Barefoot BBQ

2235 E County Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach
(850) 534-0313

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Jason L Buchanan

BBQ Pork Nachos on point!


Great deal on a bucket of beer but food was just OK. Chicken salad sandwich had ~4oz of chicken salad. Also, beware of gratuity included on every item. Most restaurants include a table service gratuity for large parties which is fine but for a food truck to charge it for a sandwich order is ridiculous.

Jordan Townsend

Absolutely amazing customer service! The man at the counter taking our order was so friendly and helpful. He seemed like he really enjoyed having customers and conversation. The best bbq we’ve had in a while and a phenomenal strawberry daiquiri. If you go, get the brisket sliders or the 1/3 pound pulled pork sandwich. You won’t regret it! Everything is cooked and seasoned beautifully! The beans had a little kick which was amazing and the mac n cheese was a nice surprise with the seasoning blend. We will be bringing our friends back for sure!

Top Fantasy Plays

$45 for this? The most overpriced meal I’ve ever had in my life. Not only did they give me the smallest portions ever, I paid a premium and didn’t enjoy it. Worst place in Seaside next to Heavenly Ice Cream.


The attitude of the 1 staff member that was there was very poor and the brisket was not great. The beans were pretty good.

B Jones

A must visit (almost every day) during each trip. Pork sandwiches, ribs and macaroni sandwiches are all delicious. Love the mustard base sauce and lava! Don't miss the Bloody Marys here, the sign on the trailer is the truth: Best on 30A! Bonus they always have Boddingtons beer too!

Emily Joseph

Great pork sliders and Bloody Marys! Staff was super friendly and service was quick!

Robert W.

Some of the best Brisket Nachos I've had, and I know my brisket! Lovely ladies as well.

Jeffrey L.

Yikes. Where do I begin? Loved the Airstream alley concept and the fun feel of this place. I ordered a brisket sandwich platter and was ready for awesomeness... about 20-25 minutes later, I finally got my order (after others who had literally ordered multiple patrons after me). I'm no bbq expert but am pretty good with my home smoker... I have to call out the "brisket..." I'm 99% sure this was NOT brisket but some cheap chuck roast. So between the glacial service and the bad "brisket..." it's a 1.

Jonah Grossman

One of the best BBQ brisket places you will ever go to.

Trenton Gauthier

Five stars even though their actual meats are just ok. That's because they are a good value, fairly quick service, have a comparably expansive and varied menu, and most importantly: are open late and deep into off-season.If I had to pick just one airstream to survive a very shiny metallic battlebots style showdown and keep their spot - it would be Barefoot. My regular order is the pork nachos and it can feed two if you add a side like the beans (miss the extra spicy version that was too much for *some* powerful people) or mac and cheese.

Lukas Kerman

Beef brisket was amazing! Kid's meals also come with a frisbee! If you like barbeque you have to come here.

Brett G.

I really wanted to like this! It smelled great and the brisket was good! However, I ordered the BBQ nachos. The chips and cheese were the quality of nachos you get at the movie theater. Yes, they plopped some tasty brisket on top, but the value was so below what was charged. What i paid was even more than their menu price too!
They added 15% service charge (the receipt called it a gratuity) automatically to my order of one item. That is messed up!
I don't live here, nor probably most everyone else that comes here, so they don't care it seems.
I am sad about this review. I was really hoping for better food for $20.

Sarah Clay

We ate here for our last night of vacation, and it was DELICIOUS. I got the chicken sandwich, macaroni, and beans. All of it was great. We ordered online ahead of time and just picked up at the pickup window. Highly recommend.

Danny Langston

Food was good, usually have no problems here, but the guy I ordered from insisted that he did not get my order wrong after I reasonably accepted the wrong order and ate it anyway. He said “the customer is always wrong.”

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