Taco Bell

1605 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
(813) 253-3970

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Rafiel & Carli Aharoni Zeller

Worst Taco Bell ever. Close early EVERY NIGHT. They say they’re out of certain foods when it’s like 30 minutes to closing because they already put everything away and don’t want to use it so they can leave. Get your store under control and better managers and employees who actually do their jobs. DISGRACE

Ginny Good

Tomika at the drive thru was awesome. They took the Meximelt off the menu, but she made it for me anyway. Great customer service....

Adam Mollinedo

They truly suck at everything they do in life.

James S.

Great service, just poor cooks and food line workers, burritos are rolled like cigars with little to nothing on them. Tacos and everything else is a fair amount of food. Just watch what you order, gets two stars because they are a rip off.....


5 dollar box great deal eveything hot and fresh

Katina Tucker

Very friendly service and was fast getting my food. The food was great

A Cupofteaplease

It’s good. Some of the customer service is great and sometimes it can be not a great experience. Overall the food is good

kaselyn scortz

Taco Bell, how I love you so. Taco Bell is hands down the best fast food restaurant in the industry and I will never stop eating there. The food is scrumptious, the employees aren't the brightest, but they get the job done. The variety is also fantastic. Running late? Stop by the drive-thru for a snack. Got time to sit? Go inside!! You won't regret it. Overall great and inexpensive place to eat, extremely family friendly, and above average service.

Brad C

Many things went wrong in one visit at 10 pm on Friday March 20th. Extremely rude employees treating me and the customers behind me In line very wrong.. I asked for no cheese on 3 of my tacos 3 separate times while ordering and when I got my receipt at the window , I noticed that it didn’t say no cheese. I then mentioned to the employee working the window that I had asked for no cheese and she replies “ well he’s already done making them “ I just blankly stare at her and then the woman standing next to her says to me with a very rude tone “ you shoulda been said that “ meaning I should’ve mentioned no cheese at the ordering speaker.... I then told them “ I did say it , 3 times “ and they both just rolled their eyes at me. HERE’S THE BEST PART!!! I get home and one of the tacos I asked for them to remake.. has an ice cube in it. My girlfriend bit into it and immediately threw her taco on the table. If this was an elderly woman or man , this could’ve broken their tooth. I want a refund because I paid $33 for terrible customer service and an ice cube of revenge in my tacos.


The only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because the service was very fast. However, with great speed come great mistakes. I received my food through the Drive Thru and my food was cold, and my order was incorrect. When I took my food back and explained the problem, instead of checking my food, I was told that my order was not in fact incorrect. I showed them my food which then the lady saw I wasn’t lying and got me a new order. However, that one was still incorrect but I just took it b|c I don’t think anyone really cared. There were also two foreign items in my nachos. Kinda looked like fries that were stuck at the bottom of a greasy fryer for three years. Completely ruined my appetite. Won’t be coming back here.

chris tucker

I wish an undercover management/ owner will come place an drive thru order past 5pm and listen to how rude the workers are. No your welcome, no thank you. “What do you want” “are you done?” It’s like they are mad you are even here placing an order. Surrounded with negative energy in the place. IF YOU DONT LIKE YOUR JOB THEN QUIT!

Casey Vas

What genius here thought that 10:15pm on a Friday night was the best time to "update the systems". Not the first time this has happened. Piece if advice, probably should do that at 11:45pm on Sunday

Desiree D.

If it was possible to give no stars I would. I am sitting in the parking lot waiting for my friend who has been waiting for 1 bean burrito for over twenty minutes now. I thought this was called FAST food for a reason. I went inside with her but could not stay in there any longer. We waited in there 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged our presence. While waiting for someone to take our order, I watched a worker and another man hug and kiss on each other and play around fight in the back(I say man because I'm not even sure if this man worked there as he was not in uniform and walked out the door with me but was in the back kitchen with her previously). This is a KFC/TB location and I advise against going here because as I'm writing this it has now been a little under half hour since her order was placed and I am still sitting in the car waiting for her.

John Joesph

Very good customer service , had good manager name ryan took care me and my family order quick and fast. The staff handle the orders fast and treated customer with good hospitality and good customer service. Was greeted with respect.

Chris Davis

Looks like someone munched off some of my quesadilla that's how I got it thru the drive thru

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