Taco Bell

5318 E Fowler Ave, Tampa
(813) 988-8061

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Ricardo Rubio

I went threw the drive threw today and was more less rushed to make my order. The person on drive was rude impatient and seemed like we was a burden to her just taking our order we asked for sauce and she lied and said it was in the bag and it wasn't. I don't understand why the person on drive was in such a rush there was no one in line and the building wasn't on fire. I won't come back to that location ever again.

Douglas Stimac

It's Taco Bell, it's not the taco bus, which is special, but it's the only place for drive thru refried beans.

javier ruiz

Quick fix for hunger need. Love me some taco bell

Mikell Coleman II

Service is well food is great, just refrig your tacos or burritos because the won't taste good the next day when mic-ed or cold even. And they seem to be out of different things often or there freezy machine is often out. Which I think, at times they just don't wanna use it but that's on them. However it is an excalent place to eat and the staff is pretty nice most the time on point to. So I gave it 4 stars because it could use some improvement but it's still excalent food I promise you that.

Destiny Collins

I want to say that i go to taco bell every day sometimes twice a day for breakfast and lunch on my work days and i do not Appreciate me going out of my way to go their and wait outside and no one say nothing then be icnored at the window when the people inside saw me it clearly said that they were open. And when i called to ask questions i got hung up on twice. That was rude and im not going to taco bell ever again ! ??

Kristina Lopez

Allergic to red meat and had steak in my crunchwrap

Jade Milton

I normally love this Taco Bell, but today I was very disappointed in the quality of my food. I opened my soft taco supreme and there isn’t any meat in it. All the other tacos have so many tomatoes on them that the tortillas are soggy and the wrapper on the outside is saturated and falling apart. And, my cheese is in clumps. Great customer service but a little more care needs to be taken when preparing the food. I don’t even want to eat this.

Brooke Taylor

Honestly one of the worst experiences I’ve at with a Taco Bell. I came through last night around midnight and my order was almost completely wrong. I went through the drive through and ordered a cheesy bean and rice burrito with the beans on the side, a chipotle chicken grande burrito, a beefy frito burrito, and a chicken quesadilla. I checked my cheesy bean and rice burrito upon leaving to make sure it was correct and it wasn’t. So I went through the drive thru again and they said well fix it, so they give me the bag and I went on my way. I came home to only find out they did not do the burrito right again, AND when I opened the packaging to my supposedly chipotle chicken grande burrito it was a beef taco one. Make sure you check your order throughly before you exit the Taco Bell!

Adrienne A.

Food- no. Service- no. Drink- no If this is what Taco Bell is like in Florida, then I won't be back till I'm in another state.


They're always out of hot sauce. Last time I went they only had fire sauce.

jasmine sanford

Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had at any fast food restaurant. We came in for pickup and left empty handed because the staff and management were so rude that we just preferred to leave than argue with them. Will be calling corporate and expect a FULL refund.


Clean eating environment and quick servers. Tacos , burritos and nachos are always good.

Chantale Pierre- Louis

Anywhere there's a Taco Bell tou will see us that's my daughter's faver food if she choose to eats out! But unfortunately we don't go to the one on Nebraska and Fowler's they don't respect customers ! A lady one of manages call police for me , because they did my orders wrong and she didn't wanted to remake the food ! She called police and the police make her fixing the food! I never have a chance to call the corporate for them !

Shawnta Richards

The worst Taco bell in Tampa. I am a Taco bell connoisseur and never experienced why people say they go to the bathroom after eating Taco bell but I see now. I honestly think this Taco bell gave me food poisoning. I couldn't even go to work because I'm in so much pain. Maybe a call to the health inspector will bring me justice. One other thing, why their 5 dollar boxes are never five dollars?


The manager and staff was very sweet and very fast service. This is the only taco bell I'll go to !..they were very nice to my boys and made them so happy! Thank you all for everything

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