Sanwa Farmer's Market

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2621 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
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Great option for large families who have the need to buy in bulk. You won't find fancy name brands here. What you will find are international items from all over the globe, as well as some recognizable USA brands. Amazing fish and shellfish selection AND you will find fish scaled, gutted and packaged conveniently. Such a huge time saver! Prices are Amazeballs, too!

I decided to hit up Sanwa Farmers Market on the way home from my bakery trip early this morning. Stocked up on some super cool cooking supplies and fresh veggies and meat for the week! I purchased egg roll wrappers, wonton wrappers (which will be put to good use tomorrow when I make my pan-seared pork dumplings), fresh beets and Napa cabbage as well as shallots, green beans, ginger and spring onions, I finally found mirin as well as stocking up on my sesame oil and fish full review
Located in Seminole Heights, Sanwa is an indoor farmers market that offers bulk purchasing and sells harder to source produce items. I thought it was only for restaurant owners and was delighted to find out I was mistaken. They open EARLY, but I went on a Saturday mid afternoon. Crowded doesn't even begin to describe it. Thank goodness my husband was with me as he waited in the car because the parking lot was completely full! Note to self, go a little early for the full review

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