Sugar Shack PSJ

319 Reid Ave, Port St Joe
(256) 572-9868

Recent Reviews

Rebecca E

The staff in wonderful and so is the food!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Danica Kelly

I mean no harm with this review, but I would like to educate more people about food allergies. Although I don't have a fatal allergy to nuts, I do still have an allergic reaction. I've been going to Sugar Shack since it first opened and I've always been a fan of their ice cream, regardless of the price. A little while ago, I decided I wanted a milkshake and decided to try a flavor called "Carmel Cookie Dough" not thinking I had to ask if it had any nuts in it whatsoever. The cookie dough part ended up having peanut butter in it. I instantly felt my tongue start to swell and my throat get scratchy and pretty soon, I wasn't able to speak. When the employee asked if I was allergic to nuts, my friend said yes in which the employee responded with, "We should probably write that there's nuts in this ice cream." Yes ma'am, I think that's a damn good idea. Again, I mean no harm with this review, but imagine if I had a fatal allergy. Peanut allergies are no joke. This careless mistake could ruin someone's life.

Cathy B.

My husband said the ice cream was great! The service was amazing! They didn't have what i was looking for in a coffee on their menu but they went out of their way to create me one that was wonderful!!!!! Highly recommended shop!!! Thank you!!!

Mrs. Maddz

Lots of candy!! Kids will love this!! Plus homemade candies!!

Atmosphere: 3

Richard Horne

Best Banana Split you could ask for followed up with a awesome smooth cup of coffee!Everything they have there is awesome goodness!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Banana Split

Michael Husava

Love this place, great ice cream and the staff is super friendly. Love a small town

Jason Taylor

$12 for what is essentially a medium size shake, come on people that’s pretty awful in my opinion… I’d already tasted it or I would not have paid for it!

Kimberly Crumbley

Best ice cream and shakes in Port Saint Joe. Try the peanut butter bomb shake ❤️.

Anthony Walker

An unexpectedly cute place to have an ice cream with my granddaughter today...

Katie Newman

Delicious ice cream and fun selection of candy too. Clean and bright and cool inside!

Inspiration Nation

Amazing service, ice cream was awesome.

Liz Woods

Great place for a sweet treat!! Will definitely go back when we are in the area!!

Ken Dukes

Really good peach flavor, the only improvement they can make would be to expand their daily hand made ice cream offerings. Their menu has a LOT of stuff on it, but theyre a great ice cream shop....that only has a hand full of choices outside of chocolate or vanilla.HOWEVER, the nacho sundae is cool, and not too pricey so it's a gimmicky treat worth splurging on.

Jason Wallis

Amazing service!! So helpful and kind. Phenomenal Ice cream!!!

Peter Brucker

The best Cherry ice cream I've ever had. Bar none.

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