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#Khai Vị (appetizers) | #Gỏi (vietnamese Salads) | #Cơm Chiên (fried Rice) | #Mì Hoặc Hủ Tiếu Xào (stir-fried Noodles) | #Phở (signature Noodle Soup) | #Hủ Tiếu Or Mì (traditional Noodle Soup) | #Bún /bánh Hỏi (vermicelli Or Angel Hair) | #Cơm Tấm (rice Platters) | #Món Đặc Biệt (chef’s Specials) | #Extra Side Orders | #Kid’s Menu | #Desserts | #Giải Khát (drinks)

Khai Vị (appetizers)

A1. Khai Vị ĐặC Biệt (Appetizer Sampler)$12.95
(2) spring rolls, (2) simply phở egg rolls, (2) shrimp sausage wrap, and (4) shrimp wrap.
A2. Chả Giò (Simply Phở Egg Rolls) (2)$3.75
A combination of seasoned lean ground pork, Taro, scallions, onions, carrots, and clear rice vermicelli wrapped in a wonton wrap then deep fried to golden perfection. Served with our house special fish sauce.
A3. Gỏi Cuốn (Spring Rolls) (2)$3.75
Rice paper freshly wrapped around rice vermicelli, iceberg lettuce, bean sprouts, Julienne pork slices, basil, and shrimp. Served chilled with house special peanut sauce topped with crushed peanuts.
A4. Bì Cuốn (Pork Skin Rolls) (2)$3.95
Rice paper freshly wrapped around rice vermicelli, pork skin, bean sprouts, basil, and iceberg lettuce served with house special fish sauce.
A5. Nem Nướng Cuốn (Pork Sausage Rolls) (2)$4.95
Rice paper freshly wrapped around charbroiled pork sausage, bean sprouts, iceberg lettuce, basil, and vermicelli. Served with house special fish sauce.
A6. Gỏi Cuốn Chay (Vegetarian Spring Rolls) (2)$3.75
Rice paper freshly wrapped around Tofu, iceberg lettuce, basil, beansprouts and vermicelli served with house special peanut sauce.
A7. Fried or Steamed Dumpling (5)$4.25
An irresistible dumplings filled with ground pork and vegetables served with special dumpling sauce.
A8. Crab Rangoon (5)$4.95
Combination of cream cheese, chopped carrots, chopped onions, scallions, and real crab meats.
A9. Edamame$4.25
A10. ĐậU Hủ Chiên (Fried Tofu) (8 Pieces)$4.95
Served with sweet and sour chili sauce.
A11. Cánh Gà Chiên (Chicken Wings) (6)$5.95
Chicken wings in teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce.
A12. Tôm Cuốn Chiên Dòn (Shrimp Wrap) (6)$6.95
Seasoned shrimp wrapped in wonton rice paper and fried to golden perfection. Served with sweet and sour sauce.
A13. Chim Cút Chiên Bơ (Roasted Quails) (4 Pieces)$7.5
A14. Tàu Hủ Ky (Shrimp Sausage Wrap In Bean Curd) (2)$6.95
Seasoned ground pork, shrimp, and calamari wrapped in bean curd sheets and deep fried to golden perfection. Served with house special fish sauce.
A15. Beef Short Ribs$11.95

Gỏi (vietnamese Salads)

S1. Bò Tái Chanh (Seasoned Eye Round Beef) (Rare) with Lime Juice$9.95
Served with shrimp crackers.
S2. Gỏi Ngó Sen Tôm Thịt (Lotus Root Salad)$9.95
A combination of lotus root, shrimp, pork, carrots, onions, and cilantro topped with crushed peanut in house fish sauce. Served with shrimp crackers.
S3. Gỏi Tôm Gà (House Salad)$9.95
A combination of shrimp, chicken, shredded carrots, cabbage, crushed peanuts, and onions in house fish sauce. Served with shrimp crackers.

