Burger King

2506 W M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Tampa
(813) 443-5810

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robert young

I ordered and fish sandwich made like an whopper.. perfect.. four stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ only because my fries was cold..Food: 5/5

Tonya Vasser

Burger King is very good because I work there I do customer service my name is Miss Tonya I have a very good personality and I know people's person when you come in there you will get quality experience and come out with a smile on your face please believe good food good service so let's eat the one in 813 Tampa Florida off of MLK and Armenia come and see me I would love to meet you

Sharon Smith

Well,it was more expensive than the last time I there $26.00 for two.What??? But food was ?Food: 5/5


Service is horrible, ordered online and they don't start making it till you get there. Order was also wrong, they are rude needs new staff or a whole new restaurant should buy this location out. Yal will not keep that job if no one goes believe That

Jacob Hammond

I pulled up to burger king at 6am on Sunday morning when y'all are "SUPPOSED" to be open and and when I went to order my food he said very quietly we went open yett I didn't quite hear the man and I asked come again very nicely and the proceeded to get yelled at y'all were not open and I said ok and he walked outside rude and angry twords my car and I pulled off this is ridiculous and the man need to be addressed for he customer service skills


Sat in the drive thru for 25+ minutes before I gave up and drove away. No reason for that. Management needs to shut down the drive thru if you can’t serve the customers and have some respect for our time.

Jaime Rivera

I did visit this burger king, they had good fast customer service. Clean and pleasant resturant. Would go again.

Donald Philippi

Great Burgers, Dogs and Fries. My wife and I enjoy them every time!

Tropical MafiaBEATS

Been in the drive thru line for 26minutes then order was wrong and was told to move the car up. The slowest burger King I've ever been to.

Rilda Viele

The ladies bathroom was nasty toilet paper everywhere is all over the toilet in the toilet nobody cleaned it I wiped the toilet down and got all the stuff off the toilet as a customer but other than that it was good the food that is

Shernea D.

Oh my Gosh! I sat in line in the drive-through for at least 20mins waiting for my food... no one ever said what the holdup was. The line grew exponentially behind me as I waited. Just sat there looking stupid and they finally brought my food to the window and the girl apologized, but the manager behind her never uttered a word. No explanation...Nor even offer a refreshment or anything for my inconvenience? Wowwwww

Sean Rooker

Well I order a double whopper with cheese. And I got a single whooper with no cheese. I mean come on someone doesn't know how to read tickets because my wife sandwich was wrong as well service was good but the two managers working were lost I mean duh lost. I'll never visit this burger king anymore.. And you should as well

George Petit

Clean and a very friendly staff. I wish moe BKs we're like this one.

Crystal Cannon

Drive tho is very slow during busy hours. Go inside if you're in a hurry don't get trapped in the line

Henry Para

The service is sometimes great, sometimes less. Typical BK. The app sucks and brings the experience down a notch.

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