Spice Station

1438 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota
(941) 343-2894

Recent Reviews

Daniel Moore

Ordered to go from a delivery service. First time eating their food. Everything tasted great. Ordered tuna, spicy tuna, a special roll, penang beef and a basil roll. Thanks for the service during these hard times!

Mark Thomas

In a town full of restaurants it can be easy to miss one or eight. This was one for me, so I corrected that. I decided on the shrimp Pad Thai as I'd had it several other places so it would be a good comparison. Got carry out (working) and was pleased to see a fork & spoon were included without asking. The side salad had plenty of tasty ginger dressing. Sadly, the sauce for the Pad thai tasted overdone. Not quite burnt but nearby. And the shrimp. 5 big tasty shrimp was appropriate but can we remove the tails from dishes that are meant to be eaten with utensils? It's not just here, seems the standard for the industry. Also, the woman who took my order was not paying close attention. She asked what I wanted, I said specifically "shrimp Pad Thai". She then asked what meat, I replied shrimp. She asked again so I replied that I desired shrimp in my shrimp Pad Thai. 3red times the charm, I guess. Guess that explains 4 stars.


Excellent meal and wonderful service. So many unique dishes. Make a reservation though, it gets busy

A HacK

Sorry to say.Dinners beware””

Viragocarl Yamaha

I dine alone, I usually get good service . . . 25 minutes to have dessert served. However I got my check 3 minutes after I ordered dessert! The food was not great, mediocre at best. It did busy after I arrived, and the service got slow. Two different servers took care of me as well. Just a disappointing memory now.


Delicious Thai/Japanese food and great prices considering the area. Definitely worth a visit. It gets busy at night!


Had large party of 11 for dinner - pleasant interior décor, nice service, varied menu and good prices. Would definitely go back again.

Ong N.

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Marina M.

My favorite Thai restaurant in Sarasota! I've gone a number of times and the food has been consistently good. They can get quite packed with patrons for such a small restaurant, but I've always had great and attentive servers. Love that they have a variety of vegetarian options. My go-to is probably the sweet and sour tofu with spring rolls on the side. They have both a lunch and dinner menu to choose from depending on what time you're there. Absolutely delicious, highly recommended.


Varied menu. Something for everyone and all good. Nice ambiance, especially outside. Service could have been more attentive. Parking difficult.

Debbie Turner

Outstanding food and service. Everyone at our table loved the dishes that we ordered. Amazing Chicken, Beef Brisket, Chili and Basil Shrimp, Dumplings. Our only disappointment was we were dining too late to try the donuts! Can’t wait to go back.

Tori F.

Such a nice sushi/Chinese place!!! Great place to go on a date. Would not suggest to bring a group more than 4 just because of how small it is, and because the environment is very peaceful and quiet. The sushi I had was AMAZING and the miso soup was excellent. The spring rolls I had were good, but the sauce that came with was not my favorite. (Just because I like spicy things, I guarantee my mom will lick it out the bowl). Not to pricy for lunch...

Minderella Morgan

Small, clean modern spot for all kinds of delicious Thai. Vegan and non vegan options made it a great place to meet a friend for lunch. Great portion sizes and fairly priced. Food and service was excellent. I ordered the Veg Spring Rolls, sweet and sour tofu and Fried Rice with mixed Veggies. Would definitely recommend.

Michelle V.

Picked up tofu green curry and veggie fried rice. Wasnt asked over the phone for the spice level. Both meals were bland. The curry sauce was watery and full of veggies that tasted strongly of frozen microwaved vegetables.


Lots of vegan options but be sure they make them in a vegan way. We had egg in our pad thai on the first go. The green curry was delicious and they can make the fresh roll with tofu

Teanna P.

Visiting the area and saw this place had great reviews. It did not disappoint. Got sat and served immediately. Food was amazing and everything on the menu looked delicious. Would come again and recommend.

Dylan Walton

Very neat and welcoming place. They provide generous meals and for inexpensive rates. I enjoyed the food very much and the waiters were very affable and chatty. I recommend this place.

John Lindsey

Really nice. Great food and service.

Paul DeFelice

Great food and reasonable prices. Staff is always nice too.

Joe Kaiser

I understand the restaurant changed hands recently so I am hoping their figure out how to improve their menu and entrees. But for now we were disappointed in our dishes. The jumbo shrimp pad thai was just a gooey mess and way too sweet. My spouse's dish was some sort of Thai dish of ground chicken and spices. It lacked any flavor whatsoever. Typical to restaurants in Sarasota spicy asian is anything but and all I can figure out is that because it is "god's waiting room" restaurants really don't make anything spicy even when asked.

Purvi Marfatia

Contemporary thai place. Friendly and welcoming staff. However, if you're looking for spicy flavorful thai food then this is not the place.

Nikita R.

This place is a tiny gem! I would've seriously never known how amazing the food is had a colleague not recommended it. Seriously the salmon red curry is sooooo good!! And the Thai tea is perfect every time. The sushi is great as well, honestly I have only good things to say about this place!

