13998 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
(813) 814-1332

Recent Reviews

Dan De Marco

Good place but c'mon Starbucks you keep discontinuing things I liked, get with the program!

samantha lee

Staff is always so nice here, its always clean, and coffee always comes out consistent. I've been to other Starbucks places where the coffee just has a burnt aftertaste. I definitely recommend this store.

Missy Ballentine

Excellent service and we go there several times a week. Love the staff and no long wait times

Jill Gladnick

Strawberry refresher was a bit sweet for my taste, but I like the real strawberries.

Kim Christine

best starbucks i’ve been to. they are always super friendly and helpful.

Taylor Kunkle

This Starbucks is one of three on my way to work and it's the only one I will acknowledge. The staff are beyond friendly and helpful. The drinks always taste amazing and come out pretty quickly. Even during holiday craziness/despite some nasty customers I've witnessed, this location always, always goes above and beyond.

Janet Nash

We stopped in here for a quick breakfast before our carriage tour. The food was hot and delicious. Everything tasted very fresh. The staff was kind and attentive. Although we were here for breakfast, the lunch menu looked wonderful. We would come here again.

Ashley Laroche

Every morning I start my day at Starbucks. I would say I'm a regular at this point due to them being able to know who it is after I say my order. All of the staff are incredibly friendly, kind, and overall awesome genuine people. Today in particular I accidentally dropped my full drink as I was getting out of my car. A crisis indeed. So, I called them up and I told Oscar what happened and per usual he went above and beyond for me and made me a new one to come back and pick up. Not only that but gave me wet wipes and a towel to clean my car up and a 4$ gift card. He didn't have to do any of this but this situation right here is the exact reminder of why I will always come back every morning. Truly grateful for my local Starbucks! Always guaranteed a warm/fun welcome and a perfected drink everyday!

Desiree Manley

Friendly and personable.....even handled my specialcoffe request perfetly?

Ulz Koca

Oscar is the best! Very helpful and great at what he does!!


I usually go drive through. It's hit or miss with who you get at the order window and how pleasant or unpleasant they are. BUT, let me just tell you that THIS IS THE ONLY STARBUCKS IN TAMPA that actually makes the perfect coffee! I order the same coffee everywhere and this place is on the mark every time with the exact right temperature and taste. They should train the other locations!

Andrew Witherell

Phone number doesn't go through to store. You cannot order online. You cannot order ahead. They do not seem to care or think outside the box.

David Peguero

This Starbucks is great and this review is unbiased.

Kimberly Mejias

Siena is such an amazing person! Best starbucks in the area

Saundra Hybert

As a store manager from another state, my bar is set very high. I stopped into this location on a whim to get some state specific retail. Sandra was the epitome of a Starbucks barista. Friendly, personable, went above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience all before knowing I was also a partner. It caused me to visit a few more times, and the experience was pretty much the same with all of the partners I encountered. Great job. Keep up the great work.

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