Taco Bell

5318 E Fowler Ave, Tampa
(813) 988-8061

Recent Reviews

Andrea Goodman

Taco Bell bell life this was the best experience... Yes Fast Foodie

Debbie C

It wasn't my favorite...and they say this is the best Mexican food are the Crazy

Joe Beam

This location has an extremely nice staff, specifically the lady that works the drive-thru at lunch time. Service is always fast and food is always good. Great location.

christina wall

The best food when you have been drinking and don't care what you put in your body. For some reason it is pretty tasty. Especially those cinnabon things.

Divinus Gameplay

Good food when getting over a rough night, but something is always broke or missing. Just needs to be stocked properly.

Alexandra Plante

I pulled up around 12 and the line was INSANE. I thought I would be there forever but I was completely wrong. The staff was so quick, efficient, and friendly. My order was hot and I?m still amazed by how friendly everyone was despite it being swamped.

Tina Ceresoli

It's Taco Bell. But my daughter loves it. Fast service. Cheap food.

cole pfeiffer

I would normally give Taco Bell a ton of stars because I think their staff is really good. However, my issue is with Taco Bell corporate. Taking away the grilled stuffed burrito and the original gordita was the absolute wrong decision. It has kept me from going back to Taco Bell even more often. Taco Bell corporate has a habit of taking away great menu items IE the Choco Taco and this is just another one or two in a long line of bad decisions then I wish they would take back.

Joey O.

As a student of USF, an Army ROTC cadet, and a long-time patron of Taco Bell, I can say that this taco bell location will give you everything you're looking for in a Doritos Locos shell. The location of this Taco Bell is nestled just between campus and the joint training area where us cadets congregate and train in our warrior tasks and drills. On several occasions, I have looked to this Taco Bell for sustenance and morale in ways in which no MRE could ever provide. In fact, I don't even think about the times that I'm holding in my bowels in the prone position while conducting a reconnaissance, only the sweet flavor of cinnamon twists still on my tongue. Sometimes, after a long and arduous lab, I'll even stop back in Taco Bell, covered in sweat and dirt, with my face caked with camouflage paint, just to wash down my victories with the tropical flavors of Mountain Dew Baja Blast. All in all, if you're a student, cadet, veteran, or just any Taco Bell fanboy looking to get their quesarito fix, this Taco Bell will service all of your needs.

Thomas Censullo

Fast service.. fresh food.. good value!

eXile Gaming

Great customer service. They handled my custom order perfectly. Good food. Clean store.

Shannon Murray

I know it is a fast food restaurant, but I have to review it because almost Everytime I come to this location the crew members are rude, disrespectful, and very unpleasant to interact with. Multiple times I have entered the lobby and it sounds like a party is going on in the kitchen. Cursing and acting out even though children are in line or sitting within ears reach. I've spoken with multiple managers regaurding the customer service I received or the lack of...... Even with letting the managers handle and retrain there employees on professionalism, Evey visit get worse that lately I've been driving 5 miles out of way to avoid the situation.

Royce Pierce

Good deals for school pick-up on Friday. Grandkids after snack fuel Done.

Anon Blackman

Young crew working. Answered the drive thru mid conversation. Audible profanity could be heard on the drive thru speaker. Drive thru employee sounded irritated and could care less about my order. Location was unsympathetically out of Gatorade. Ordered asked for a soft taco instead of crunchy which was never acknowledge even after repeating the order three (3) times. Likely won't repeat.

Tracy F

Cleanest, friendliest, BEST Taco Bell in which I have ever eaten. Samantha was so helpful in new product info and food suggestions. Clean, well stocked and affordable. Very convenient/close to Bush Gardens, I75, and I4.

John curtis

This is one of the cleanest, nicest, friendliest taco bells I have ever been to!! Staff is friendly and welcoming, food was correct and delicious!

Hunter Cole

Didnt think I would ever review a taco bell but here we are. Honestly in all my years going to taco bell tonight was the best time ever. My food was 100% on point and had all the ingredients evenly spread throughout and was actually rolled like a burrito. The staff was extremely nice especially whoever was working window who was hyping the staff up which I am sure was the cause of the food being amazing. Great job

Andrew Canty

Not sure who posted the pictures for this location but the food is definitely not prepared like that when I go... Neither do I expect it to be. Itâ??s Taco Bell, the food isnâ??t great but it gets the job done when you need something quick and cheap. I will say the food at this location is better prepared than others but, itâ??s just what you expect it to be. The thing that makes this location standout is the customer service. Theyâ??re a lot nicer than other locations in my experience and thereâ??s less of a chance of your order being wrong (although it may still happen from time to time). Good for late night quick fixes.

andre playz

Great food excellent service... Loved it

Coach Melo

Everytime I eat here, I get nauseous or sick and the food is always rushed and not properly prepared. The chalupas and tacos are always overly stuffed with lettuce and tomatoes and theres less than a teaspoon of beef put inside. You can open your chalupas and tacos and be searching like a "needle in a haystack." That's how stingy they are with the beef. You're eating more tortilla than an actual meal.

