Barefoot Barbeque

2235 E County Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach
(850) 534-0313

Recent Reviews

Tatiana A.

First time visit. We ordered the combo platter with pulled chicken and brisket. We both got a side of macaroni and cheese. It was definitely underwhelming and bland. The meat had zero flavor aside from the BBQ sauce you choose and add to it. The macaroni and cheese was rather bland. We would not go back.

Moni Egan

I was violently ill after eating the pulled pork sandwich and Mac n Cheese. Very disappointed in lack of spices and flavor.

Nada Stojadinovic

Amazing beach side BBQ. A must-do for my family whenever we visit 30a.

Linwood Lee

No smoke ring in the brisket felt more like eating cut up crock pot roast ...Mac and cheese was the best thing on the menu

John Pattaras

Food and service are always great. We went there for a quick late meal this year. Chicken sliders were really good and great choice of BBQ sauces. Draft beer on tap. Very friendly service. Left my credit card by mistake and couldn't be nicer when I went to get it back the best day. They add 15% service charge but that's to retain hard working staff. Not a problem for me with their great attitude.

Khayla R.

Worst ribs we have ever had. Cold and rubbery just like a previous review mentioned. Ordered nachos, which were okay. Chicken was dry. Mac and cheese was literally Velveeta. Worst $70 we spent on our trip. So disappointing.

Aysa Freeman

Not a fan of the “15% Gratuity Added” Tipping should always be optional. Especially when the food is simply handed out the window. They also make you sign and total the receipt, but the receipts are deceptive. The receipt shows that your card has already been charged for a 15% tip, but they have a blank “gratuity” line for you to sign and then total an additional tip. It seems very shady and deceptive to have a blank gratuity line to try to get a double tip.

Chris M.

Worst ribs I've ever had. Got an ice cold half rack of rubber. Thankfully I ordered beans which were the only saving grace. The rest was crap and a wast of my $20+. I mean who gives you cold ribs. They clearly didn't care. They lost a customer for life. I suggest you heed my warnings before ordering their food and good luck if you do.

Henry Haumesser

They have the best corn dogs in the world and love all the options that they have. Best restaurant in seaside

Chase D.

This food truck draws you in with the delicious smell of bbq...but don't let it fool you. We ordered a 1/2 rack of ribs with a side of baked beans and macaroni and cheese. We ended up with 2 sides of Mac and no baked beans. The ribs were painfully dry and the texture was rubbery. Hard to get off the bone. Just not good. The best thing about this place is they offer beer on tap. Would not suggest going here.

Gina N.

Barefoot barbecue is a good business with ok service. Due to long lines though, service gets lazy and lines get longer. We waited in line for 15 minutes with one persons in front of us and it still was very long! I recommend the barbecue nachos w/ pork. They are amazing! This place is good and you should try it out yourself!!!

Greg Knapp

We were craving BBQ and stopped here. Fantastic customer service and excellent BBQ Brisket. Good portions, nice smoke, not too much fat. Excellent range of home made sauces. Got some of their Tuna Dip to take home and it was wonderful. Never had anything like it - a great recommendation by the staff.

Laura Driver

We're visiting Florida and happened upon this place. The food was so delicious we went out of our way to stop by again on our way out of Florida. Their mac n cheese is super creamy, and their beans are very flavorful. Wish I'd snapped a picture! Great customer service both times as well :)

Stephen Burton

Fantastic flavor and that mustard base bbq is on point! Reminds me of home! I had the pulled pork sandwich, mac n cheese and potato salad. I'm ready for seconds!

Angela Nesenson

Loved Seaside, such a cool place. The ribs and brisket were excellent!!

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