Zumi's International Food

2400 S Ridgewood Ave Unit #3, South Daytona
(386) 675-6818

Recent Reviews

Emma Sheerin

I went here a little while ago but I just came across it while scrolling through restaurants and it reminded me of how good my experience was. The woman at the counter was so sweet, she really made my day. They have so many options too, its really a unique place in Daytona id recommended checking out.

Briandy Reilly

Fantastic staff must go everytime I'm in the area. Between the imports and homemade food it's a great little hole in the wall.

Robert Hill

This place is packed with deliciousness. Very personable owner. Great breads baked daily. All the candies with liquor you could need.

nicole shepard

Great variety! Nice owners.

mrs smith

Awesome international store. Tons of goodies including home made break , how made kabobs and more.

Ms Smith's Stock Journey

Awesome international store. Tons of goodies including home made break , how made kabobs and more.

Mr. Precious

The store is okay especially when you want to buy something from your Homeland, few of the issues you guys need to fix if you want some of the customers to return again and again..1. No price tags on items (I have to ask every single time I’m interested in some item)2. I was there two times, first time husband was alone and sold me some item for one price, the next day I came to the store for those same item, and there was his wife alone, and she sold me same item with a difference $2 increase, I bought 3 pieces and lost $6 total, I told her that her husband sold this item for less money, and she smiled and refused to fix the price.You guys gained $6 or maybe even more on my 2 purchases, I spent $140 total in two days.But with your attitude of lying and cheating on customers, you lost me as your customer.3. Stop asking for cash at the register, there is no cash discount, you just don’t want to pay credit card fees and of course cash sales easily to hide from taxes..

Megan F

Quaint, tiny store. But, full of all the goodies!!! From soup, to candy to sauerkraut, to pickles to kielbasa. You'll find it here!!!! Will be back!!!

Andrew Pecaut

Just found this little gem today in the Sunshine Park Mall in South Daytona, FL. Got some Hungarian Kolbaz and a freshly made Lamb meat pie. Delicious! :-)

Shannon Young

The food is lovely, the best Russian food I ever had and great choices of honey, and tea… and tasty kabobs if your ever in area stop and try the ice cream it’s very yummy!!! Also I seen that someone made a review about the credit card fee… I have been going there for years now and the owners are the most kind hearted honest people you could meet , it is definitely legal and a lot small businesses have the credit card fees now days, especially after the COVID pandemic.

Austin Miller

Such an incredibly cool shop! Lots of tasty stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I’d recommend some kvass, kielbasa, and some assorted sweets/baked goods. Not to mention, the owner is always so friendly and helpful. Спасибо!

Amanda Conner

Quite a selection of European products! They even make some things themselves there, we bought some of their fresh bread and it was devine! Very personable and helpful staff. If you haven't stopped by yet, it's a must! You're bound to find something you just have to try!

Gage Link

Their snacks and foods are so good there. I highly recommend going there?

Amy Connolly

Very cool place in an obscure location. Great selection of interesting international food. Highly suggest


Limited assortment, but nice, helpful people working there.

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