Taco Bell

2375 S Ridgewood Ave, South Daytona
(386) 788-8990

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Duane & Jessica Guthrie

The food was good however the lobby was closed and I do not have a vehicle so I was on bike and the manager told me I was not allowed to order in the Drive-Thru if I did not have a vehicleFood: 5/5

Rixsantt Cook

Listen you go to a Taco bell for cheap food and what not they all more or less taste the same. But you come to THIS tacobell for TacoBell Joe.Had a terrible night or just need like a pick me up come here on like a weekend night and come see Joe.

Beth Allman

I had the pleasure of speaking with Joe who was taking orders in the drive thru. It is 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday night and he was truly like a breath of fresh air. He was helpful, positive, friendly, and quite obviously knowledgeable about his job. Yes, my tacos were good, and the long line went so quickly, which is good but an employee, Joe, making me smile in the drive thru is priceless. We should all hope to be as positive as Joe when we reach his age!! Best fast food experience I have had in a long time.GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE!!!HE DESERVES IT!! Thanks Joe!!

Alina Dawson

Very specifically there is an older gentleman that works here at night. He is just absolutely phenomenal. I get excited when he answers the speaker! He’s so darn happy and kind and just overall incredible energy. I’ve literally come to this location when I’ve had a bad day just because he brightens it.

Dan Maynard

Exactly how long do you have to stand at the register before the employees that are in the back dancing acknowledges that theirs a customer their wanting to place an order. I got sick of being ignored and left after ten minutes.

Emilee Dahl

OMG! The man who works the window at night is amazing! The wait was long and we didn’t even care because he was so wonderful!!! It was midnight and he was just so happy and great! Wowza!!! Unreal, human!


Person at the drive through window was nice, they got our order right, and we got an extra nacho cheese cup ? Can't really ask for more than that from a 12am taco bell run.

Becky Holman

Fast drive thur service. Order was correct! ?

Beast Mode 2496

The older man that works the window late night is very nice and pleasant. Give him a raise Taco Bell!!! However I just want to know why they never have any beef late nights?? Twice in a row I went there and they said they have no beef...maybe they should get some more?? What's the point of tacos without beef?

Tera Pickett

Dirty. Slow. Food was soggy. And if you plan on coming inside plan on waiting because they are so focused on the drive-thru it's like you're not even there

Someone Gray

I'll be straight up real this is The worst Taco Bell I've ever been too. Twice they've screwed up my order and I love taco bell but dam the amount I spend for two meals I should at least have good food. I should've went to the one on Clyde morris, I've learned my lesson and won't be back. The only good thing they have here is Taco Bell Joe!

TGLive 2010

It is literally always something with this stupid Taco Bell! Coming home late towards New Smyrna the only fast food place that is open on US1 and my part of New Smyrna is this Taco Bell. On 4th of July you really have the credit card machine down and cash only? Barely anyone pays with cash and out of all nights and every time I stop here there is a problem! Figure out your credit card machine! Unplug it and plug it back in! It's really not that hard!

whoiis l.

I hate Taco Bell. He cussed me out and called me the n word. I'm not even black but I mean ya frick Taco Bell don't go there an hour prior to the drive thru closing they're I'll not serve you

Sammy Clement

It is 11:51PM and I was sitting in the drive thru for about 10 minutes before they finally came on the speaker said they were closed. On here it says 1AM. On their sign it says 2AM. It's not even 12AM. They weren't exactly nice about it either.

Tyler Monroe

Go to the beville location, or somewhere else... I'll never go to this taco bell again... and it's literally right behind my house. I've tried it many times, but they always short you on the food that you pay for. 1st off, they doubled the price of all of their value items and the burritos are half of the size of a nearby location.I'm okay with food costing a little more if it is made bigger, but this location literally makes all of their burritos the size of their cheese roll ups... I can wrap my fingers around them with ease... compared to the other location on Beville road that makes them twice the size.RIP OFF.

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