Papa John's Pizza

4014 13th St, St Cloud
(407) 957-7722

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The WORST service I’ve ever gotten in my life. I will never in my life order from here again. Keep in mind, I used the app to order. I placed my order only to track my order then realize that I’d have to wait two hours to receive my pizza. As soon as I saw that I tried to call and cancel my order. Waited so long that I had to get my two year old son dressed to take him on a drive to this location to cancel my order. I get there and then there’s only one girl manning the phone and front desk. I waited 10 minutes to see if anyone would acknowledge me. I then got frustrated so I just asked anyone to help me cancel my order and finally I was helped. Customer service through the website or app is absolutely useless. I will be ordering from Marcos Pizza from here on out. Much better quality and I got my pizza in just 25 minutes.

Sheena Vasquez

Awful!! So disappointed! First time ordering with them. First of all I ordered online for delivery. It doesnt tell you how long it will be til after you pay. It said 2 hrs! So I called store to change it to pick up. I sat on phone forever waiting for help because I kept getting put on hold so I would call back after waiting forever. Then I went to pick up my pizza myself and store was jammed packed with people i stead of having some wait outside. It was a mess. Then I notice 3 of the cooks had no masks on. Not sure of their policy but that made me nervous. Then 1 had a major beard and not wearing a restaurant net for it to prevent hair getting in food. Got home and into my second slice i was gagging on a long black hair i was pulling out of my food. Will never order from there again.

Missy A.

Papa John's has always been our go to pizza. In fact we order weekly and have it delivered to our office. Up until this month we've never had any issues, but now three times in a row, we've had Luke warm or cold pizza arrive. Today they didn't even bother to put it in one of those insulated pizza carriers. The box was squished and gapping open. Our office is only about two blocks from the pizza place and normally it arrives piping hot. As we do each week, we order the pizza in the morning and schedule it to be delivered at lunchtime. It's never been an issue, today I suspect they made the pizza right away and let it sit for more than an hour before bringing it. It was cold and the cheese had started to congeal. I don't know what's going on over there, but I think it's time to find a new pizza place. We tried calling over there to discuss it and hopefully prevent it from happening again in the future, but they weren't very receptive.

Big D's Coral farmers

Papa John’s taking American jobs away! When you call to place an order it send you to a call center in the Philippines. Do not order from this company they are not trying to support America workers! On top of that you can’t even understand the people taking your order. That’s probably because they are not Americans! Absolutely horrible I will never order from this company again! USA ??

Ernesto Ruesta

It was good taste good fresh but to way over half an hours is to long, I can pickup in 5 minutes

Ivon Aponte

The dessert was over baked hard for the 2nd time

Lee A.

Did an online order , drove in from my house about 10 min away and they told me it would be another 15 min. I was ok with the wait but what really upset me was how rude and mean the manager was not only to me but her employees.

Adam Parrish

My food has always been top notch from this poppa John's loc. Jeremy is an amazing delivery driver polite courteous and friendly. When I called to thank them the employees are friendly and appreciative. Love this papa johns!!!

Cecilia Maldonado

Perfect service all the way around quick efficient food perfect clean restaurant great crew and managers the best I've ever seen keep up the great work guys thank you so much this is my favorite Papa John's Ever!!!!!

Mark Jackson

Delivery driver luis who drives the small Kia soul was very inappropriate with my 15 yr old son. Calling him a boy toy and leaving him his number. I will be giving my attorney a call and they are lucky I was not home on this evening. They really should do a better job hiring. Now we can longer enjoy their food after this being our go to pizza place for years.

Chris Thompson

Ordered a pizza from here and the driver must’ve dropped it but didn’t say anything because the pizza was smashed. Called in and the manager said he would take down my info give me a complimentary pizza my next time calling. Went to call in about a week or so later and no free pizza, no information noted. The manager on duty didn’t even want to get on the phone when I asked to speak to her!

roxii mdnavlz

Did not get what I paid for and Jake manager did not want to refund me for a the money i spend for something I was not serve. Awesome

Bo O'Dell

Called their line multiple times to order a pizza, was sent to the Philippines on each call. Love Papa John's Pizza but when you can locally to get a pizza it goes to the Philippines... Not a good look

Tammy O'Rourke

Ordered papadia its burnt raw in middle hardly nothing inside

Shirlee Ponzo-Manahan

I’ve ordered several times and food is VERY inconsistent. Either perfect food perfectly cooked or wrong order or horrible mess cook. Not wasting my money again. Sad because when it’s good it’s really good!

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