and this location was spot on!

Tyler St Onge

I have been here multiple times and it’s upsetting how terrible their portions are compared to all other Moe’s restaurants. Seems like they want to give you the least amount possible so they don’t need to cook or make more. Will drive the extra 5 miles to a Moe’s restaurant that actually gives you a decent portion.

April White

Love it. Food always great. Workers always nice and quick. Place seems clean

tibby brown

I guess the Mo-Monday deal is long gone. So it's $10-12/ person, but the food is good. Always take the time to order correctly, once you cash out, service stops. Get your own drink carrier ( if they tell you where to find one). Salsa is a dip your own, into little plastic cups. I always takeaway my own.. never use uberhubdash, always asking for trouble with an order, in my experience. Do it yourself. Service was pretty quick, no huge line.

Nathan Nale

Good quick service, good steak burrito, chips and queso and Moe's queso is better then Chipoltes and Tijuana's.Only disappointment is they were out of thier amazing southwest sauce.

Rob How

Meh.. this location opens late and closes early. This location ruined Moe's for me. I don't want to come back.. Too many poor experiences.

Aaron Silver

Ok service, nothing special at this location. Salt shakers dont work. Employees a little resistant to giving extra toppings. The flavor that you come to expect!

Alex Waite

Have forgotten my queso at least 4 times. The first time, I got all the way home and didn’t realize. No biggie, I’ve worked in the food industry before for a very long time, this happens. I’m not a Karen. The second time, shame on me. I should have checked in the restaurant. Again, I just let it go. The third time, I checked before I left. Brought it up to the counter. The manager says “it’s in there, just keep digging.” I opened the bag up again and dig all around because, yeah I could have missed it for sure. Said it’s not in there. He fills up a cup, hands it to me, winks and says “I know it’s in there, but we’ll give you a freebie this time”. I was so angry, I just kept my mouth shut and left. The fourth time, he argued with me for a good few minutes even though I literally handed him the bag back and told him to show me the queso. Like dude, I just spent almost $30 on food for my family, you think I’m really trying to pull a fast one on you for $2 queso? Because of this, I go out of my way now to go to a different location. Would recommend anyone else to do the same. 0/5 if I could

Pete Balzer

Not quite sure why the low rating here?? This place is absolutely amazing!! Burritos so packed with mounds of chips!! Make Burritos how you like!! The Homewrecker even comes with guacamole on it! The prices are incredible for what they give you. Join the email club for free burrito for birthday month as well as coupons year round for money off or free queso! I usually go for Moe Monday. You get burrito chips and a drink for less than 8 bucks!

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