The Manor Complex

2345 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors
(954) 626-0082

Recent Reviews

Carlos Rodriguez

Such a FUN place! My crew of 10 people danced the night away and smiled the whole time. We met the best people here. Fire dancers, drag queens, amazing music and good people? Yes please.

Rudy G Hernandez

Awesome place.....always great show...and the staff is the best in South Florida.

Kristy Florio

The charge a cover. The place was soooo big! Several different rooms to choose from. The bartenders were generous with the booze. You can’t get water except by bottles and they cost as much as the drinks with alcohol. Overall fun experience.

Kevin Eilenberg

It's a fun place! Even though I am straight I join my friends for the company and the drinks! How these club manage the floor is amazing by unlocking certain rooms when the crowd gets bigger. When are the rooms unlock. It's like a fortress of different vibes and energy. I had a little too much fun going through all the rooms! Lol it's a memory to remember. Even though I had a little bit too much to drink in a positive way everyone was super friendly! It was a fun vibe to be around.

Axy C.

The funnest place!!!! Every time I go I always have a good time! Music is fun, environment is awesome and the bartenders are a joy!

Harrison C. Davies

The Manor Complex is the originating title of what is collectively now known at The Venue. It’s really some great space to say the least and can definitely offer some great times! Definitely is rapidly evolving. #themanor #wiltondrive #fortlauderdale

TheMylesSpears ..

Please play better music. No one wants to hear top 40's all day. Play cool music lollll better hip hop better house music, gay people are supposed to be the tastemakers of our communities and the music taste bad. It's tired music. When I go to club space the music is amazing all the time.. idk why gay people can't have good music that's not Ariana grande on a remixed beat. We are supposed to have the best music. Hire a new DJ for the hip hop room. The music y'all play in the hip hop room is racist they play what they think black people listen to it's truly a shame. I will come show you guys better music if you need the help.

Angelo Giardina

A one of kind amazing place most wonderful every time I go

Drew William

The people here who work here are really rude. The security made me throw out my pepper spray when I was In line. And they make you pay for water, even when the air conditioner was not working. The bathroom attendants are scary and people steal your money/wallet when on the dance floor.

Stephen D.

Apparently, they only open the big dance floor when you cannot move anymore. They say they do not open the big dance floor until around 12:30 or 1. I guess their management thinks no one wants to have space to dance on a Friday or Saturday night until 1am. We took our group and left. What a joke!

Denise Munnilal

Great place to party

Alisa M.

We came for an event with a very tasteful flyer but the event didn't actually happen. From the way other people described it, my standards were high and the second I stepped in, they were crushed. The place was a lot smaller than I imagined it. Sure there were different rooms, but the only room that was filled with a quality amount of people was the Spanish music room. And that was fun for what.... 3 minutes? The song selection was very poor in all the rooms. For my first club experience, this was NOT as enjoyable as I assumed. The prices were alright. THE VALET NEEDS ATTENTION. MY PARTNER'S VEHICLE AND MY FRIEND'S VEHICLE THAT NIGHT WERE VALET PARKED. THEY ARE BOTH STICK SHIFT CARS. AT THE END OF THE NIGHT, THE MAN WHO WENT TO RETRIEVE THE VEHICLES DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STICK SHIFT. FROM THE TEN MINUTES IT TOOK HIM TO GET THE CAR, WE COULD TELL. AS HE DROVE INTO THE PARKING LOT, WE COULD TELL THIS MAN NEEDS RETRAINING. How can you be a valet and not know how to drive stick? We were so worried he had damaged our car because we were waiting for far too long. Because of him, there was a line forming with at least 10 people to retrieve their cars. So trust me, we will not be coming back here because of 1) the "fake" event 2) the horrible DJs, and 3) the atrocious and stressful valet.

Daniel Reyes-Irizarry

Many different rooms for different vibes. Head to the main room for the nightly attractions. Usually GoGo dancers!


Took my wife there didn't know it was ... Nvrm had a fun time

Al Ray

Great venue, lighting and overall atmosphere. Different rooms / bars with a mixture of music genres. I love the unique stylings of the on-stage dancers, it seems very Fifth Element / Hunger Games inspired. Fog machines filled the room and provide adequate cooling throughout your night. Bartenders aren't hard on the eyes and offer above average pours. I don't frequent this place. I go maybe 4x a year which probably makes my overall experience that much more enjoyable.

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