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4599 Park Blvd N, Pinellas Park
(727) 549-0122

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Carley Marie

Never had any issues at this location before, employees always very nice and helpful. I’ve also never had any issues with mobile order. But that changed tonight. I ordered about $15 worth of food and when I arrived at this location the line was very long. I have a lot of patience especially when it’s busy. I waited about 20 minutes before even getting to the speaker. I said I was picking up a mobile order and they told me to pull to the window. We waited another 10 minutes before getting to the window and when we arrived the employee Seemed confused like she didn’t have it. Another employee comes over and said they didn’t get the order until now and that it wasn’t ready and if we could pull around and park and they would bring it out to us or we can come inside. At this point we have already waited 30+ minutes. They did not check us in for the mobile order at the speaker like they were supposed to and then acted like they didn’t get the order until we got to the window even though I had ordered it 30 minutes prior. We waited in a parking spot for 15 minutes when my roommate went inside to check on it. She then texted me and told me they hadn’t even started making it yet so she then told them to just cancel so we could leave. They then gave my roommate extreme attitude and was very rude to her for canceling. I get that it was a busy night and a very long line but we were waiting almost 45 minutes for a mobile order that was ordered an hour ago. Never had an issue with disrespectful employees at this location before now.

Niggy Sawdust

Worst experience I have ever had at a Taco Bell. They crammed my entire order in to one small bag which smooshed all my items. They folded the quesadillas over to make them fit and cause all the insides to push out against the bag. My chalupa’s were not wrapped up properly so when the smashed them in the small bag, half the ingredients fell out. Then they forgot a quesadilla in the machine and had to remake it. Drinks? What drinks? Oh the ones they forgot too. It seemed like no one (management included) had a clue as to what they were doing. As I was leaving I heard someone ask another employee to go in the back and grab the large plastic bags… that they told me they were out of.Never will I go here again

Amy Gower (Amy Spring)

I have ran through the drive-thru for one thing this year due to I cannot eat fast food food it was the grilled cheese wrap burrito with red beans and black beans cheese tomatoes and lettuce and a lot of hot sauce and I paid for it but it was good those two bites and I gave the rest of it to my mother

Matt Cancella

This taco bell likes to raise its prices on stuff over night, the build your own box was 5.99 just last week, now all of the sudden its 7.99...and they didnt add anything to it...sooo how do they justify raising the price a while 2 dollars on something?....this is what happens when you vote democrat people dont fall for it again

Kayla Harvey

I just left this taco bell. I got 2 mobile orders and both looked fantastic. Mine tasted fresh and were full. Whoever is working this morning. 1/21/22 needs a raise.

Marineli Aguilu

Extremely rude personnel. I went to pick up an uber order and decided to get something for myself. Lady on the pa system stated that she could only do online orders, AT AN EMPTY RESTAURANT, when I told her at the window that she had an empty restaurant she told me of by cursing and closed the window in my face. Taco Bell, very bad on your part


It would have been 5 stars If they had given me the sauce that THEY asked me if I wanted.... besides that, pretty solid job

Tony Bragger

Literally just pulled out of the EMPTY drive through..8 45 pm The girl working the window told us that due to staffing issues they were only taking online orders. There was literally nobody inside the restaurant or anywhere near the drive-thru. We were the only car in the parking lot. So we decided to order online in the Drive-Thru. I guess she figured out what we were trying to do and told us that it would take at least 15 or 20 minutes to get our order. I understand understaffing but my ten-year-old could have taken the order rang it up and made it.. they obviously don't want to work.

John Doe

They ran out of taco meat for one, which I didn't think was possible and so I had it replaced with steak instead. I got home and we all bit into it and it's extremely salty.. we had to spit it out and throw it away.. Do they not taste what they put out? Can't wait til people are replaced with machines.

Myrna Gibson


teargray Wolf

One Stop Shop never had a bad experience and this was a great thing for late at night coming back from the zoo I was craving a little B so I stopped in and within three minutes they had my order ready and I was back on the road definitely will recommend this Taco Bell they were on their game

allene dixon

Burrito was cold but service was good.

Carol Goedecke

Power bowls are yummy. Only complaint is one of the counter personnel was rude.

Kicky Presley

15 minute drive thru and no way to exit it if you don't want to wait or have to. I was asked what kind of sauce I wanted. I wanted fire and Diablo. I pull up after getting my order to be considerate of others behind me. I only got mild sauce and no the salsa side I asked for. 9pm at night.. the lobby was locked. Only option to get want I asked for would have been to wait in the long drive true line again. No wonder I stopped visiting this location except once a year to remind me why I don't go. Management needs to controls the quality control better.

Kaitlyn Bodnar

Went to this Taco Bell for the first time. The one closer to us is usually alright, except for being a little bit soggy sometimes. But- at this Taco Bell we ordered a party pack as we usually do. We also got a freeze. When we approached the window, although we asked for sauce at the speaker box- they asked again what sauce we would like. So we again told them we would like fire sauce. Got home and for 12 tacos we only received 4 packets of hot sauce. On top of that when we got the freeze it was mostly ice and barely had any flavor. These things aside, I understand sometimes there’s sauce shortages, etc. I wasn’t happy about the freeze and if they were low I would’ve preferred they suggest to get another flavor. I was willing to just chalk it up to them just being low on sauce and the freeze. However- the tacos themselves were completely falling apart. We get Taco Bell a lot and usually they sometimes break at the bottom, but they are still crunchy and taste fine. However these were so soggy that they almost seemed like they got water on them. And some parts of each taco just seemed so mushy that I had to spit them out- it was really that bad. Again, I’ve only been here once and this could just be an inconsistency thing- but I likely will not be coming back just because of this experience.

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