Robin Arnett

This location in Tampa had a problem with the fryers so I couldn't order certain foods from the menu. But, I actually had more meat in my soft taco supreme then I have EVER had in the many years of visiting Taco Bell around Florida. Was very pleased.

Carol Matsko

Terrible Food! Someone needs to examine the portions! TV shows untrue portions.Very misleading. I love their Tacos but very.little Beef! where's the Beef!

Kimberly Mccaskill

These people stole my debit card the manager Jerome stole my debit card on 07/07/2019 I ordered three Supreme Hot Fire Tacos I sat in that restaurant and ate my food n activated my debit card I had just gotten had 100$ on there I mistakenly threw my debit card in the trash with my taco wrappers and everything else not even five minutes later I came back to the store and dig through the trash for my debit card I noticed it was missing when I got to the Circle K just up the street which is only about 5 minutes away I dug threw the trash can only thing was there was my napkins my drink cup and the wrappers from my tacos my receipt was missing my debit card was missing I asked the manager Jerome to run the camera back and check and see if he saw anyone over there digging in the garbage can because their cameras are set up to where you can see in that area I was just there 5 minutes ago he took 30 minutes to an hour looking at the camera I felt as if he was falling and trying to protect himself or someone in that store who stole my debit card he will coordinate some of the footage on his phone but I did not send it because on your phone you can edit stuff out if you want to demenager Jerome was not understanding that I was very upset about my debit card he was very rude to me he was shouting at me and yelling at me acting very ghetto almost as ghetto as he looked he had no reason to scream and yell at me if he's not guilty about anyting he was not professional at all and he was not calm at all you seem very suspicious very angry when I came back to the store he didn't even want to speak to me he said another manager out to speak to me I had to call the police but because I called and canceled my card in a new one will be on his way the police stated did I cancel my card I said yes she told me well you're good to go then there's nothing more to do she was rude as well I explained to her that I had kids she said your kids have nothing to do with this I said sure they do it's their money I will never eat at this Taco Bell ever again I am a very upset customer I still do not have my debit card

adri brongers

Same food as any Taco Bell. They forgot an item out of my box. Glad I didn't do drive through. Friendly service. Clean front of the house. Bathroom not so much.

Miguelio Corona

Ordered 6 spicy potato soft tacos and they all were inconsistent with the toppings. Some were drenched in chipotle sauce, some had at most two potatoes, some had one string of cheese, but they all were: cold, hard, and nasty. Never again to this location.

This & That

Funny people nice place really hot manager but the food give me the squerts

devin turner

One of the worst locations I have ever visited. It is a shame the owner of this establishment dropped so much money and hired such a poor staff.

Al Arenal

The food was great. My service was acceptable. I have to say that there is to much playing around going on behind the counter. I will visit again.

Shelley Chewning

Food fresh O.K. mexican food.Great indoor eating and fast drive through.Indoor staff fantastic.

Light Claw

It was all good except the bathroom was disgusting and the top of my burrito was burnt staff was nice, friendly, and helpful. Overall nice experience.

James J.

Ordered some food, everything was all good. The cashier was nice. But then on my way out there was a HUGE cockroach right in front of the cash register. I will never eat here again I can't believe this shit. It wasn't just a tiny little roach, it was a really big one. Fuck no.

Bobby Hutton

This place was great energetic and they made my food great I would rather come to this Taco Bell than any other

Mark Newport

Nice staff, but tables we're not very clean. Food was good.

David M

Service was excellent, typical fast food and the restaurant eating area was very clean.

Adam K.

Shout out to the night crew for coming in clutch. Best Taco Bell derive I've ever experienced in my life. Good looking out

Michael Chapman

I have a love hate relationship with Store # 029578. There staff is generally rude at the window and sometimes the kitchen staff gets the orders completely wrong, but sometimes they are the best!

Michael Chapman

I have a love hate relationship with Store # 029578. There staff is generally rude at the window and sometimes the kitchen staff gets the orders completely wrong, but sometimes they are the best!

Madeleine Moench

Only reason I give two stars is because the other little girl that works at the window is usually super nice but today I was served by the manager who charged me an extra $.50 for a nacho fries supreme because she rang it in wrong so I ended up paying 2.90 which is almost the same price as the bell grande for her screw up. She should have just refunded and charged correct amount or just given me the fries. Then she yelled that they could just use the same fries they just gave me, not like i would have had a problem with that but its just very unprofessional.


I pulled through the drive thru at exactly 3:05 on Friday and was told they were closed. I worked at a taco bell for a year and know for a fact they're open until 4am on Friday. I called 7x to verify that they were closed but nobody would answer. It's a shame your manager chose to close an hour early on they're own terms.

Jennifer Grier

Mixed reviews... Sometimes I go late at night, sometimes during the day. When I've customized my order they've always got it right, and never forget to put sauce in. I did get one order later at night that was too much stuffed into a small bag and caused my nachos to lean to one side of the container. That same night my chalupa shell was crusty and dry, and my tacos were not made well. Usually staff is very nice and makes eye contact with you and a smile, but as far as quality of food and order timeliness, I am not impressed.