Sanwa Farmer's Market

2621 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
(813) 234-8428

Recent Reviews


This produce paradise has fruits and vegetables from around the world at real world prices. Fruit giant jackfruit to dragon fruit and every kind in between, you won't find this amount of choices anywhere else in this area.

Cynthia Thomas

This place is great! Superb produce, a variety of hard to find items and outstanding customer service... Worth the trip!

Nick Hassoun

Unbelievable selection. Great prices. Heaven on earth for people who love the kitchen.

steve dee

Great place to find what you need. Nice & cold in the back.

Alexandra Charabieh

Bulk goods store that sells quite a variety of international items--and produce and meat too (again a good international variety too.. Things you can't always find in supermarkets like Chinese eggplant bok choy etc). Prices are good too!

Kimmie Ohh

Great prices for produce!

Sharlene Baksh

Love, love this place. Fresh veggies, lots of spices from different countries. All the employees are always so nice. Been going here for years.

Gayle Taylor

This farmer's market is a good place to get organic veggies, cheese, and chocolates. I really like to stroll around here because everything is fresh and affordable. Also, the people here are very polite and cordial, and I liked it very much. Indeed, a nice place to get healthy food! Thank you so much!

Douglas Stimac

This is a large grocery/restaurant warehouse that sells small quantities to the independent family shopper... its clean, the staff are friendly, the foods are fresh...what's not to love. Also, everyone's engaged in social distancing and masks are required. They have a spray the station at the front this store near the carts. They open early early And avoid the virus.

yan lin

Lots of tropical fruit selections at wholesale prices! Always answers phones to notify of what exotic fruits are in stock.

Christa Washington

Love shopping here. Great prices on produce. Beats the"big box stores" most of the time. Has some hard to find items like jackfruit in brine. Parking lot can get a little crazy on the weekend. It's best to go early in the morning before 11:00.

Jesse Milam

awesome place, alot of great stuff

Thomas Censullo

Excellent produce and meat department!! Very fair to excellent prices. Great variety of. spices and. other great foods!!

Victoria Burlarley

Sanwa has always been a fantastic experience. I've been a customer for about 6 years or more. They have diverse produce and the option to buy individual or by the case. As with anywhere sometimes a product is spoiled, just check first before you buy. Also bring a jacket because it is coooooold!?

Thi An

Best produce in town! Everything is reasonably priced and good quality and quantity! Love this place!

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