Spice Station

1438 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota
(941) 343-2894

Recent Reviews

Camin Cohen

The second I went inside I could Smell good smell of food!!

Andrew Chiang

This is my go to Asian lunch now! There are plenty of options. I love their pad Thai, but I?ve also had their dumplings, vegetable dishes, and curry. All are amazing. The price is quite good for the amount of food. The staff is always courteous and super fast. I highly recommend it. Just don?t take my table. Lol!

Michael Henshaw

Spice station offers so many different options and they're all good. The sushi is fantastic and you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

David Seibert

Spice Station is our favorite go-to restaurant in Sarasota! Great food, great location, great staff. Love the outdoor seating.

Elizabeth R.

I decided to try a new Thai restaurant in the area and I was not impressed by the taste, the prices however are quite reasonable. I ordered a chicken pad Thai and crab wontons (which are not Rangoon). The Pad Thai was too sweet in my opinion and lacked fish sauce. The crab wonton was quite a different flavor from what I expected. I would try again to give another chance

Jodie M

We stopped in for lunch and the food was excellent. I had curry puffs which were excellently done and tried Thai donuts for the first time. The donuts are topped with chocolate and condensed milk which made for a sweet finish. They have fresh made food and great service.

Jenny Thames

I eat here at least once a week. The food is amazing, the price is great and the staff is fun and friendly.


Spice station is clean, comfortable, friendly. The food is fresh and very good. We shared our entrees and every one of them was a special treat. I highly recommend this place for a quick meal before any down town event.

Richard P.

We are visiting Sarasota from the Disney area where we live. My wife picked this place from a web search and we are happy with her choice. I'm not a sushi fan like her but I can usually find some normal food in Japanese restaurants. In this case I didn't find much I liked on the menu so I ordered Sweet & Sour Pork. It was very different than what I was used to up north, but it was very good. The pork was sliced thin and not covered with batter and deep fried like the fast food Joints. My wife had various sushi things which she was very happy with. Go early because the locals like Spice Station and start filling the place. We got there about 5:30 PM. On a Saturday evening. It's well appointed, clean and great staff. Herman was great. Very attentive and helpful about the area. They have outdoor seating and parking is on the street.

Janelle J.

Food was fresh and really flavorful. Server was nice, just a little slow as they were having a busy lunch. Will definitely be back for sure!

Deborah C.

This restaurant has it all! It's beautiful, clean and light. The food was extremely fresh and well seasoned. The menu had a terrific selection and the service was outstanding. The green curry and soft shell crab was delicious.

Bruce Crow

The food was not anything to brag about. Very nice and clean. Great service. The food however did not meet my standards. Too much brown sauce on the food. I would not try this again

Bill Thomas

Excellent lunch menu offering a wide variety of choices. Everything is fresh and prepared to order. Very good quality and generous portions. The sushi Bento Box was delicious and satisfying with a nice balance of sushi, tempura, edamane and perfectly cooked rice. Also included soup and salad with a tasty ginger dressing. Good value, great downtown location, friendly service and fair prices will make this a go to choice on my lunch destination list.


Took my lovely wife to Spice Station last evening. We arrived around 5:45 there were a few tables available. We were seated immediately, small selection of wine and beer, but we found some to our liking.. Ordered spring rolls to start, very good.. My wife had grilled salmon salad, I had grouper with several vegetables and a mild sauce.. Both were delicious.. I recommend Spice Station highly.

Ryan Schwartz

Very nice quality food and a nice mix of Thai and Japanese, which is unusual.

Sarah Gawel

Great sushi & drinks at an affordable price. The green curry had a strange flavor but I couldnâ??t put my finger on it. Iâ??m going to try more options on the menu. My friend loved the Amazing Chicken, thought I found it too sweet and over dressed. If you are looking for a relaxing meal, ask your server to slow down the pace because food comes flying out the kitchen. Great overall experience with friendly service and exciting atmosphere. Outside seating is available.

