Taco Bell

2016 N 50th St, Tampa
(813) 241-4108

Recent Reviews

AY Bowers

Fast service.

Don Wells

The service is fast correct and employees were polite and I got the right order

sean moore

Most of my items had a pinch of meat and extra amount of cheese. Crunchwrap was so thin.

Lucille Hoff

I love the food, but customer service needs improvement.

Jack Smith

Rude cashier, gave me the completely wrong order. Should’ve checked but was already back to work.

Lucas Rubinstein

Overall I have to say this is one of the better Taco Bells in Tampa the staff are quick and always get the order right. I have found that this is one of the few locations where you will never get an under-filled burrito or other menu item. Generally I am very happy with this location.

michell jackson

Fast service abs order correct

James Mock

They said they would add sour cream.. yet they did not I paid 30 bucks.. and my tacos did not feel full.. wont be back for some time

Jessica Connolly

Definitely one of the better taco bells, glad this ones in my area! Fast, efficient, friendly, and fresh

Kim Daniel

With the Covid19, we had to call in our order while standing at the door. We were ok with that. When we got our order,everything was correct and smelled wonderful. We ordered the Doritos beef taco. I couldn't wait to taste that wonderful gift to the world. As soon as I picked it up and pulled it out of its holder it fell apart, mit was soggy and stale tasting. And they didn't put tomato's on them. The other items were a chicken soft taco supreme. Again smelled wonderful but half was to hard the other half was to thin and crumbled apart. The chips with cheese dip,it was ok bit greasy,more chips n dip should have happened...


I go there almost everyday bc it's good and not expensive for anything rlly

Aaron Parsons

Found out how yo make my favorite food item they dont make anymore. Order a mini chicken quesadilla, substitute shredded chicken for chicken, no cheese, add sour cream, have them roll it instead of grilling it folded


Made well as always. Very quick even though it was late at night. Forgot to give me a taco was all ?

Marc Marshall

Food was fresh and order filled correctly! This is one of the few locations that I go to occasionally where each cashier has been courteous and professional! This location has also been great about filling my orders accurately and in a timely manner! I have to commend the management and staff at this location! It’s rare to visit a location at different times and still get the same experience and service! But this is great and how it should be!

Cynthia Ditto

I very upset because they didn't have any of the Chipotle cheddar, nacho, or reaper tacos. This is the 4th one that doesn't have any.

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