13998 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
(813) 814-1332

Recent Reviews

Andrew Witherell

Phone number doesn't go through to store. You cannot order online. You cannot order ahead. They do not seem to care or think outside the box.

David Peguero

This Starbucks is great and this review is unbiased.

Kimberly Mejias

Siena is such an amazing person! Best starbucks in the area

Saundra Hybert

As a store manager from another state, my bar is set very high. I stopped into this location on a whim to get some state specific retail. Sandra was the epitome of a Starbucks barista. Friendly, personable, went above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience all before knowing I was also a partner. It caused me to visit a few more times, and the experience was pretty much the same with all of the partners I encountered. Great job. Keep up the great work.


Everything was great except for the long wait. Other than that, I would definitely go again

Antonio Cortes

Not the service we expected.

WiiGuide Fan

When they first opened, my order was always correct. Now, they seem to always mess up coffee. Definitely disappointed.

Joy X.

I think hard before giving any business less than 4 stars during Covid-19 even chains. I certainly do not like to complain during these tough times. Again, I don't want to give any less than 4 stars unless the food/drink isn't good and it's pricey. I was so happy I can still get my veins pumped with coffee. I fell in love with a Caramel Macchiato that included .5 pump Caramel & light ice. The Caramel syrup is a nice touch in my opinion. The drink also includes vanilla syrup, too. When I went through the driveway, the person taking my order was patient as I deliberated between a coffee or a venti tea. I went with coffee because I needed the caffeine boost. When I went to pay, it was a seamless process. I use the app. To rack up points to redeem for the future. They also give away a FREE drink during your Bday, so I redeemed mine today. A couple days ago, a patron paid for my drink at a different Starbs location, so THANK YOU! The Barista was wearing a mask to protect herself and others at this time - very commendable! If you dine inside, stay 6 ft. apart. Thank you so much, Starbs, for always being there for me during these really, really hard times. I looove you! XOXO, Joy X.

Curtis Matthews

This is the biggest Starbucks I have ever been too. Now I know it is set up with a lot of outlets and places to work from I shall be going to this location to do some work and enjoy their coffee.

Nikole Davis

Slow service. Tasty drinks. Worth the wait.


The coffee was a little weak I spelled it out and got a refill. it was about the same. Usually the coffee is good. It was very weak today.


Very prompt service! Great team.

Dana Barrow

Met up with some great friends, had some great coffee, and had a great time. Its hard to have a conversation in there though because it echos so much.

Kaylee H.

I ordered a cold brew w/ salted cold cream and instead received my cold brew with sweet cream. This has happened once before and chalked it up as just a mistake, but this is the second time! I suggest you always check your drink for accuracy before you leave the drive thru.


I like this Starbucks I must admit I am not a Starbucks regular but I prefer this one for the room inside spacious

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