Simply Phở

13149 N Dale Mabry Hwy F, Tampa
(813) 960-5678

Recent Reviews

Jackie Fess

I got the appetizer sampler and pho soup delivered to the house twice. Both times both items came hot & fresh! They pkg the broth seperate so you can assemble it at home. Great takeout/delivery!

Diana M.

Best pho in town. I order the filet mignon pho every time and I have never been disappointed. The broth here is unlike any other pho place. I would highly recommend!

Niccole O.

Simply Pho usually has great customer service and my family knows them for their delicious soup. I called to place an order for CHICKEN PHO / Ph Gà which is a delicious chicken soup made with fresh ingredients. The first person who answered the call told me she didn't understand what I was asking and put me on hold. Another representative from the establishment took the call and told me they only serve meatball soup. After disconnecting the call I was quite bewildered. I decided to call back again because I had sick family members who needed a good chicken soup. I spoke with the same woman who answered the call the first time. I asked for Chicken Pho again and I was told- "This is a Vietnamese restaurant. We don't serve that here." I finally pulled up the menu on line and stated the item is still on their menu and very misleading. The representative finally understood what I was requesting and I was able to pick up the food in 15 minutes. I still gave them a 4 star rating because their food is delicious. However, they need staff that knows their menu and can assist with to go orders.

Bennett L.

I frequent this restaurant around once a week. I love the pho, beef broth without meat is what I get. I've also had the vermicelli, spring rolls, crab ragoon & dumplings. Everything is always good & the service is also great. It is a classy, comfortable environment. I highly recommend a visit to Simply Pho!

Thang Nguyen

This is one of the tasty authentic vietnamese restaurants in Tampa ! The place is clean and classy with many colorful lights . The staffs are fantastic. Love ❤️

Brittany T.

Hands down the best Pho I've had, so much flavor. The spring rolls are good too. Love this place!

Gianni B.

Simply poo that's what he'll do It's not like honey but you'll spend less money In the end it will come out Have no fear if the poo has clout

Karen K.

Looking for something light for dinner. I stopped by Simply Pho & Grill for some Pho. I was so disappointed in the steamed dumplings. The description stated they were made with pork. I am not sure when they were steamed but it was not-- when I placed the order. The dumplings came out lukewarm. Basically, bland-- The pho in its own right was tasty but, lacked that deep rich broth taste. Noodles, beef rare that cooked in the broth, onions. I added basil, bean sprouts and a spritz of lime added the flavor. Classical music played in the background. The servers were attentive and rounded to make sure everyone was taken care of.

Brian Powell

The one star is for the egg rolls and crab meat Rangoons from Winn Dixie which was the only thing with flavor. Huge amount of flavorless food with the chicken pho. Smells like chlorophyll while I'm trying to eat with no taste on my tongue. Tell me I'm wrong. $48 and I'm hungry. I need a sandwich.


This place is soooo clean and fresh. The food is flavorful and delicious. Nice, intimate atmosphere.

Cremi Patel

terrible service and took over 30 mins to get the food to the table! will definitely not be coming back here

Thalia G.

Pretty good. This it definitely one of my favorite pho spots in Tampa. I have gone out of my way to drive further to this location than going to one closer to home. The pho is just better and I always order a side of grilled chicken or meat.

Emily Mae

I've eaten here about 5 times total and it's been consistently good every time. The food is great and comes out quickly and the service is perfect. Not to mention you get so much good food for the low prices. I just had a boba smoothie from here for the first time and it's delicious. This place is a favorite with me and my boyfriend.

Natalie A.

My little guy likes coming here to feel fancy and eat his pho. The food is really good here and the service is fast and friendly. I would recommend this establishment.

Jasmine Luther

This place is soooo clean and fresh. The food is flavorful and delicious. Nice, intimate atmosphere.

Gee Nee

If you are ordering for delivery, expect to receive raw meat in a container with your noodles and vegetables, even if the item description on the menu does not indicate such. There is no way that the broth delivered was at an appropriate temperature to cook the meat, and so this meal went into the trash, unfortunately, with $$ wasted. I called the restaurant and spoke with a manager, who did not seem to think this was an issue.

Andrew D.

Self Proclaimed Vietnamese junkie and 1st time visitor. Didn't go for the Pho yet but went Vermicelli and Pho Egg Rolls. Grilled pork and Vermicelli was solid but wife's dish with Chicken was way overcooked. Pho Egg Rolls were crispy crunchy fish sauce goodness which means that I must come again. If the Egg Roll isn't good, tell tale sign that the rest of the menu won't pan out. Ready for my 70 ounce portion of Pho on the next trip. B experience but hopeful as there really aren't enough choices in Tampa. Yes, finished off with Vietnamese Ice Coffee, delish.

