Taco Bell

13917 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa
(813) 818-9582

Recent Reviews

Rosemary Santos

I was pleased with service and food was hot fresh ? Good Job To management my last visit months ago was No Bueno ?

Mingo Pepa

Fast, very accurate and very clean place, the attendant was ready as soon as I came into the restaurant, food tasted fresh and napkins were in the bags, I was also given a cup of water as a courtesy

Scott Remy

Fast friendly service. No dinning room available at this time. You can walk in to order.

Ryan Benson

Friendly folks and consistent orders. A pleasure to visit compared to other local taco bells

Tracey Mal

Good as always, just very disappointed they did away with the taco salad, to me, the best item on the menu. Their prices are higher than their neighboring restaurant just up the road. Why?

Stephanie Porter

Love there nachos burritos and quesadillas

Nathan Gonzalez

Walked in on accident when lobby was closed and all the employees yelled at me and one of the employees had the audacity to ask me if I can read...if this is how this place is ran consider me never coming back

Jill Linstrom

Worst taco bell ever. I'm not from this town so this is the first time I've been to this one. LITERALLY everything was stale. The taco shells the nachos and the cinnamon twists. I think they probably just left the food out all night instead of putting it away and then having to take it all back out the next morning.. cuz it was stale as sh**. Up until this point, i didn't think there was anything that could ever make me dislike Taco Bell, but they nearly did it for me. Thanks ?

Lisa Gerstner

Supposed to be open till 1am , would not take our order at 12:30!!!

Tim S.

Awesome service tonight! Had my food in less than 4 minutes. The order was correct and they didn't forget the sauce! Thank you taco bell!! Five stats

Blitz K.

Their hours are now noon-8pm. They are constantly out of items and their employees are usually rude about it. Used to be a great place to stop for food but I would avoid it at all costs now.

Les Christianson

Supposed to have 1.00 items but paid 1.69 for a burrito,and 1.39 for there new double taco.will Never Go Again.So Bewear of Prices When U Order.They are lucky I gave them A 2 Star

Alexis J

Called four times to replace my extremely stale nachos and they never picked up.

Michael Anthony

I had ordered on mobile app. When I got to location to pick up order in drive thru, the individual at drive thru window was pleasant and repeated my order back to me. Once I got home I saw my order was completely wrong. Tried calling location to get resolved but someone kept answering and hanging up so I was unable to speak with anyone. They have messed up mine and friends orders multiple times each. They need better training and better customer service aka answer the damn phone.

Tamra Lumpkin

Lol EVERY SINGLE TIME (4 times now) I order here we ask for 2 cinnamon twists. TWO. Every single time, we only get ONE. The last time I called and you accommodated. But, can I please for once just get what I asked for?

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