Mr. Penguin New Tampa

18089 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy, Tampa
(813) 252-7625

Recent Reviews

Steve A.

Tons of flavors and super friendly staff! They're always happy to offer samples and suggest ideas. Personally I go for the black cherry and vanilla gelati - soooo good!

Justice L.

Jeremiah's who?????? Mr. Penguin is the God of Gelati and Soft Serve because holy cow! I've been to the Tampa Location when I was younger and just a flash of wonderful memories came back when I had it again! I find myself taking my time eating the Gelati because I just want to savor every bite!!

Priscilla C.

Very friendly staff. The gelati (icee + soft ice cream) is overall tasty. Combining the icee and ice cream is a sweet mixture. I am not a fan overly frozen foods and Mr. Penguin's gelati mix is not that way at all! (Yay!) The textures combined taste good and balance each other out. Eating them individually would be more bland to me. The icee doesn't have that much of a flavor impact and it is very slushy like. While there is some flavor that you would be able to point out with a blind fold taste test, the flavors don't dance in my mouth. The vanilla ice cream tastes standard, although it is very soft and creamy it is not too spectacular. I would like to have more of a homemade soft ice cream taste versus a generic, standard one. I have visited many times as it's conveniently located and will continue to do so because it's a cute, fun experience while out and about. Also, be sure to get a stamp each time you make a purchase because after so many you get one free! My personal favorite flavor is the rainbow gelati. My husband and daughter both love the cookies and cream gelati.

Rick Scott

I cant say enough about this place. I love the environment, owner, and if course the selection of great Italian ice. My family and I frequent here a lot. Treat yourself to something new and delicious. There's a flavor I'm sure just for you. They also have Gelatos, fruit teas, and wonderful milk tea. Dont knock it until you try it!! Honeydew is my favorite.

Linda Corzo

So many great flavors. Service was quick.

Liz C.

I consider myself a bit of an ice cream foodie. This stuff is simply not that great. Rita's is way better. The soft serve ice cream is definitely not custard and it's not that flavorful. The Italian ice I sampled was freezer burnt and had an awful flavor. Also, it's expensive for what it is. I'd pass.

Fatima Sid

Great ice cream. It never disappoints. I always recommend it to my guests.

Hanaa U.

I was excited to hear that they opened a new location of Mr Penguin. When we first walked in the two girls behind the counter were both nice and generous with the samples. I ordered two kinds of gelati (a mixture of Italian ice and soft serve ice cream). They offer around 15 flavors of Italian ice and 3 soft serve flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and swirl). I ordered cookies and cream with vanilla and mango with vanilla. I was not really a fan of the cookies and cream. In my opinion, Italian ice needs to be fruity which is why I enjoyed the mango flavor. The combination of the mango Italian ice with vanilla ice cream was quite refreshing. The prices are way too expensive for what you are getting. It's almost $4 for a small and almost $5 for a medium..

Matthew Cooper

I wish I knew about this place sooner. Charming interior, Excellent Ice cream, Italian ice, and Gelati, Friendly service. They allow samples too. Tad on the expensive side.

David G

Really great! I used to go to the one in South Tampa when I lived near there, but I am really glad we have one in New Tampa! Lots of great variety.

Justine Cardenas

I came in after shopping next door at Michael’s. The employee was really sweet and patient, gave me a few samples, and tried to suggest a few options too (I was really overwhelmed with all the choices). I didn’t really like the consistency of theIt Italian ice; I’ve tried the same thing at Jeremiah’s, where it was a lot smoother, but this ice is different. I wasn’t a big fan, but I might be biased because I am essentially comparing the two. Overall, my gelati was okay, but unfortunately I still prefer Jeremiah’s. Mr. Penguin is still a pretty good choice since they are the only place like this in New Tampa, but their pricing is less competitive and it just wasn’t as enjoyable for me personally.

Mark Hansen

Large portions and delicious ice creams, gelato and Italian Ice. Service was very nice and helpful. Some cool teas as well.


Great new addition to new tampa fo dessert. Same awesome product as found in South Tampa.

Surya Sankineni

The employees very good, fast and friendly, the fruit teas are underrated bruh try those if you've already had the ice cream. Ice cream is SO MF GOOD. This one dude gave u 4 stars, I want to know why!

berthious .

Great new addition to new tampa fo dessert. Same awesome product as found in South Tampa.

Mike Brown

Amazing flavors and the teas are fantastic a definite must if your in the are or anywhere near Mr Penguin.

Frances R.

Um. If you love authentic soft serve custard (not soft serve ice cream, this is thicker and creamier and basically HEAVEN!), real Italian ice (aka "water ice"), or both together (aka GELATI!), then YOU WILL LOVE THIS PLACE! I loved Rita's Italian Ice before it became a national franchise. And I haven't found authentic Italian Ice or frozen custard since moving here from Philadelphia... ... until NOW. So good and so refreshing! Lots of different fun flavors to try! I love MANGO Ice with Vanilla Custard. MY FAVORITE!!! I'd recommend trying whatever speaks to you - I'm sure you'll find something you love! PLUS, they have Boba Tea drinks too! What?!?! Seriously, a gem in New Tampa - and super kid friendly! If they decide to do DoorDash or UberEats delivery, I'm in trouble!!!