Jeanelly T.

Best pho I've had. This is a great place to go for a big portion on a small dime. The regular sized pho is more than enough to satisfy your hunger and I had some left over. I got the Round Eye Steak pho with a side of white rice and the Red Velvet boba. The steak in the pho was very tasty and not too tough, the broth is tasty as well if you add the extra veggies + lime they give you and would be perfect if you add some Saracha in there for a kick. I'm not a fan of boba but I figured I'd give this place a shot. The Red Velvet Boba is pleasant, milky and sweet I don't know why it was called red velvet tho I couldn't pin point a distinct flavor, but for someone who doesn't like boba I think it's impressive I'd get it again. The waitress was attentive and the atmosphere is a perfect medium to feel comfortable going alone or with company.

RichFishing - Bobby Richardson

Best Pho in town! I eat here once a week. They know my face and my order by heart now! Haha please visit this place!

Jana Sebestyen

This is the best Pho in town!!!! wish there were more locations, but worth the 20 minute drive from Land O Lakes!

Brigitte L.

We love Pho and didn't know this place was so near until driving down Fletcher Ave and noticed it. They are located in the Whole Foods and Bed Bath & Beyond shopping plaza. We decided to give it a try. Went in and there was really no clear direction if we waited for seating or what and the place was packed. So we stood there for probably 5 minutes before someone came over to ask if we were dining in and showed us to a table, but the restaurant is relatively small as well. In walking to the table we noticed that some of the tables had plates that needed to be cleared, so when we sat we did comment that it'd probably be slow service. Once seated, we looked over the menu and knew what we wanted, however it probably took a good 15 minutes before a server even came over to our table to take our drink orders. When he did come to take our drink orders, we just said we were ready to order as well in order to get this done so we could actually eat. The food was out relatively fast, quicker than our wait for the server to take our order LOL. With sitting there waiting initially, it appeared as though this was typical service as you had several parties seated either done dining and probably waiting for their checks or just sat and were waiting for service. I ordered the wonton soup with egg noodles and my hubs ordered the Pho special. We ordered the steamed dumplings as an appetizer as well but they actually came out RIGHT before the soups came out. The steamed dumplings were yummy but I preferred them w/the sauce that accompanied them. The flavor of my wonton soup was great and the wontons were big -- other Pho places I've been served smaller wontons in the wonton soup. Loved the egg noodles as well, they were cooked and soft. What I didn't like was the pork strips in the soup so next time I'll make sure to tell them no pork strips. The flavor of my hubs pho soup was very good as well. Definitely a place we'll be back to since so close to home. But a place that we'll come when we know we're not in a hurry and can spend time dining since it appears that the service is slow.

Hengxi F.

I came in once, the waiter take me into a seat but didn't care about me then, they don't even give me a cup of water, and then I just leave

David L.

So we found a Pho restaurant that's close to us! The location isna bit obscure and wouldn't have known about it without others telling us where it was since we dont drive down this road often. The restaurant is relatively small and has a nice hole in the wall feel to it. So I'll start off with what I didn't like, which is why they only got 4 stars. We walk in and there is a cashier counter in front. To the right there looks to be a station with menus. We assume we have to wait to be seated, which after 5 minutes of no greeting s from anyone was the case. We were seated, but it took another 15 minutes for a server to come take a drink order. At least we had time to figure out what we wanted. The good...the food of course! We got an order of steamed dumplings, a Pho special, and a wonton soup. The dumplings were good, and the sauce gave them some good complementary flavor. The Pho special was very good. The beef broth combined with the tripe, tendons, sliced beef and meatballs was outstanding. I just added some sriracha and I was content. My wife had the wonton soup, which was also very good. I wasnt sure what broth they used but it wasnt beef broth, but it was much better than others that we've had. The noodles in both were also a little softer than al dente, which is how we like it. Other places, the noodles tend to have a slight crunch to them (undercooked), but not here. When we were done the server packed our leftovers for us. Keep in mind many of their dishes have a regular and XL serving size. Regular was enough for us! We then promptly cashed out and were good to go. So at the end of the day, will we be back? As long as we as re not pressed for time, most definitely! If you have a party larger than six, be aware seating could be a problem. This place is definitely organized for 4 or less...good date night restaurrant!

