Counter Culture Vero

1620 Boulevard Tennis Lane, Vero Beach
(772) 778-4335

Recent Reviews

Gabrielle Delorria

They greeted me as soon as I walked inVegetarian options: So delicious the only place I would recommend in Vero beach !! Made fresh

Jennifer Enfroy

The restaurant is NEVER open within the times they say they are.

Joe Stampe

Went to Counter Culture with my daughter. I felt it was a little pricey, but the food was excellent. We shared a mushroom pizza that was fabulous. Both of our lunches were outstanding and the iced tea was so good. The staff was friendly - and the space was open and clean.

Zbigniew Tyrlik

The counter culture is best reason to start playing tennis here. Great food, interesting combination of tastes; impeccable arrangements and great service. The wild mushrooms pizza on cauliflower base is something to try and remember. Impossible burger is really impossible to forget. Great place , great folks.

Al Mitchell

Great Vegan options and ice tea. Very good service too!

Edward Dailey

Great traditional as well as vegan / plant based items. Viewing the tennis during lunch is a bonus. Owners are committed to whole food / plant based lifestyle and regularly update their menu with new creations.

Charles Brown

Hard to rate the atmosphere, there was no one there.


Anthony & Lisa are passionate about serving up delicious food. Just about anything in the menu that isn't vegan can be made vegan. Also, there are multiple whole food plant based options.

Marcella Phelps

Food was very good. Great place if you have a gluten allergy or just want great food. Veggie gluten free pizza was amazing.


Never before in my life have I had such a disjointed experience at a restaurant.The staff were enthusiastic, invested, and downright charming. The atmosphere was serviceable and quite cute. The food was...well it may have been the worst food I've ever experienced. At a glance, the menu seems fine (albeit a bit lengthy with little cohesion), but there was no indication that it would be anything too atrocious.I started with the espresso and a cup of coffee. The espresso was one dimensional and that dimension was dust. A sad, under extracted cup of stale, pre-ground espresso that I didn't care to finish. The coffee was similar. I regularly drink pre-ground drip coffee at work and yet somehow this was worse (to a degree that it was also left unfinished).My salad came with blackened mahi. Despite their claim that ingredients were "fresh" and "local", the overall quality of the dish had me giving up by bite 5. The avocado was underripe, the olives were from a can, the onion was stale,band the salmon was rubbery with a distinct fishy odor. The most offensive of this concoction was the dressing. The balsamic was characteristically acidic but to an extreme degree.I had low expectations going into this experience, but they severely undercut them.This was the first time in my life that I didn't finish a plate and didn't take it home.


They have an extensive vegan menu, with most being gluten-free also! All of the desserts I noticed were vegan and low sugar as well! Out of this world!

E-K: G

Great vegan food the pizza was really good

Katrina Streeter

Best vegan French Dip sandwich I’ve ever had!!! Love that there are so many vegetarian options. Healthy and delicious food!

Danette M.

My daughter and I were on an outing and needed to grab lunch. I am vegan and she is vegetarian. For her it is easier, but for me, not-so-much. We found this little gem tucked away. And we were not disappointed. The vegan options are plenty enough to satisfy. We even flubbed in our ordering process and they gladly corrected it with nary a complaint. The food was delicious and we would definitely recommend this to anyone...not just vegans.

Nicole Quinn

Awesome experience! Great food and service! It's hard to find good vegetarian food and this place has it! They also have meat options

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