Cơm Chiên (fried Rice)

Fried rice with eggs, bean sprouts, carrots, onions, and peas.
F1. Cơm Chiên Thập Cẩm (House Special Fried Rice)$12.5
Combination of shrimp, chicken, pork, and Chinese sausage.
F2. Cơm Chiên Hải Sản (Seafood Fried Rice)$12.5
Combination of shrimp, calamari, imitation crab meat and fish paste balls.
F3. Cơm Chiên Rau Cải (Vegetables Fried Rice)$9.5
F4. Beef, Pork, or Chicken Fried Rice$9.5
F5. Cơm Chiên Tôm Hoặc Mực (Shrimp or Calamari Fried Rice)$10.5

Mì Hoặc Hủ Tiếu Xào (stir-fried Noodles)

Stir fried egg or rice noodle with mix vegetable include bok choy, napa cabbage, bell pepper, snow peas, onions, mushroom, baby corn, carrot and broccoli.
X1. Thập Cẩm (Stir-Fried Combination)$12.95
Served with shrimp, chicken, and beef.
X2. Hải Sản (Seafood)$12.95
Served with shrimp, calamari, imitation crab meat, and fish paste balls.
X3. Tôm (Shrimp)$11.95
X4. Mực (Calamari)$11.95
X5. Gà (Chicken)$9.95
X6. Bò (Beef)$9.95
X7. Heo (Pork)$9.95
X8. Rau Cải (Vegetable)$9.95
X9. Seafood Deluxe$17.95
Served with shrimp, mussel, calamari, and scallop.

Phở (signature Noodle Soup)

‘Phở’ is a signature Vietnamese noodle soup originated from northern vietnam. It is a rich and fresh beef broth that has been simmered for a numerous amount of hours; infused with our famous combination of spices and herbs. Each bowl of phở consists of broth, thin linguine -shaped rice noodles, and garnished with yellow onions, scallions, cilantro; served with a side of basil, bean sprouts, lime wedge, and jalapeno peppers.
P1. Kobe Beef Phở$37.95
P2. Filet Mignon Phở$12.45
P3. ĐặC Biệt (Phở Special)$10.45
A hearty combination of eye-round steak, well-done flank, tripe, beef meatballs, well-done brisket, and soft tendon.
P4. Phở Hải Vị (Seafood)$11.45
Combination of shrimp, calamari, imi. Crab meat, and fish paste balls.
P5. Phở Tôm (Shrimp)$10.45
P6. Phở Tái (Eye Round Steak)$9.45
P7. Phở Gà (Chicken)$9.45
P8. Phở Rau Cải (Vegetable)$9.45
Vegetable broth available upon request.
P9. Phở Như Ý (Your Creation)$9.45
Pick up to three toppings: eye round steak, well-done brisket, well-done flank, soft tendon, tripe, or beef meatballs.
P10. Phở Tái Lăn$9.95
Tenderized steak with the classic stir-fried ginger and scallions.
P11. Phở ĐUôi Bò (Oxtail Phở )$13.45

Hủ Tiếu Or Mì (traditional Noodle Soup)

‘Hủ tiếu’ and ‘mì ’ is the most popular soup in the southern region of vietnam. It consists of your choice of rice or egg noodles in a rich pork, chicken, dried shrimp, and dried calamari broth. Each bowl consists of fried shallots, yellow onions, scallions, cilantro and green lettuce leaf; served with a side of basil, bean sprouts, lime wedge, and jalapeno peppers.
H1. Thập Cẩm (Southern Vietnam Combination)$9.95
Served with shrimp, pork, and calamari.
H2. Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang (Phnom Penh Style)$10.45
Served with shrimp, pork, quail egg, and fried wonton.
H3. Hải Sản (Seafood)$10.45
Served with shrimp, calamari, imi. Crab meat, and fish paste balls.
H4. Tôm (Shrimp)$9.95
H5. Hoành Thánh (Wonton)$9.5
H6. Bò Viên (Beef Meat Balls)$9.45
H7. Heo (Pork)$8.95

Bún /bánh Hỏi (vermicelli Or Angel Hair)

Soft vermicelli noodles or Vietnamese angel hair noodles topped with our mouth watering marinated grilled meats served with lettuce, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, green onions, crushed peanuts and accompanied by house special fish sauce.
B1. Vermicelli Combination$13.5
Combination of simply phở egg roll, grilled pork, grilled shrimp, pork sausage, and shrimp sausage wrap.
B2. Thịt Nướng (Grilled Pork)$8.95
B3. Gà Nướng (Grilled Chicken)$8.95
B4. Bò Nướng (Grilled Beef)$8.95
B5. Tôm Nướng (Grilled Shrimp)$9.95
B6. Bún Bò Xào (Sautéed Beef and Onions)$9.95
B7. Your Creation$12.5
Choose up to three items: grilled pork, grilled chicken, grilled beef, grilled shrimp, charbroiled pork sausage, or simply phở egg roll.
B8. Sautéed Tofu$9.95