Tiffany Azzara

What a cute new addition to the Rosemary District! Everything was delicious, from the sushi rolls to the Thai curry empanadas, but it was hard to get our server to pay attention to us.

Anna S.

Food was good; Even though we didn't get what we ordered. Service was a little slow but we loved the waitress. Good laid back restaurant. Great everyday spot. Don't expect anything fancy.


If you are in the Rosemary District, Spice Station is a must try for Lunch or Dinner. Fresh Sushi & many other dishes to choose from.

Jim D

We were there for the first time for our Granddaughter's 20th birthday. We are not Sushi fans at all but there was plenty to choose from otherwise.....more on that in a bit. The rest of the gang with us ARE sushi fans and their choices were many and the volume of sushi on each plate that they ordered appeared to be double to what one would get elsewhere. My wife had a shrimp and scallop dish that she raved about, but didn't finish and I had their soft shell crab special of the night. Mine was in a curry sauce which was very flavorful and had a mild kick to it. It came with tempura fried okra. EXCELLENT. I was full, but wanted to taste my wife's uneaten dish, which I tried once and discovered it was also excellent in a completely different way (Peanut sauce) and that ONE taste caused me to finish off the plate. There were 6 adults at the table and everyone was very satisfied with the food, serving size, service and overall experience. We had a reservation because there were 6 of us plus an infant.....but the way the restaurant filled up on a MONDAY.....it'd be wise to call ahead for seating.

Sarasota F

We went with a group and everyone loved their meals. My lobster roll was excellent. My husband loved the duck. Pad Thai looked excellent, as did a mixed seafood dish. The service was quick and attentive. The only flaw was the noise level. We went early and it wasnâ??t bad, but by the time we left it was impossible to have a conversation.

Danbee H.

We came here several times and it is a great little joint. This is definitely a place to eat at the restaurant, not for take-out because their take out portion is very small- about half size to regular portion. Food is delicious and flavorful. I had duck green curry last time and duck was cooked crispy outside but juicy. Only thing I would point out is that the curry was served in large flat plate and I felt that there was not enough curry to dump out the rice and mix together. Chef select nigiri was great. Fresh and delicious.


Excellent service and food. Ordered that crispy chicken and pad Thai. Tasted good! Decent portions. Highly recommended

Taylor G.

Definitely coming back to try more dishes, but the first go round wasn't spectacular. Tried the pork prik kingh and tasted my buddy's tofu pad Thai - server didn't know what pad woon sen was and the pork prik didn't really assimilate. Presentation was great and I'm sure there's some gems to find on the menu, more to come!

Harry K.

Had lunch here on a friends recommendation who lives nearby. Wife had the delicious Pad Thai w and I had the yummy Grouper filet w and stir fried vegetables. The Sushi and Poke Bow looked good to try next time!


This place is a fake.....no authentic dishes. Everything is thrown together, and rsuhed to your table. The Thai tastes like the Chinese and the sushi is really 'American' There are great Japanese places in Sarasota with authentic sushi.

Dru Greene

Oh wow! Even now, when Season is over, this place was packed, and for good reason. Their Thai cuisine is as good as any we've ever had, and being in a bit of a rush, we were quite impressed with the quick and efficient service. It's no secret, this is a great place to eat!

Jennifer B.

Great restaurant. I like that two of the walls are full windows, it is really pretty. Very clean inside and super fresh sushi. Perfect tuna in my tuna/avocado roll. The panang curry was a really good flavor and the veggies were wonderful, the sauce was a bit thin but it was still yummy. Everything was very inexpensive too - $9 for a pick two sushi lunch and $8 for the chicken panang lunch with a salad. I will definitely return any time I am in town!

Smita P.

Loved the lo mein noodles, great flavors! Also had the goat which was delicious! Would definitely go again and try more! Sushi was fresh and just what we wanted!


Loved their salmon curry at Maximilians! Found out they also owned this restaurant and it's awesome. Excellent flavors!

