Meltdown On 30A

2235 E County Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach
(850) 231-0952

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Rick P.

I used to like this place every time I would visit 30A, but their Covid restrictions are so ridiculous: they have a guy standing outside yelling like an auctioneer peoples names when they order, they have velvet rope so that no one gets too close (like you're waiting for a premiere for a movie), and to top it off we ordered a sandwich we paid the payment but they're ordering system went down when we finally figured out our order was not in queue they informed us that their system was down, we then asked to go to the front of the line and they refuse to do so. Not to get politics involved but they're obviously liberal here and won't be going back. If your that scared of Covid, don't open your truck.


The best grilled cheese that I have had. 5 different cheeses in the grill cheese this is the best. I will definitely eat here again. The only thing I could ding them for was you couldnt pay cash.

Morgan P.

Some of the best grilled cheese I've had! Got regular grilled cheese and added brisket. So good! Definitely recommend.

Hannah C.

i can't even remember what kind we got but it doesn't matter because they were so perfect. so grad so cheesy. i'm dying to try the strawberry fields one next!!


What an incredible idea! Amazing choices and a variety of grilled cheese options. I LOVED the brie and fig! Wonderful online ordering and contactless payment. A super fun (and yummy) food truck experience!

Jen A.

This food was delicious. My three friends and I ordered six sandwiches because we couldn't decide what to get. Three to cut up and split and 3 for our own individual enjoyment. None of us really like the fig one that much we all really liked the strawberry but the Caprese was the best! It was so good I almost got it the next night. Don't get me wrong we all enjoyed our own other sandwiches as well but that one was delicious! My individual sandwich was the turkey which was also really really good but I'm still thinking about the Caprese

Sterling E.

Yum!!! Easy and yummy grilled cheese options! Kids love it, me too! Tomato soup a nice add too!

Jordan O.

You should consider being more friendly to the people supporting your business. My 5 year old walked away and said, I wish they were nicer to us. We will chose to support another restaurant next time

Bailey Bauman

Best food truck at Seaside! Definitely worth trying if you are in the area!

David B

We ate here because it was the only thing (other then the other food trucks) where we could get food under 30min, It was your average overpriced grilled cheese, bag of chips and drink. Nothing spectacular.


Delish grilled Cuban sandwich!! Nice for a quick bite on a day at the beach. They had a lot of choices. I didn’t have an opportunity to return and try another, but they all sounded really good.

Lulu Besson

This is the best grilled cheese on the face of planet earth. You can add anything you want on your grilled cheese. I am in love with this place and plan on going here quite often. I have never met anyone who disliked this place. Everyone I know loves it. The workers there are very nice. Best grilled cheese ever!

Clayton B.

absolutely fire. i got the smokin turkey i definitely recommend it mmmm speechless. good guy working the window. i have a HD pic of it that i will add soon


Can’t go wrong with anything here! Smokin’ turkey was delicious. We also ordered the Cuban McConnell and Sloppy Melt, and those were just as good. Great street food from an airstream. Perfect post-beach food in walkable Seaside.

Mary Belle G.

We ordered the Cuban McConnell and the Caprese! The caprese was hands down our favorite! The Cuban was not anything to write home about but the Caprese was incredible! Would love it even more if we had added any meat in it! Worth the wait!

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