La Bella Napoli Restaurant

4071 13th St, St Cloud
(407) 957-2214

Recent Reviews

Cris Santos

Some of the best Italian you'll ever find! Fresh made sauce and food helps to transport you to Italy. Prices reflect the quality you're getting and I love that the chef is visible when not cooking. Always bring home some tomatoes and you can do a great caprese with them or your own homemade sauce.

Karen Valeri

LaBella Napoli is one of our two favorite restaurants for dinner in St. Cloud. Their Eggplant Parmigiana and Baked Ziti are always excellent. The staff is friendly and our freshly prepared meals are served in a reasonable amount of time. We always go back for more.

Lenny Marion

Wife & I make Frequent visits to this home town establishment, can’t say enough good about it, their staff, service, food, all homemade & made with love. If u enjoy GREAT Italian food, please visit, u won’t b disappointed.?Salute!

Brian Muhich

Went here for the first time, and I would be open to coming back, but the atmosphere could use a bit of improvement. It didn't start off well for my wife who I dropped off while I went to park the car. She was avoided like a plague while she observed the older female waitress being kindly affectioned to all of the other patrons who were in the restaraunt at the time. Not sure if it had anything to do with the color of my wife's skin compared to the rest who were there, but hey, the Lord knows. Anywho, that wasn't the actual waitress who served us for the evening. Our waitress, who was much younger, was very kind to us...On to the food! They give you free bread, which is nice and fresh and comes with an absolutely delicious oil dipping sauce. 5 stars for their bread! I ordered the lasagna, waitress recommendation, and it was one of the best restaurant lasagnas I've ever had. The portion size, on the other hand, was the smallest I've ever had at an Italian restaraunt for dinner. I mean, it was really quite small. I was joking with my wife that they need to invest in some new plates, because the size of the plates they serve your meal on are so much larger than the actual amount of food they put on the plate, that it's comical. The price is on par with many other Italian eateries, but I would think the price should be less if the portion size is going to be noticeably less than other Italian shops. The side salad that came with my Lasagna was all iceberg lettuce which really has no nutritional value, and I give my 4 year old more salad than they give for that side salad. My wife ordered the fettuccine Alfredo and it was very, very bland. We added quite a bit of parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and the table oil compote to make the dish enjoyable.

Lourin King

Saturday Night, Father's day weekend. We heard the food was good but honestly we're NOT expecting what we received.... The food was amazing, the service truly supreme . Our waitress was Yutta (?) Sounds like Utah. What a wonderful all around experience. Don't let the strip mall entrance fool you. It's like stepping into a little quaint spot in Italy. If you don't enjoy it, then Homemade Italian isn't for you.

Brenda Santos

Wow the food was amazing our server giulia was awesome she was attentive and so polite thanks. will definitely eat there again ❤️

Gina M.

Authentic and the owner is such a sweet soul. Cooks to order as it should be. I had the fra diavolo mussels. Robust flavor. I'm Italian so I'm hard to please. This will be a regular spot for me

joseph murray

Excellent service, excellent and very fresh food. Definitely would return, amazing team, the chicken marsala and garlic and oil pasta is very very fresh. Excellent job restaurant, keep up the amazing work you do.

lisa basinger

This is the 2nd time going in 2 months. The 1st time was ok. Food was bland and need some spices! I was charged 6.50 for a salad that consisted of a very small piece of lettuce 1 small wedge of tomato and a few croutons. When i tell you Wendy’s side salad was bigger and only $1. Rigatoni was brought in a very small bowl very small portion. Chickencutlet was very mushy. Definitely will not go back there! This is by no means real Italian Food, and it’s a very poor imitation. For the price I expected more! Don’t waste your money! Go to Maggianos on I drive!

Wayne T.

I was at this restaurant tonight and they have great food. Unfortunately the owner was incredibly rude to us and our server when they closed and we still had wine to finish. He said to to our waitress., "Let's go, they are NOT family" Incredibly rude! I will never go back there!!

Laurie V.

The food is incredible. The best Italian restaurant I've been to. Even when I travel I still want to come back to this restaurant. I recommend the veal picatta or the veal Marsala. Along with veal Parmesan and their sauce is wonderful! The owner is from Sicily and he cooks himself. I encourage you to try it.

Luke M.

We have always enjoyed our dinner experiences at La Bella Napoli. The menu is very classic Italian with all the normal favorites. We've never had a bad meal there and the service is outstanding. You can tell it's a local favorite by the conversations around you as you hear repeat diners talking to staff that they know. Food is very fresh. Standouts are the Veal and Lasagne but as stated we have had a lot of different menu options and have never been disappointed. It would be nice to see them switch the bread up or offer a variety of breads but theirs does the job. Would highly recommend as this is our only Italian option in St Cloud proper and we don't want to lose it!

Joe Flores

Went with my family here for dinner and we stood in the doorway for 20 minutes and the servers did not even look at us. I saw that the owner was alone cooking the meals in the kitchen. There were two tables open but no one was interested in cleaning them for us. The servers do not seem to be properly trained, they were running around the restaurant and not very efficient. It's too bad because their food is pretty good although overpriced. We left and went down the road to another restaurant and we were sat down right away.

Megan Rosa

Food was good but very small portion. They lay the food out on a huge plate and spread it out so it looks like a lot of food but it’s not. The service was nice but very over priced for the portion size.


If you need a great Italian restaurant in St Cloud, This is the spot!! Food was delicious!! Service was good as well. I order the chicken parm. Delicious!!!

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