Wings Xpress

1911 E Bearss Ave, Tampa
(813) 971-4141

Recent Reviews

Vienna Garnett

Friendly service!!! I love all their food, especially the wings! ๐Ÿ˜ My every day go to spot for sure!

Maria Diez

Great food good prices great customer service

Vanessa Morris

I ordered the Basa fish. May have spelled it wrong. It was fresh and hot. I wish they sold coleslaw.

Alex Ross

Good pricing for the amount of food you get. Wings were good, but nothing too great. Still a better option than most fast food though.

HiYouImMeToo .

The food was fast, fresh and delicious! The staff was really friendly and made sure that we were well taken care of ๐Ÿ’› we will definitely be back

Rachel C.

Gross! Over priced and nasty! The food has weird taste!

April S.

While looking for food to be delivered that we don't have in our home town we came across Wing Xpress. We ordered grilled shrimp, cheeseburger, mild boneless wings, gyro and fries. No complaints on the food or service from Grubhub. The shrimp seemed to be the best option. Gyro was good. Covered in a lot of sauce. Which is ok with me. However, if you don't like a ton of sauce you'll want to order it with light.

James O.

Good food. I usually order the chicken wraps from this restaurant and food is always hot when I receive my order. The staff is always pleasant in drive-thru.

Aliani Hawkins

Long wait , but food is bomb and Iโ€™m never disappointed

C Diaz

Some of the best wings and flavors! Was here on a to pick up an order for a customer on a delivery route and the food smells so good. I came here before was my boyfriend to order late night definitely coming back again. Very fast service!


I ordered boneless wings and had them delivered thru Door Dash to my hotel room. Wrong flavored wings forgot our ranch dressings. Called to speak to a manager. After being on hold for 5 minutes I was hungup on. Immediately called back just for them to either ignore my phone call or let me go to the answering machine. Called from a different phone and they picked up immediately. They're excuse was they were to busy to pick my phone call up. Spoke to the manager and his resolution was for me to contact Door Dash and have them bring the food back to him and he'd fix it. Needless to say I'll never eat from that place again.

Crissy Whitesides

order was completely wrong. when called to bring this to their attention we were put on hold for a long time and then hung up on. we tried to call back 5 or more times and were either immediately sent to vm or ignored. called from a different number and magically got through with 1 ring. management took 0 responsibility for the food or the behavior. the food sucks. its 30 bucks down the drain. Be aware. Save your time and money. The wings and customer service suck!

audylyn .

I absolutely love this place!! Food is always good. Also the staff is always so friendly.

Nelson Dupree

Great wings and friendly staff all around. They have some great specials and everything definitely worth checking out

travis crum

Great food clean resturant Clean restrooms. Staff here has great customer service.

Sunny Marie

Ordered 1/2 lb Tilapia, fries & drink for $9.99

Michelle A.

Wow, pretty good! I was seriously pleasantly surprised at the plethora of offerings at this drive-through. As I drove around, I noticed the restaurant looked clean and well-run, and I think I spotted the manager inside. The server didn't laugh at me because I didn't know how or what to order (a lot of ethnic foods I didn't know the names of, but once I explained I just wanted some "scales and fin"-type fish, she helped me select something good. I still can't tell you what it was but it was delicious, and I was able to choose grilled with a nice side veggie (okrah, rice n beans, etc). Good job, Tampa. I love all the foodie possibilities coming back from Tampa Veterans Hospital and though it wasn't easy to make a left turn into the lot from the traffic-laden streets, I managed.

Lesley Gonzalez-Velazquez

It's the bomb for that good old wing crave. With at least 50 different flavors you'll never get board, that's for sure! Don't miss out on the best wings in town!

Rayden Sullivan

Wish they would leave the chicken in the fryer a little longer publicize that the food's good and they have Italian Ice

Riley M.

Wings Xpress is honestly hit or miss. I've had really good meals here and mediocre meals. Although wings is in the name their shrimp are better. They're a little pricey but everything is made fresh ( if you go through drive thru expect a wait). If you are just looking for a quick bite but don't want the typical fast food chain this is your place

Xiang Pan

I would give 0 stars if I could.

Melissa G.

