4302 N Armenia Ave, Tampa
(813) 877-1908

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John Sox N

Drove up to this location at 5:54 PM on 12/29/2022 to order takeout, asked for chicken breasts and the lady RUDELY informs me that they do NOT have chicken breasts. When I asked if it’d be available shortly, as I am willing to wait, she just rudely interrupted me and told me they do not have chicken breasts! I don’t get it… anyway, off to Popeyes I go!

Adri Taco

I would leave a 0 star if I could. I'm looking over the menu with my kids at the drive through, trying to figure out what to order and they rushed me. Who does that? I wasn't even there for 2 seconds and you're rushing me? That's terrible customer service. Lost a customer right then and there. What's sad is these are new people... I miss the old employees.

David Susa

Worst service ever, and it was the Manager!! I asked to please repeat my order and she kept saying the total $27.40 over and over… when I asked why she couldn’t answer my question she said that she didn’t have to answer me anything !?!?KFC should put more emphasis on the quality of people they hire for their franchises

Noel Torres

Absolute worst customer service. I get to the speaker box, the automated message comes on so I wait for someone to answer, they say go ahead, I proceed with about 3 words, and employee reply wait! Then she lets me order doesn't ask my choices of my sides so I tell her, then she tells me to pull up to the next window, not to ask if I needed anything else which I needed two drink, I asked her if I can buy two drinks at the window, and I get a response "no add ons at the window"Its a shame how people treat customers, i work in the food industry and if they can't be customer friendly they need to go. Mind you their front doors were closed before 7pm. Food was cold fries were stale. I really hope a health inspector doesn't show up.


My experience at the drive-thru was good. The workers were polite and attentive. Food was pretty good, served warm. Knocking a point though because the logistics for parking and drive-thru is really bad. a drive-thru line should not wind like that, can easily cause a jam of sorts.

Miguel Jimenez

Came to order a Bucket with the drink included as advertise at the drive-thru line. They said we don’t have it and I asked why is it advertised. They said we can’t ring it up cause system won’t allow. So I told them that is false advertising and they laugh amd said false advertising is if I would had paid it and assumed they had it and I told them NO cause false advertising is when there is a sign or commercial saying you have it. Always an issue at this location.


Awful always closes dinning room early never enough staff I used to work there a week ago had a fake nail in the sweet tea an sometimes actual nail with the chicken have rats too

Christina Marie

ZERO STARS. I would never eat here. By far the worst experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant.I Honestly don’t have high expectations for a fast food restaurant but this kfc right here has Most unprofessional/ ignorant employees I have ever met. I went through the drive through because the doors were locked at 3:55 in the afternoon. The manager was on the lane and she said how can I help you? I said one moment please. I had 2 kids in the car deciding what they wanted. She said no we don’t have a moment we’re on a timer. I laughed because I thought she was joking & she mocked my laugh then She said do what do you want, u need to order ? I was asking for her name and she wouldn’t tell me so She proceeded to say cancel their order and she sent 3 employees outside to tell me to leave the drive through. One said please leave because my manager will not leave us be until you go. I asked him for her name and he would not tell me because he would be “fired”. The other ones came out yelling and one gave me a fake name (Juan) for the manager . This was all within a5 minute time period. I can’t make this up. Mind you, there wasn’t even any cars behind me and the door was locked so they weren’t busy. Honestly wouldn’t doubt if they have roaches in their food because the attitudes here give very much Rachet and dirty especially the management.


Their staff is rude & why are yal closing the lobby 2 hours early and then getting an attitude when I asked why. But no worries, you won’t get my money. I have no problem taking my business elsewhere.

Robert Kirkland

This is a KFC Taco Bell combo location.We visited about 5:30pm on Sept. 7th. The dining room was closed so we had to go through the drive through, ok no big deal. We ordered 3 of the k9 tender meals, one 3 piece and two 4 peace. After getting our order we parked to eat and noticed we were given two 3 pieces and one 4. Looked at the receipt and the order was rung up correctly. I guess someone didn't pay attention or couldn't count. On top of that the fries were rubber and cold the chicken tenders were darker then normal, a sign that they have been over cooked or sitting under a lamp for awhile. The tenders were cold and tough not good at all. At this point the drive through was backing up, so as I could see someone in the dinning cleaning I figured I would go up to the door and see if we could get fresh food. After standing there knocking on the door with bags of food on my hand the worker in the lobby kept saying lobby is closed. I told her we just want some fresh food this chicken is cold a tough the fries are like rubber. They kept saying go through the drive through. My son, mom and I were starving so we sat and ate through the cold food. Of course as soon as we finished eating as we start driving off they opened the doors, we watched customers walking im to order and eat. The time now was about 630pm. Does the lobby at this location have special hours? If so note it on the door. A few hours later at home, my 9 year old son got sick. I will never come here again. Good luck.

Mary Nguyen

Customer service is terrible. This place is honestly not recommended. Worker had an awful attitude and forgot my drink and kept my change without permission. Do not go to this Taco Bell if you’re in a bad mood.

Linda Tran

I’d rather make a 30 min drive to another KFC location. Had the worst experience ever. Do not come here unless you wanna get treated badly. If you don’t like your job, apply somewhere else please.

ItzmeDianax N.

This place is the worse, the customer service was being very rude.He had a bad attitude and forgot my drink, never go to this place. might as well work somewhere else if u don't like it.

Chuck Gray

place is slow , people have bad attitude , condiments should be in dinning are becuse they forget everything

Jordan Levine

This place sucks.They’re never open until they say they would be. It’s 930 and they’re already closed. The famous bowl never has more than 5 pieces of chicken in it. They stop serving chicken at 8 on every night, leaving only the taco bell side open.Travel the extra 2-3 miles to a different location.

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