Sabrina H.

My new favorite place for sweet [frozen] treats! I had the Orange Cream gelati. It reminded me of the Orange Creamsicles I loved as a kid. My hubby had the Frappuccino Italian ice... and as much as I am not a fan of cold coffee flavored things, it was actually pretty good. The prices were very good for the amount you get too. Customer experience was great. The woman behind the counter was very pleasant and helpful. I'm sure we'll be back here again very soon! I think I'll try the Green Apple gelati next time... :)

Shae D.

Super disappointed. We frequent the south Tampa location and this location has a very limited menu selection compared to the SoHo location.

Marilyn Pereira

The gelati with cherry is a must! Just the soft serve on it's own is amazing. You can taste the quality of the fresh ingredients! Glad to have it so near by. The staff is very welcoming and happy to answer questions about their menu. Let's not forget about the FREE samples!!!

Tito Torres

Great customer service and very friendly. Ice cream was great. Recommend people to come here! Great atmosphere.

Ryan Helterhoff

Awesome tasting gelati in a modern and friendly atmosphere with very fair prices. A great addition to the area! Will be returning many times.

Jackson spencer

Mr.penguin just gave me free ice cream, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

Elijah Hernandez

Very welcoming and have a huge amount of great options!

Boon C.

New Italian ice place at New Tampa. We welcome new comer for giving more variety to New Tampa. Penguin has been in Tampa Bay for some time. Finally one opened in this area. The only thing I would said this is quite plaza compared to the plaza in front of movie theater. Hopefully this do not discount the visitor traffic. I would skip the soft serve completely and go with the Italian ice only. They good selection on the ice flavors. Seem like the apple flavor is most of the people requested. We got the Frappuccino and the Rainbow. The Frappuccino has good coffee flavor. The rainbow is colorful with numerous flavors. It is fun to have. The service is good. We got our ice cream quick.

Grace H.

This Mr. penguin got a comfortable indoor sitting area. We got a rainbow Italian ice and vanilla soft serve combination, The Italian ice tasted good however I didn't like the soft serve. It was too heavy in cream tasted like whipped cream or heavy cream. The service was fast and friendly. There were good amount of flavors selection of Italian ice. Overall it was a fun ice cream place.

Patrick K.

Yeah they close at 10PM on Saturday night not 11. The Baskin Robins in the same shopping center is going to benefit.

christine k.

Great addition to this side of town! Love the Italian Ice! Reminds me of NJ water ice

Sarah H.

Yummy yummy ice cream! I wish they had a little more soft serve flavors because I'm not a fan of Italian ice but I can say that the chocolate vanilla twist is AMAZING. Super rich creamy ice cream. The store is really cute too and the service is super fast.

Lovan Y.

We had the cookies and cream, rainbow and passion fruit. All were delicious. The owners were very nice. So glad to have this new local spot.

Kristie L.

Grand opening weekend was great! Friendly staff and delicious treats will be back with the kids.

Stephanie K.

Free swirls this weekend, grand opening. I tried the chocolate ice cream with salted caramel gelato and it was amazing! So glad you have opened in New TAMPA. Friendly staff.

Steve S.

Literally the best dessert ever. The Gelati is unbelievable, and the service from this team is unreal. Don't pass it up!!

Danielle M.

I've been to the Platt one prior to this location opening. I'm so happy there is one right up the street from me now. Friendly staff and the ice cream creations are so stinking good. I love all the different flavors you can choose from. The small is really the perfect size for the gelati. My favorite combo is the orange cream with vanilla.

Lindsey R.

Such a cool place delicious treat! You can get Italian Ice, Soft Serve or a combination of both (Gelati). We had a lemon/vanilla gelati, a root beer/vanilla gelati and an orange/vanilla gelati. All were delicious! You can get really creative With the flavor combinations! We will definitely be back!

Jisoo B.

2 visits within 3 days. And I'm an exercise aficionado who is supposed to eat healthy(ish). Hey, this place is right next to the Barre studio I go to and seriously is a devil on my shoulder. However, it is so good. If is like Rita's, but better. Because custard ice cream is creamier and their non-fruity flavors like Hazelnut doesn't just taste like frozen ice, it's somehow creamy? I don't know how they do it. My kids love it. I get Green apple, vanilla ice cream & strawberry which effectively makes Italian flag.

Preethum Prithviraj

An excellent addition to the new Tampa area! Now we don't have to go all the way to South Tampa for such a great variety of ice creams, Gelato, and Italian ice. I'm a personal fan of the passion fruit! Inside is really well done, with good seating, and purposely easy to access power outlets available by the couch seating.

Logan Thomas

This place is incredible! Best local ice cream shop in New Tampa. So many good options I highly recommend!

Himiko T.

We got the rainbow Italian ice, and it was very good! We plan on going back soon, good quantity for the price we paid.

Ellen K.

Yum! Sounds odd to combine ices and soft serve but it is delicious and the people are lovely.