The Hideaway - Downtown Tampa

1120 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
(813) 284-7962

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carey macon

The food was so good. I honestly will go back to this place when we go back. I didn't have a problem with my food. My lady ordered a ginger ale and it tasted like soda water. But as a whole no one cared for our waitress. I'll explain me and my lady got there after her sister and her man. The waitress came over to take our order and had a attitude. No hello or anything. Just "are y'all ordering". So we order drinks (soda). She came back and ask3d was we ready to order. I asked how something on the menu was and she responded like I was a regular customer that has eaten there all my life. But anyway I just went with that. While myblady was ordering I see something else I more common. A stake burger. I said I would rather get this instead. She acted as if I wait to the order was put in and we was being served. She was breathing hard. I asked her was it okay with her if I changed my order as it seemed to be to much trouble for her. All she had to do was cross it out and just put what I wanted. I still left a nice tip, as I told everyone that just maybe she's having a rough day or something is going on with her. I don't know. But she was representing this business. When we do get back to Tampa, I'll make sure to play it safe and request someone different if she's working.

Laura Harrington

super appetizing. there was fast and courteous service. the bill was appropriate for the quality.


it's okay, not bad but nothing to call your friends's very hard to find street parking, garage is usually the only option


Great fight night. Hope they do it again.Fury/Wilder At the Hideaway Safety Harbor

Rich Hitchens

Pleasant staff fun event!

Christine H.

We have been here on several occasions, it is small and quaint. It shares a hallway/bathroom with the Irish bar next door and meet and greets are often hosted there. I feel the lighting could be better and the music could be quieter.


it's okay, not bad but nothing to call your friends about. it's very hard to find street parking, garage is usually the only option

Eduardo Forte

Awesome bar, great atmosphere.

Krystal Browning

visited fri evening i think. i will be bringing family next time. it has an awesome feel to it. food is like a place in baltimore i liked.

Bernadette Alers

Fun little place. Went there for a paint night activity.

Jim Hamilton

Always a good time !!!!

MD Diaz

love the place and the people and atmosphere was great!

Dave Turner

Great energy, great people!

Patricia Fethiere

The DJ for carribean first Friday was super awesome and so was the Long Island iced tea. Great vibes

Jeff Bacon

This place was rediculous, very disorganized and extremely unfair to customers. No organization who was served next!

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