Jimmy Bear's BBQ

4247 13th St, St Cloud
(407) 508-0681

Recent Reviews

Melissa Ouimette

Ordered the ribs and sides were fries and red beans and rice. Also Ordered pulled pork sandwich sides were onion rings and Mac n cheese. All the food was bearly warm. The only hot items were the fries and onion rings. The ribs were not tender AT ALL. Good flavor, we just extremely tough. The pulled pork was good flavor just cold. Mac n cheese also good flavor but cold. Couldn't even eat meal took one bite of each item and apologized to waitress that we were not going to stay. She was very understanding

Tanya Boyle

very friendly staff, great food and a wonderful atmosphere

Ted Critzon

Best BBQ since coming to Florida! Had the Brisket last time we were there, great portions, the Brisket was amazing will definitely order it again! I want to get to the ribs next time I’m working my way thru the menu. Can’t wait!

Michael Paulus

Ordered takeout using the Toast Takeout app last night and the food was absolutely killer. Pork belly burnt ends, gator bites, sides and deserts were all on point. Servers were super helpful when a desert I had ordered had ran and and upgraded my first desert and swapped out for a mini butterfinger which was amazing. I live about 15 minutes from the restaurant and these folks clearly thought about how their food will carry with upgraded packaging that kept everything piping hot by the time I arrived home. So pumped they now have loyalty (both in and out of the restaurant) because I will be back often!

Milytza Rodriguez

I love their food! The royal fries are amazing! And the girls their are just dolls, I’ve had a situation where i had my kids sleeping in the car and they brought my food outside, and even if i need some of their amazing sauces with my uber eats order they will make sure everything is in my bag. Definitely recommend a 100%

Tammy Quiroga Fischer

Great experience love the music and our waiter was very friendly and helpful. Definitely will be back again.

Frances G.

I was expecting more flavors! I was not impressed. Probably won't ever return! Even the tap water was horrible

Bara Southflorida

Place is nice and roomy.Friendly staff, delicious food.Had the ribs and were delicious, nicely cooked! wish they had a hotter sauce available.The fries were yummy yummy! ?Clean bathrooms.

Cliff Sockman

We had a wonderful dinner at Jimmy Bear's BBQ yesterday evening. The service was amazing. Daniel was very attentive, polite, and informative. We loved chatting with him and we relied heavily on him regarding what we ordered.The food was DELICIOUS. We had beef brisket, tons of tasty sides, and we topped it off with a homemade cookie and some banana pudding. We had soooo much food, with plenty to bring home for leftovers.We loved it!

Anthony Dominguez

Attentive staff, brisket and rib dinners were tasty and great portions. Fresh cut fries and corn casserole alone are worth the visit. Enjoy

Nellissa Saylor

Great atmosphere, lovely staff, but the meat didn't match the pricing ??‍♀️I ordered the burnt ends dinner and it was hard to get through becuase the meat was tough but their portions was generous.

Silmarie C.

I like the BBQ pulled chicken, the beef brisket, Mac and cheese and the great service!

Rose Legros

The food was okay. I got the pulled chicken sandwich, sweet potato fries, & baked beans. The sandwich could have been better. Some of the fries were nice and crisp and some were limp and soggy. I opened up the container of beans, didn't like how they looked or smelled so I didn't eat them. With all these raving reviews I was expecting my food to be great. Staff was friendly though.

Noemi Barbosa Torres

Picked up my grilled burger, hot dog, fried corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, tater tots and regular fries today and all of it is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it. People were inside eating and it looked like a friendly and pleasant atmosphere to be in. Thank you!

Jason Padua

I went to Jimmy Bear's at Country Thunder and had probably the LARGEST pulled pork sandwich I have ever eaten! The pork was so tender and juicy!The cole slaw was also excellent. If I lived close to their restaurant I would visit often. Thank you and keep smoking up the great tasting BBQ!!!

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