Cơm Tấm (rice Platters)

Broken jasmine rice dishes served with lettuce, radish cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and our house special fish sauce.
C1. Special Rice Platter$11.5
Combination of shredded pork skin (bì), Vietnamese egg meatloaf (chả), and fried egg.
C2. Thịt Nướng (Grilled Pork)$8.95
C3. Sườn Nướng (2) (Grilled Pork Chops)$9.5
C4. Gà Nướng (Grilled Chicken)$8.95
C5. Bò Nướng (Grilled Beef)$8.95
C6. Tàu Hủ Ky (Shrimp Sausage Wrap)$9.95
C7. Tôm Nướng (Grilled Shrimp)$9.95
C8. Sườn Bò Nướng (Beef Short Ribs)$11.95
C9. Pork Wings (Pork Shank)$11.95

Món Đặc Biệt (chef’s Specials)

SP1. Bún Bò Huế (Spicy Noodle Soup)$10.45
Served with rice noodle, beef, pork, and side of herbs.
SP2. Bò Kho (Beef Stew)$9.95
Served with egg noodles, or rice noodles.
SP3. Bò Lúc Lắc (Shaking Beef Steak)$14.95
Served with onions, scallions, bell pepper, lettuce and white rice.
SP4. Mực Rang Muối (Fried Salted Calamari)$12.95
SP5. Mì Vịt Tiềm (Braised Duck with Egg Noodles Soup)$12.45
SP6. Grilled Salmon or Mahi Mahi$14.95
Topped with teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce, lemongrass sauce, or plum sauce. Served with steam broccoli, onions, carrots, and white rice.
SP7. Xào Xả ỚT (Stir Fry Lemongrass, Chili, Bell Pepper and Onion)$9.95
Served with steam rice.
SP8. Stir Fry with Mix Vegetable with House Sauce$9.95
Served with steam rice.

Extra Side Orders

Chicken, pork, beef, or meatball.
Filet Mignon$5
Any Type Of Seafood$4.5
Any Type Of Vegetables$3
Fried Rice$3
With eggs, carrots, peas, onions.
White Rice$1
Rice Noodles or Egg Noodles$1
Small Meatball Soup$4
Small Wonton Soup$4.5

Kid’s Menu

10 years old and under.
K1. Phở$5.5
Chicken, sliced steak, or beef meatballs.
K2. Vermicelli$5.5
Grilled beef, grilled chicken, or grilled pork.
K3. Fried Rice or White Rice$5.5
Beef, chicken, or pork.


Mango Ice Cream on Sweet Sticky Rice$6.95
Served with fresh sliced mangos, coconut flakes, coconut cream, and peanuts.
Fried Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream$6.95
Vietnamese Banana Cake$5.95
Banana covered by sweet sticky rice. Served with coconut milk and peanuts.
Ice Cream (2 Scoops)$3.95
Green tea, vanilla, ginger, lychee or mango.

Giải Khát (drinks)

Cà Phê ĐEn/ đen Đá (Vietnamese Espresso)$3.5
Served hot or iced.
Cà Phê Sữa/Sữa Đá (Vietnamese Espresso with Condensed Milk)$3.95
Served hot or iced.
Nước Dừa Tươi (Coconut Juice)$3.25
Soda Xí Muội (Salty Plum Soda)$3.25
Ðá Chanh (Fresh Squeezed Limeade)$2.75
Sữa ÐậU Nành (Soy Bean Milk)$2.5
Nước Rau Má (Pennywort Juice)$2.5
Nước Trái Vải (Lychee Drink)$3
Nước Ngọt (Soft Drink)$2.5
Coke, Diet Coke, root beer, Fanta, Sprite.
Trà Cúc (Chrysanthemum Iced Tea)$2.5
Trà Thái (Thai Tea)$2.75
Trà Ðá (Ice Tea)$1.5
Trà Nóng (Hot Jasmine Tea, Oolong Tea, or Green Tea)$1.5
Trà Trân Châu (Boba Smoothie)$4.5
Taro (khoai môn), strawberry (dâu), jackfruit (mít), coconut, watermelon, green tea, red velvet, honey dew (dưa gang), avocado (bơ), durian (sầu riêng), green tea, papaya, red bean, white chocolate, mango, mocha blast, green apple.