20315 Old Cutler Rd, Miami
(305) 235-5600

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Zachary Campos

I paid for lettuce and tomatoes and they forget as per usual. Out of all the McDonald’s in Cutler bay. This one is by far the worst. Their team is disrespectful and has attitude. And they can never get the order right. I paid for lettuce and tomatoes and I don’t get either. This McDonalds is a scam. You ask for more topping they will charge you without giving it to you. It’s disappointing to see that McDonald’s does not hire a new team or take action. THE SERVICE IS THE WORST!!

Angelica Feliciano

If I could give 0 stars I would. Before they remodeled this location it was bad, but now it’s just worse than ever. Let’s first start off with how outrages the turn around to get your food is. We waited exactly 35 min, 35 min with a hungry 1.5 year old and 10 year old, to get our food. We felt the bag was pretty light and asked if that was all and was told yes, everything but fries because they had ran out! They were going to let us walk away without mentioning there were no fries to then be told “there is nothing we can do about it”. Ridiculous! Let’s also mention that the inside doesn’t close till 11:30pm and at 8:30pm they stopped allowing people to go in and order because they are overwhelmed. That is NOT the customers fault! Now to sit there and watch employees having conversations and just standing around doing absolutely nothing but having conversations within each other while the manager is the only one running around trying to get orders out. Something seriously needs to change with this location.

Mercy G.

Waited to order. Staff Friendly and order correct, freshly made fries, cheeseburgers, and chicken nuggets. Thank you.

Cindy Rivera Escalante

Sooo I try to steer from negative reviews however this particular McDonald's has very rude staff. Never fails everytime I go. Usually my bad experience is in the mornings. They are not organized at all and it seems like none of them are morning people and it shows thru their bad attitudes. Lunch hours not really bad. Morning employess really need to get it together though.

Jeanette Smith

They get worse with everyday that passes. And it's impossible to call and speak to a manager about the situation because they don't answer the phone. I had tried to get clarity from a manager at the window and she was somewhat mocking. That's my gentle way for saying rude.

Daniel G.

This is the worst McDonald's ever, do not order from here if u are ordering thru DoorDash cause they will get your order wrong or take 2 hours to deliver it if they ever even do. They are under staffed and out right rude. If u are willing to wait in line try it but PLEASE CHECK YOUR oRDER

Nuno Cabral

Nice experience for a McDonald’s. Not too crowded, automatic order and delivery at the table. The service was a little bit slow for the number of people in the restaurant but I wasn’t in a hurry! The food is what you can expect in a McDonald’s. Overall a good experience!

Thomas S.

The food at this location is the worst. The employees are also the worst. When they get busy they lock the doors so no one can enter and you have to wait 20 minutes in line to order. It's a total joke. Even though it's not that good you are better off going to Burger King down the street.

Scott D.

Did drive thru tonight and never a surprise at this location I waiting in line for 20 minutes after ordering This is super slow but now I know why: I got to the window and see 3 employees watch one working. Finally got food and had to check it. Still no napkins or ketchup. At least they are consistent

Noel McPherson

One of the slowest McDonald's I've ever been too. The line reaches out to the street, and they lock the doors for indoor ordering. Oh, almost forgot, they like to close off the drive thru with a live employee and cones.

Sofia W.

I've never in my life felt the need to review a McDonald's establishment, and I've been to some bad ones. This one is always slow and the worst food, does not even taste like McDonald's. I will drive past this place to go to a farther McD's.

Ivan Lara - Engineering Consultant

Brand new Mickie D’ and it’s always packed and generates a lot of business thru the drive thru and Uber. Way to go! I just wish they would clean the bathroom cause I still like to go inside instead of ordering out. The bathrooms are Puuuuu-E! Looks like a jail cell! Hope you management gets it together!

Carolin P.

Been at this location a few times with hopes that maybe something happened the prior times I had went but lord this has to be the slowest drive thru Ever. Do not go here before work because you will be late !!!!

Jamar D

08-06-2022Love that McDonald's is remodeling their stores/franchises. Maybe next they'll finally remodel some employee attitudes and work ethic? The new people who hand you your order are so dead. The order takers are most of the willing. Thats pretty cool. Now, how in the world do you put tar tar sauce instead of mayonnaise on a McChicken? My tomatoes. Where in the freak did they go? The ones I asked for to be added? Whatever. My fries were fresh n hot and desserts were well made. There's always compromise somewhere even when it shouldn't exist at all.....My rating of this McDonalds? I'll give it 7/10 ONLY because I worked here for two years straight apart of the nightshift crew. I know how it is and how it can be. Perhaps my next vist will be better? I shall see.

Mussman, Mackenzie

RAW FOOD!!! Be careful! After multiple issues with receiving the correct order I got home only to take a bite of my quarter pounder and find it was raw. All I needed was a plain double quarter pounder. I was already tired of the entire issue and decided not to go back to argue again. I did take a photo for proof however. People ordering here might also want to take a bite before they leave there and make sure you don’t get food poisoning.

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