La Crepe Bistro

7340 SW 57th Ave, South Miami
(305) 665-8778

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Anna M.

This is my grandmas favorite French bistro so I took her here for lunch. I had never been because they close early or I come when they're on vacation. We ordered two omelettes and it came with fruit, bread, and jam. I love a good omelette and that's exactly what they served. It wasn't too over cooked and it was lightly buttered (perfection). This place deserves 5 stars just for the service. The owner greeted us with open arms and was attentive throughout our whole visit.

Thelma Sherman

All the food was tasty and fresh. The strawberries in the yummy yummy crepe were some of the sweetest I've tried. But beyond the food, the vibes of the staff were extremely pleasant!Food: 5/5

Roberto Mojica

Small, family owned cozy place. My family and I enjoyed our quick breakfast. The crepe with the Turkey sausage was very delicious. They prepare the food prêt fast.

Victoria O.

Amazing petite French bistro! The food, attention, music, and cleanliness are 10 out of 10. Ordered crepes Forestiere, Rocky Road, and Bistro on a cloudy Sunday, and they were delicious! We will come back to try other dishes, for sure.

Peter C.

Ordered a croissant and cortado to go, with my wife and two year old this AM. Two tables were taken and the other 10+ were empty. We decided to sit down at one of the tables instead, to allow my wife to enjoy her coffee and our two year old to enjoy her croissant. The rude, abrasive male owner didn't have the respect or courtesy to address me, and instead directed his arrogant comment to my wife and daughter, "you know you can't do that right. If it's to go, you must go." I can understand if the place was slammed, but he was being rude for no real reason, even admitting had we ordered the same thing and sat down instead of asking to go it would've been fine. To say the least, it was an unpleasant experience. And they use Nesquik for their mocha drinks. The container is next to the espresso machine. Authentic.

Patricia F.

On Saturday, January 21, my husband, my 1 year-old son and I visited La Crepe Bistro for breakfast. What we thought would be a wonderful experience became one of the worst dining experiences we have ever had. To give some context, my son was born 4 months premature, and was intubated for a long time. Because of that he has a sensitive gag reflex. We have had experiences in the past where, if something "goes down the wrong pipe" he gags and vomits. You might know where this is going. As he ate the fruit parfait at La Crepe, tragedy struck. Either a piece of granola or a banana must have gone too far back and my son began to gag. An incredibly kind gentleman sitting at the table next to us immediately got up to see if he was choking and if he could help. What came after was a vomit, and the usual anxiety and overwhelm that comes from a parent who has experienced this before. While this has not happened often recently, I can tell you that every single other time that it has happened, the restaurant we have been at has immediately sprung to action-- to help clean up, or offer a rag or even to offer a napkin, to check in on us and see if everyone is OK. That was NOT the case at this restaurant. From that moment on, we were treated like a nuisance, like pariahs. As we cleaned up our son, the table, his chair, his bib, we were ignored. Nobody from the restaurant offered us an ounce of help or even checked on us for that matter. It went from bad to worse as my husband walked inside to rinse off my sons bib in the bathroom. He was stopped by a woman (the female owner?) before he could enter and told "not to walk in with THAT" (referring to anything that had vomit on it). He was asked to walk back out and figure out how to clean it elsewhere. As we cleaned the table, not one person came with a mere rag to help things along. When I finished wiping down the table, I walked inside to ask for a bad or to help me throw away the pile of napkins I had (napkins that I had gotten from the entrance area and from our neighboring table who offered to help). Just like my husband, I was immediately stopped at the door (this time by the male owner) who very aggressively asked "What is THAT?!". He refused to let me inside the door and asked me to walk to the end of the strip mall to dispose of it at another garbage can. I truly felt like just throwing the pile of napkins on his floor and walking away crying but I instead did as he asked. You'd think it wouldn't get worse, but it did. I asked for the check and, for the first time since the incident, the owner approached the table-- not to ask if we were ok, but to toss napkins at me and demand that I "clean the floor". At this point, I was indignant. I heard someone from a nearby table say "that is ridiculous " and that gave me the fuel I needed to stand up and say "no". I tried to explain to the owner how disrespectful he was and how he could have taken a moment of anxiety for parents and made it much better with some help, some rags or even a kind word. Instead he made us feel like we were criminals for having a baby that does something as HORRENDOUS as throw up. He could have shown an ounce of empathy and instead he chose antipathy and venom. To top it off, when I was handed the machine to pay, a tip had already been selected for me and the screen was on the signature page. I canceled the transaction, which infuriated the owner. After that action and my words, the owner was irate. He called me every name under the sun and I did my best not to cry and kept emphasizing how he could have just shown an ounce of empathy. He was so bothered by my words that he screamed "Leave and never come again" among other "friendly" phrases. I will never visit that place again, and, if you have children, or anyoneee who might mistakenly make a mess, I'd advise that you rethink visiting this establishment as well.