This is my definite go to place, when I have the Appetite for wings and shrimp combo. My honey and I absolutely love their food especially the seasoning that they have on their wings. That mango Habanero sauce is the bomb. Oh wait....I can't forget the fried mushrooms and fried conch. Yumm. If we don't choose Taco Bell, then it would be wing express right next door. The drive-through can be a little slow and painfull. So my tip would be to call ahead and pick up or you can always Dine In.

Eric Washington

One of the best spots in Tampa on Bearss. Great hot food. The halu steak is awesome. I just wish they would add Milkshakes. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ When I get tired of Chicken and seafood. Hope you enjoy.

Zach Skidmore

First and foremost, the wings are outstanding here. Iโ€™ve enjoyed both the regular wings and boneless, and theyโ€™ve been well prepared every time. Whatever flavor you choose will come covered over your wings just as desired. The staff was super friendly and helpful as he pointed out a combo to get more food for less as I was about to choose a different option! Recommend going in and waiting opposed to waiting in your car for a while. Good things come to those who wait.

Is'ra S.

Every time I come to Wings Xpress, the customer service is always superior! I always get the 10 piece honey bbq wings, fries, and a fruit punch. It's around $11 - which isn't bad at all! The food is ALWAYS fresh and tasty.

O A.

One of the best of its kind. If your into that nice greasy Taste this is definitely the spot and you will definitely go back there again. Service is decent, but hey as far as my food is clean and delicious that's all that matters.


We had wings, fried shrimp, cheeseburgers, and red velvet cake. Everything tasted great except the cake. The wings were amazing. They gave me a kids meal without a drink. Didnโ€™t notice til we got to the hotel. Overall the service and food was great.

David H.

It started with a friend posting pictures of wings on his smoker, it got me craving ....One would tend to think a restaurant with the word "WINGS" right up front in the name, would tend to EXCEL in ....say....wings, no?... NO, is the answer to that, mediocre, at best , but even that is giving them credit for a possibly "bad night"..........first and LAST attempt , never again

Emily J.

My husband I go here at least 1-2x/ month. Easily one of the best Philly cheesesteaks I've had in Tampa, if not ever. We also like the wings, gyro, fries & pretty much everything on the menu. Love how it's consistently served HOT & FRESH! Easily deserves 5 stars.

Nick C.

This place is great. The food is always fresh and the people are friendly. I usually get fried shrimp, boneless wings and ff's. If we're not ordering a crazy amount of food, the wait is always under 10/12 minuets. For one occasion, we ordered for 8 people it was about 25 minuets, pretty quick for not being "fast food" in my opinion and definitely a step up from McDonald's, bk or any of those places. The bbq sauce they use is vary tasty and the amount of food you get for the money is well worth it. I eat here with my kids probably once a week, they are picky eaters but they manage to finish just about everything on their plates from here. Inside is clean, though usually we get drive though and take it home. All and all 4.5/5*

Julian K.

This is a great late night spot. The food is of a much higher quality then any other place I've been with a drive thru. Me and my girlfriend frequent it, and I recommend the chicken strips and boneless wings. All of the sauces I have tried are good, and the staff is very friendly. They also offer a Student discount, all you have to do is show a valid ID.

Hanaa U.

If you are looking for a casual place to quickly grab a hot meal, this is the place. My table ordered wings, a gyro, and chicken tenders. The food took about 10 minutes to prepare. The chicken tenders where FRESH and not the usual breaded tenders you get from other restaurants. These tenders were thin slivers of chicken with no breading. The wings were great. We tried honey garlic and mango habanero flavor. Both flavors were tasty. The gyro was my favorite part. It had all the right fix ins. Customer service was wonderful. If you eat zabihah meat, you're in luck :)

James J.

Placed an order over the phone for 50 wings + another 10 wings. They said it would take 15 minutes but it was probably ready in 30. Then, once me and my friends ate them we all felt sick. Then the next morning I woke up at like 7 am with the worst nausea and started violently throwing up. Worst experience I have ever had and I will NEVER be returning. The next day all of my muscles were sore from throwing up. Never again. BEWARE!!!

Brea S.

Foods good nd fresh made to order .. service is shitty rude . No hello can i help u , thanks have a good day .

