Wild Bill's Beach Dogs

2235 E County Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach
(850) 231-0802

Recent Reviews


My son bought a coke in a glass bottle and the top was broken and would not come off after he and you all tried. He asked for a new coke and you all would NOT exchange the coke or refund because “no exchanges and refunds.” Are you kidding me???? Not only are you all overpriced but you have horrible service and will not right a clear wrong. Unbelievable and really disgusting behavior towards not only a patron, but a child. We will steer clear of you all in the future. He was so sad when he came home after riding his bike in for a drink.

Shelby Ellis

The service was decent and obviously the atmosphere is great but... I LOVE hotdogs and these (I got just a plain mutt dog that I put ketchup on) we're SO dense that by the end I could barely swallow it. It tasted pretty good... Could be warmer and a smaller bun, more topping choices and more like a hot dog, less like a sausage.

Lisa Orf

food was cold been coming here for years but wont be back. prices went up 26 dollars for two dogs and cokes. dont waste your money

karen williams

By far the worst and most expensive hotdog ever! Not worthy of a single star. Go to any other vendor... steer clear of this place! For $10 a hotdog you can certainly find a better place to spend your money. The root beer was good.

Micah Myhill

As a resident with out of town guest, I popped down to grab some chips & glass bottle of coke. Standing alone in order window 5 mintues while being ignore by one woman (staring off into space, knowing I was present) and one doing orders by order window. No one in line but me, I ask to grab these 2 items. Here's the response: "Sure... but I have 2 orders ahead of you so it's gonna be a bit!" Snarky. RUDE. AGAIN, 2 WORKERS. KNOW YOU CUSTOMER & SEASON.

Bill Allen

Good food great location.

Carl Frinzi

Stay away! The food was not good and the price was ridiculous! Shame on me for not reading these reviews first.


This is a basic and overpriced hot dog stand. We got the hot dog and there's nothing that distinguishes this from one you can get at Costco. Why stop here?

Nikki Roessler

Love your hot dogs and even don’t mind pay 8$ for a dog in a bun, BUT your stuff could really use some customer services classes. This is not a first time thing


Year after year after year this bad hot dog stand keeps open. Even though I knew this was a bad hot dog stand from previous years visits, I went anyway. They fill a very specific need where excess demand allows this to survive. Lines are long everywhere during the peak summer afternoons. They are also very long when there are events in Seaside. We needed something on the run that was faster (don't read fast) than a restaurant. This was available, so we took it.. . The hot dogs and brats have a hard outer casing that snaps when you bite into them. The taste is not good. I love hot dogs and order them whenever I can. Coney's are my favorite. These dogs are not great. On top of it, I have to pay beach high prices and wait in a line.


I’ve had better hot dogs from a truck stop roller grill. Not only was the food gross, but $7.50 for one hot dog with nothing on it is absurd!!! Will NEVER be back here. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else, anywhere else.

Zack Weitkemper

Very expensive, not very tasty hot dog. Two dogs with chili, cheese, kraut and two drinks=$34. Chili is is less than delicious for $2.50, pretty sure the cheese is a small amount of the cheapest shedded they could find, and couldn't taste the kraut. OVERPRICED DISSAPOINTMENT to say the least!!


I don’t usually write bad reviews and I do so here in hopes that Wild Bill’s will improve their quality and lower their price. $7 for a brat with very tough skin, $2.50 extra for chili and $2 extra for cheese. The taste was tolerable, but food should not be hard to chew. Sam’s Club has an excellent hot dog with a drink for $2.00. I’m not looking for a $2 dog at Seaside, just hinting where they can buy some decent meat. I will go back to Seaside and would love to see a sign on their food truck that they changed their dog. Otherwise, I’ll be next door getting a grilled cheese.

Raymond Kane

Gave me an old, stale, soggy then dried, hard pretzel. I bought a “soft pretzel.” So bad I had to review it to warn people. They got a great location, unfortunately people like me, don’t take the time to check reviews until after.


Wild Bill's Beach Dogs has a panhandle vibe, with tables, chairs and umbrellas for decor. They have a good staff and beach menu, Half or more of the customers are local.


Wayyy overpriced, not even tasty hotdogs....keep walking

Eli Hudson

First off, wow what an expensive hot dog. So your like well it must be the best and a pretty big hot dog..... not at all! It was the most unappetizing hot dog I’ve ever had. The chili and cheese was gross as well. Surely seaside can find someone better to fill that food truck slot.

Happy Grams

I wish I had read these reviews before wasting my money. The worst hotdog I have ever had in my 55 year life. I ordered the brat dog and it was a pasty looking frank as slim as my middle finger. Yes, very disgusting in looks and even worse in taste. One bite and I got rid of it.

Blake B

Just an average “grass-fed” $8 hot dog. $20 for (2) hotdogs and a Boylans cane soda. A cold hotdog and a flat beer at Fenway Park would have been more memorable.

davjau .

Wayyy overpriced, not even tasty hotdogs....keep walking

Raegan Moore

The taste of the hot dogs were okay, but the texture was awful! Hard to bite into. And for the price it definitely was not worth it.

Merari Martinez

Cold chili. Rock hard pretzel and expensive. Avoid!


No nitrates - no hormones - no taste. Very tough casing on what was suppose to be a $6.95 super dog. Probably the worst hot dog I've ever eaten. Stay away.

KC Campos

Heartbreaking...I’ve been craving a chilli cheese dog for days walked by this place thinking it would be perfect for the cold day but ended up walking away with a broken heart. Way over priced be different if it was at least good. Texture of my weener was chewy!! I literally only took two bites and my heart couldn’t take the sadness anymore. I was hoping for melted type nacho cheese and chili but it was shredded cheese and a weird chili texture that was not the typical kind you’d expect on a good weener. Wish I would of read up on the reviews from others first would of thought twice.

Matthew Alborn

Great dogs. The best foot truck in Seaside.

Daniel McDonough

Chicago dog is decent. Relish is a bit too sweet but overall good option.

Daniel McDonough

Chicago dog is decent. Relish is a bit too sweet but overall good option.

Jason Brunson

This was literally the worst hot dog experience I had in my life. It was $40 for 2 dogs 2 bags of chips and two cokes. Both of the hot dogs were cold when I came back to the counter to complain about them being cold, I noticed the attendant, not at the counter but or raking a plate in the garbage. The plate was filled with imaginary food to not confront someone who was served a cold hot dog. This plague is awful. Go and wait for Pickles. It can't be worse.


Might be without additives, but really not great. Must be a reason that this spot had the shortest lines.

Jennifer Alice Pittman

Great dogs. We ordered a Frank and a brat dog. Both were the size of normal dogs but very tasty. They offer sides and extras for a small price and have the standard condiments for free. Atmosphere is great, as you are sitting in the heart of seaside beneath trees.


I usually don't like writing negative reviews, unless deserved. I would rather not write anything than something negative; however, the Beach Dog here was nothing like a hot dog. It was more of a skinny brat with a very tough casing. Frankly, had my kids not been so hungry, we would likely have thrown the food away and gone somewhere else. Sorry for the negative review.

Julie M

The pretzel is good but the hot dog is waaay over priced and not that good. I would recommend going to a different food truck here.


maybe it is because these hot dogs were not what we were used to but they just didn't hit the mark! and they were fairly pricey.

Teresa Johnson Wisdom

$24 for 2 so-so hotdogs and 2 drinks was a bit expensive but that's Seaside. Friendly staff and airstream trailers are cool.