Barb T

Excellent Thai food! Looking forward to trying their sushi! Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.


I almost hesitate to review this place as it is really great and will be mobbed. There is usually a wait for a table, but totally worth it. My husband and I have been here several times in the last month. Worth the wait! Large portions, the spicy spaghetti is superb. All the appies have been excellent...


Great sushi with the usual Customer service!Overall a great place for lunch if you're in the mood for some SUSHI!!

Ann Partain

Nice wait staff and very fast service. Great food and healthy portion, but just a little too sakty


Great food, inexpensive prices. I had the Basil Chicken which was ground chicken with basil, an over easy egg on top, red and green bell peppers and onions with a savory brown sauce. Their green tea is matcha which was a perfect complement.

Becky T

After passing Spice Station everyday since it's opening, and seeing the crowds of people lined up to get inside, we expected to be blown away with great food. The restaurant was clean and bright, with all the modern flare. We arrived at 5:15 and the dining room went on a wait list after we got seated. We immediately noticed the tables were super scrunched together, and all we could focus on was how LOUD the people were talking around our table. The server practically shouted at us due to the noise, to take our order. We ordered their version of a spring roll/egg roll, which was ok nothing to get excited about but ok. Our order of Sweet n Sour and Chicken with Broccoli (peanut sauce) arrived, and we were anxious to eat and get out of the noise!!! From the very first bite we were completely disappointed in the taste of our food. The Sweet n Sour was the first we've had that was spicy and the peppers tasted like soap. My daughter kept picking away at the food because we didn't want to complain, but after a few more bites she said no more. We mentioned to our server the dish was rather spicy and had a soapy taste to it, which he was puzzled by. He asked if we wanted another, and we decided we didn't want to wait for another order with the noise of the crowd starting to increase. I tried to finish my chicken broccoli but the peanut sauce was so weird in its texture and taste that I finally put my napkin over the plate and said I'm done. The server took the price of the Sweet n Sour off the ticket which was appreciated but I must tell you we were super glad to get out of there. While walking on the sidewalk outside the restaurant we all looked at each other and said what are they eating that is so great? All we could figure is as with many of the restaurants in Sarasota the more alcohol you consume the better the food tastes. Come on people doesn't anyone know what is good food in this town?? Pass on Spice Station. This is not a good place to do business because of the noise level, and it is a bad location for a romantic dinner due to the lack of privacy and noise. The food looks great but that doesn't mean it tastes great! Spice Station rework the recipes and turn down the volume with sound proofing or something. We want you to succeed and obviously you are doing something right because you are busy, but the food needs help and the so does the dining room. Try to fine tune and see if that doesn't take care of these issues. Best to you!!

Patra R.

I hate to give a LOW star review to this place but I HAD to. I ordered lunch delivery to my home and unfortunately there was a VERY BIG issue with my meal. I've ordered from here many times and never experienced ANYTHING like this!. The tuna sashimi had a very strange smell which was a bit rancid. I picked a piece up with the chopstick and there was some kind of slimy texture. Took a really close up look into the tuna and NO that's not what fresh tuna sashimi supposed to look like. That tuna was definitely beyond SPOILED! The delivery company apologized and said they would have the restaurant remake the meal and redelivery to me again. I said NO THANKS!. I threw the whole meal away rather than risk getting sick! I have never experienced any sushi restaurant willing to risk getting in trouble for serving customers bad raw fish. People would get very ill and sick from this. I could get sick! And so believe me, I won't be ordering sushi from here ever again.

Andreas Guenther

Amazing Thai food, this is a must! worth the wait if there is a line, I recommend going early. Friendly staff and even better owners!

Daniel Lear

Spice Station has great pan Asian cuisine including good sushi and poke bowls. I usually get the Hawaiian Tuna Poke Bowl which is a great deal at lunch for just 10 bucks.

Blake Fitz

I've been here twice and had great experiences both times. great food. good prices and very friendly staff.