Amanda W.

Wings are my go to 'bar' food. Wings & nachos. Good prices with a good portion size. I tried the honey bbq wings - sauce was pretty on point with good size wings. While not some of the best wings, for being more of a 'fast food' restaurant - they were good and fair priced, and fast (imagine that). Drive thru bonus!! I would stop by if in the area and wanted wings quickly!

Tashfia N.

This place is a really great spot for halal fast food in Tampa, and the location is convenient too. I had the fried chicken burger combo, and I found the price and taste to be very satisfying. The chicken inside the burger was seasoned well and not bland like like a lot of fried chicken items I've had at many restaurants, and the fries were good too. The selection of items they offer on their menu was very large and diverse, not at all like most fast food places. I would definitely return in the future to try out their other items.

Daniela L.

Sadly, I'm still on the lookout for a good Wings place in Tampa that will beat our old place in Orlando. I was totally excited to try this place since we called and asked if they mixed flavors and said they could do that. Inside its pretty clean but nothing to get excited about-it definitely encourages you to take your food to go and eat it at home. They lady at the register was super nice btw. I ordered the 6 wings meal (all flats) which is a $1 more. I ordered the teriyaki flavor mixed with garlic-the cashier said they could mix it but it would only be garlic powder so it wouldn't be an actual sauce. So if you order the garlic parmesan...expect it to be garlic powder and parmesan cheese sprinkled on wings with I assume a butter sauce...meh. The hubs ordered the same but with a honey BBQ flavor and decided not to mix since they don't ACTUALLY mix sauces. The wait was longer than expected but I was hoping it was worth it-spoiler alert: It wasn't. I noticed the cashier and cook in the back arguing and could clearly hear and see her say this isn't teriyaki, it looks like mango. The cook/owner whatever he was shook his head said "its teriyaki, we looked, just give it to her anyway". The cashier...bless her heart said no its not and kept insisting they check again. Alas the lazy cook won. She gave me the wings which definitely didn't look like teriyaki. The cashier and cook actually made a bet for $10 bucks or some random amount if she was right and he was wrong...right in front of us. Like, wow, thanks guys. Luckily, I had my hubby try soon as he took a bite he started choking and confirmed these spicy meat sticks from hell were definitely not the very NON spicy teriyaki that I wanted. I can't do spice...I would literally seize up on the ground and gallons of water couldn't quench the spice out of my mouth. He confirmed that, yup...those were pepper flakes on the chicken and not sesame seeds lol. The wings went right back to the cashier who in turn went right back to the cook. What came out was teriyaki sans the garlic I ordered. Again, they went right back to the cashier who went right back to the cook. What came back was a mess of powdered garlic on greasy wings. The meat was tender but flavorless, the skin was soggy and not crunchy, the fries were soggy and tasted like they were definitely of the frozen variety, and the blue cheese was not homemade but definitely came from a gallon sized tub from Cosco. This place is great if you have no working taste buds or happen to be a college kid super drunk and everything else is closed. I've never left such a poor review on a place, yet I don't think since Friday's have I had such cruddy food and service. I REALLY really wanted to like this place...but for once appearance really do justice to what is actually inside.

Tammy Lumpkin

Fantastic food , flavor and quantity, and the very nice people, make you feel welcome, I look forward to each visit. Rating 10

Alissa D.

Pretty good food for the price point! I got their #4 combo which is 10 boneless wings, fries, and a drink for $7.99. It's a lot of food! I also got their Greek salad, which is large enough to split between two people. The wings were good, although they were a tiny bit soggy. But they had good flavor, and I'd definitely order them again. The fries were great and had a nice seasoning on them. The salad was much better than I expected! It was large, and included tomatoes, green pepper, olives, grape leaves, and some potato salad on top. Very yummy!! Overall I was impressed with this place. You get a lot of food for your buck, and the staff was very friendly!

Kelly Jo Schneider

With our A/C being repaired, we decided it wouldn't be wise to cook & heat the house up more then it already was. Being new to the area we tried a "new" place. We thought we were doing a fast food type meal. Turned out to be restaurant quality food with fast food prices. Totally impressed! We will be regulars!