7223 Coastal Hwy, St Marks
(850) 817-0085

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Rick Scott

Ordered a footlong tuna deluxe online for pickup. Turned out it was a regular footlong tuna and the bread was stale and hard! Got charged for the deluxe! Wasn't too happy.

Jennifer Mayfield

I go to subways all the time in more populated areas. This is one of the best I’ve been too. The two employees working (young man & young woman) were excellent sandwich constructors & really friendly. Everything was super fresh!

bunny squad

Food: 5/5

Nick Armstrong

This store in particular is bad at keeping stock, they are consistently out of several things every time I come here.Either that or their toaster oven won’t be working.Unless you’re feeling adventurous, and don’t have anything specific in mind and fine with heavily modifying your original order, I recommend going to a different Subway or any other place that sells food.

Michael Munger

Sign clearly states open till 10pm but tonight they close at 8pm. Ask why and girl clearly states it’s because she’s tired and going home. Oh well screw the customer. Go get your rest princess.

Douglas Harrell

Good food and good service.


We always go there and order sandwiches. They are very good and take the time to make it the way you want. The service is great. We love this place and it's located inside of the Express Lane Gas Station.

Brendon Voelker

The worst subway I've ever been to. My girlfriend and I are vegetarian with dairy allergies and were confused when she decided not to change gloves to make our subs. We watched her handle meat and cheese for the customer before us and when we politely asked her to change gloves, she angrily kicked a rolling cart across the floor and cursed under her breath. That's standard procedure for any subway and she was angry that we were merely asking her to do her job? Save your time, skip this location in your travels.

Syssi Humphrey

Always great service. But I guess its hard to lightly toast bread.

Leslie Alford

No wait, good service, sampled the meat option before ordering.

Shayla Smejkal

Their water was turned off and the restaurant was still open! So unsanitary. The employees couldn't even wash their hands! How are they making sandwiches without clean hands?? That's so disgusting! We tried using the restrooms first before we found out the water was off, and the toilets were backed up with p*** and the sinks wouldn't turn on. At least put a sign on the door! And close the restaurant until the water is working again! Apparently it had been down most of the day. We left without getting lunch today and we won't ever be going back. This place is nasty.

Jason Craig

Not that good

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