Elaine Hines

One of my favorite locations for delicious vietnamese food. Food was so tasty. The bill was well within reason for the quality. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I liked.

L Z.

Tucked away in a Carrollwood shopping center. Had steady traffic in and out for lunch. Food was delicious-I had spring rolls with peanut sauce...very fresh tasting. I also had chicken pho with accompanying veggies...also very fresh tasting and good flavor. Reasonably priced for the amount of food you get. Would've given higher rating if not for the service...wasn't checked on, until I asked for the bill and not a place you want to eat if you're in a rush. You get your good quickly, and then wait after that for anything more.

Christine Wanat

Came to Simply Pho as reviews showed best pho in Tampa. I was delighted with fresh spring rolls, fillet mignon pho & lechee and green tea ice cream! One thing...attention to bathrooms please. Will be back for sure!!!

Dawn Amparo Gonsalves

The food was really good and the staff were very friendly.


Good food, courteous and friendly staff. Good prices too.

Hasan Q

Excellent Vietnamese food in stamps! Go for the cubbed Beef, it’s delicious.


I brought my kids to try some new things. My son ordered the salmon with rice. We ate our food no problem except my son. The salmon was very dry and wasnt good. No one came to our table until it was time to give us our check. I told the waitress the salmon was very dry that he couldnt eat it. She starred at me then rolled her eyes then walked away. She sent someone else to give us our bill. I will never be back there again.

Paige Reiring

Excellent food! Thai tea is some of the best I've had. I got the rice noodles with chicken. Place is pretty cold—bring a jacket! Very nice, sophisticated atmosphere without the stuffiness. Definitely recommend.

Christina Murphy

Authentic Vietnamese food! We moved to Tampa a bit over a year ago and have been looking for our new pho place. We've tried a half a dozen places, and they were OK, but we LOVED this place. Not only was the food excellent, but the place is ckean, has a nice atmosphere and attentive service. We will be back and would totally recommend!

Sara betz

I brought my kids to try some new things. My son ordered the salmon with rice. We ate our food no problem except my son. The salmon was very dry and wasnt good. No one came to our table until it was time to give us our check. I told the waitress the salmon was very dry that he couldnt eat it. She starred at me then rolled her eyes then walked away. She sent someone else to give us our bill. I will never be back there again.

Yukie O

Excellent & freshly made! Just delicious! I would highly recommend!

Paige R

Excellent food! Thai tea is some of the best I've had. I got the rice noodles with chicken. Place is pretty cold—bring a jacket! Very nice, sophisticated atmosphere without the stuffiness. Definitely recommend.

Christine N.

If you're looking for a pho place, this is your only spot! I came with some friends Sunday for dinner and I'm never going anywhere else. It wasn't very busy when we got there but a large group came in so they asked us to move tables. We were flexible but the restaurant was so apologetic they comped our drinks. I could tell the customer experience was a top priority. We ordered egg rolls and they were savory and crispy. For dinner I got the chicken pho and I should have tasted it before adding hoisin sauce because it was favorable and only needed a little. I messed up and used a lot but it was still tasty. Our server came around often to check on us and always came with a refill. When we finished paying my friend and I left not realizing she left her purse. Our server came out of the restaurant to let us know before we drove off. They truly went above and beyond.

Jacquelyn L.

I love everything here . There duck pho is my favorite , spicy noodle soup and now the wonton soup . Outstanding

Emily M.

Everything is good here. Vietnamese espresso with sweet milk, fresh rolls, chicken wings, vermicelli combination, pho (tendon), duck noodle soup, grilled pork bahn mi, fried cheesecake... Good service and ambiance. Simply Pho is my jam.

Torri Chandler

Best Pho in town! Love this place!

Airamiss L.

This restaurant is clean, well decorated, and in a nice plaza. I did not bother to ask any questions about gluten since pho is usually GF if you keep it simple and traditional. I got the eye of round pho which was great. The bowl was huge and the price was standard. They even gave me a to go tupperware for my unfinished pho. My husband ordered the oxtail pho. He said the broth had a LOT of flavor. He was pretty disappointed that the oxtail was tough. We were not sure if that was intentional or by accident. Either way, if you order the oxtail pho you will have to work to get the meat off the bone! The only complaint I had was that it took FOREVER for them to bring us the check. Other than that everything was great and I did not have any reactions to the pho. Also, the pho took the appropriate amount of time to come out to us.