yamy criblez

Delicious food. It was our first time here (I brought my parents) and we were very impressed. The owner was very nice and attentive too which it was a pleasant surprise as that lacks in Miami currently, sad to say!I will definitely come back!


My husband and I stopped in for breakfast. I had the crepe breakfast - which came with eggs, tomato, ham and series cheese in a crepe and fruit. It lacked a little flavor. My husband had the Complete breakfast - which had scrambled eggs, baguette and fruit. Service was good.

Nicole A.

This is a very special place. Authentic, delicious, cozy, and quite heavenly. The service is phenomenal. If you are looking for an escape from the typical every day, Miami life, I highly recommend this little gem.

David A.

This place is a gem in South Miami. The owner is a retired French professional boxer who decided to move to Miami and open up a cafe. Amazing French food, I take clients and other work related meetings here all the time. Phenomenal service, phenomenal food, can't say enough good things about this place!

G. Chris Boynton

Super little French spot. Not fancy, just great food based on the few samples we had. They have a surprisingly large selection for the size of their operation. It seems to be a husband and wife team with an additional person in the kitchen. I've heard from others that sometimes the service is slow. It wasn't a problem for us. We went for breakfast (twice) and tried a few of their items. All were excellent, very tasty. Absolutely will go back.

Isa A

Rudest service I have ever had. Crepe was dry so I asked if they had a sauce or anything , so they gave me a béchamel. When I got the bill which added $4 for the sauce I just asked surprisingly but not rudely ‘oh there is a charge’ to which the guy answered ‘did you think it was free’ , which I didn’t answer. He rudely repeated it again. When I said no I just didn’t know, and told him he should speak more nicely to a customer he said ‘ oh yeah who is gonna make me?’ I mean never have I ever been treated like this. A simple yes would have sufficed - but he seemed angry and rude. And I will never step foot there again.

Rafal Panasiuk

Thos laid back French breakfast place turned out to be very busy on Sunday morning. Great place to hrab a European style breakfast made fresh for your order.Food: 5/5

Bohdan Kos

Le Crepe Bistro gets 5-stars all across the board from me.I have been going here for many years and every time I come to visit the food and service are always great. The food is fresh and delicious. The owner and staff do a great job attending and making sure everyone is enjoying their time.When my girlfriend and I met, I chose this place for our first date and now two years later we are engaged and are in the process of planning our wedding.We will be customers as long as this place is still around.PS. I saw a lot of reviews of people just getting a coffee and the owner being unhappy about you just getting a coffee and taking up the table. What did you think? This place is very small. If the owner let everyone just order a $4 coffee and sit there for 30min-1hr this place would go under and not exist anymore.Then people like me that actually enjoy the food and come here for their delicious meals won't be able to come since individuals like you that just want a little coffee and sit around lounging ruined it.Please be considerate and put yourself in the owners shoes instead of being selfish.

Luis Riverol

My mom and I visited for the first time for lunch the other day. The owner waited on us and was very welcoming. We both ordered tartines and they were excellent. We look forward to returning and trying other items on the menu. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather.Vegetarian options: There were a variety of vegetarian options.Parking: Parking is a challenge in South Miami. There is a free parking lot directly in front of the restaurant, but it was full, so we had to pay for street parking.

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