Theodore W.

This place is a real gem of the Rosemary District! The place is small but the food is second 2 none. Of all the Asian cuisine restaurant's I have been to through the world this place stands out as one of the best. YES I'm serious. The menu is complex and nothing I have had there has disappointed us. I typically bring folks with me to all the restaurants we tour to make sure the palettes are different ensuring a unbiased opinion. Start with any appetizer, the Spring rolls are a staple and it is one of many firsts. Sushi you say? The Best!. The choices are amazing. Please indulge in the Green Tea it is crazzzy good the aroma and texture is beyond believe and your and senses and will thank you. Out of the dishes we have had all are a five star. Don't forget to ask for the quad tray of spices which include everything you can expect including a jalapeño vinegar selection which molds the selection. The look of the Sushi is so spot on, color texture and feel is magical. The staff is quick to deliver and very knowledgeable about what to recommend. Don't miss this experience because it is just that...an experience. The price points are low and delicious like the venue.

Camin Cohen

The second I went inside I could Smell good smell of food!!

Andrew Chiang

This is my go to Asian lunch now! There are plenty of options. I love their pad Thai, but I’ve also had their dumplings, vegetable dishes, and curry. All are amazing. The price is quite good for the amount of food. The staff is always courteous and super fast. I highly recommend it. Just don’t take my table. Lol!

Michael Henshaw

Spice station offers so many different options and they're all good. The sushi is fantastic and you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

David Seibert

Spice Station is our favorite go-to restaurant in Sarasota! Great food, great location, great staff. Love the outdoor seating.

Elizabeth R.

I decided to try a new Thai restaurant in the area and I was not impressed by the taste, the prices however are quite reasonable. I ordered a chicken pad Thai and crab wontons (which are not Rangoon). The Pad Thai was too sweet in my opinion and lacked fish sauce. The crab wonton was quite a different flavor from what I expected. I would try again to give another chance

Jodie M

We stopped in for lunch and the food was excellent. I had curry puffs which were excellently done and tried Thai donuts for the first time. The donuts are topped with chocolate and condensed milk which made for a sweet finish. They have fresh made food and great service.

Jenny Thames

I eat here at least once a week. The food is amazing, the price is great and the staff is fun and friendly.


Spice station is clean, comfortable, friendly. The food is fresh and very good. We shared our entrees and every one of them was a special treat. I highly recommend this place for a quick meal before any down town event.

Richard P.

We are visiting Sarasota from the Disney area where we live. My wife picked this place from a web search and we are happy with her choice. I'm not a sushi fan like her but I can usually find some normal food in Japanese restaurants. In this case I didn't find much I liked on the menu so I ordered Sweet & Sour Pork. It was very different than what I was used to up north, but it was very good. The pork was sliced thin and not covered with batter and deep fried like the fast food Joints. My wife had various sushi things which she was very happy with. Go early because the locals like Spice Station and start filling the place. We got there about 5:30 PM. On a Saturday evening. It's well appointed, clean and great staff. Herman was great. Very attentive and helpful about the area. They have outdoor seating and parking is on the street.

Janelle J.

Food was fresh and really flavorful. Server was nice, just a little slow as they were having a busy lunch. Will definitely be back for sure!

Deborah C.

This restaurant has it all! It's beautiful, clean and light. The food was extremely fresh and well seasoned. The menu had a terrific selection and the service was outstanding. The green curry and soft shell crab was delicious.

Bruce Crow

The food was not anything to brag about. Very nice and clean. Great service. The food however did not meet my standards. Too much brown sauce on the food. I would not try this again

Bill Thomas

Excellent lunch menu offering a wide variety of choices. Everything is fresh and prepared to order. Very good quality and generous portions. The sushi Bento Box was delicious and satisfying with a nice balance of sushi, tempura, edamane and perfectly cooked rice. Also included soup and salad with a tasty ginger dressing. Good value, great downtown location, friendly service and fair prices will make this a go to choice on my lunch destination list.


Took my lovely wife to Spice Station last evening. We arrived around 5:45 there were a few tables available. We were seated immediately, small selection of wine and beer, but we found some to our liking.. Ordered spring rolls to start, very good.. My wife had grilled salmon salad, I had grouper with several vegetables and a mild sauce.. Both were delicious.. I recommend Spice Station highly.

Ryan Schwartz

Very nice quality food and a nice mix of Thai and Japanese, which is unusual.

Sarah Gawel

Great sushi & drinks at an affordable price. The green curry had a strange flavor but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’m going to try more options on the menu. My friend loved the Amazing Chicken, thought I found it too sweet and over dressed. If you are looking for a relaxing meal, ask your server to slow down the pace because food comes flying out the kitchen. Great overall experience with friendly service and exciting atmosphere. Outside seating is available.

Tiffany Azzara

What a cute new addition to the Rosemary District! Everything was delicious, from the sushi rolls to the Thai curry empanadas, but it was hard to get our server to pay attention to us.