Wilton Creamery

2301 Wilton Dr STE C4, Wilton Manors
(954) 565-1183

Recent Reviews

Chris Carbonera

High quality ice cream, very creative and traditional flavors, super friendly staff and a great location. Highly recommend it!

Naida A.

Cute. Quaint. The seating is great, especially upstairs. And they have a lot of great vegan options! Delicious. The portion sizes are good and the prices pretty fair.

Haily W.

My favorite place by far in Wilton Manors! They have a great selection. I love the fact that they have vegan options and my personal favorite which is there Vegan Butter Pecan with vegan whipped cream and crushed Oreos. But if you aren't a vegan, they have plenty of options that I know are satisfying. If you are craving sweets and in need of a pick me up I totally recommend this local spot! Can't get any better than this!

Dionne D.

This place is a gem in Fort Lauderdale! They have about 2 dozen or so ice creams and I believe they're made in house because they seem artisan crafted. They had a few specialty ice creams of combinations that I never knew I needed...but did! I'll definitely be back!

Steven Bridges

Amazing ice cream and such a handsome owner!

Howard G.

A hometown favorite that's a Witon Drive institution offering an extensive list of creative, rotating ice cream flavors which include dairy free, no sugar added, in addition to their delicious dairy-based selection. Pick the ice cream or frozen dessert flavor of your choosing and opt for one of the many cone or dish options, or go all out and build a classic sundae or banana split with all the fixings. Milkshakes and floats are a fan favorite too. Great atmosphere to enjoy while eating your dessert, either inside or outside! It's hard to be able to taste someone's expression in food, but Wilton Creamery somehow makes it happen. You can tell you're eating a scoop of their homemade vanilla by the texture of it, and how wacky the flavors are of some, like Monkey Busines.

Chau L.

This ice cream tastes like vanilla ice cream mixed with flavored syrup, very unnatural. I would prefer ice cream from the grocery store. I did try a sample, which I did not like. And then went against my own judgement and ordered another flavor instead. We threw away 3/4 of each of our scoops. Ambience: B Food: D Service: B Drinks: N/A Cost: B

Eyal Tabib

Very tasty ice cream, great location.

Talia Garcia

I love this place so much. We've been coming here since it opened. We always get the "small batch flavors"... What a treat. The owner is usually working there, he's happy to describe how he makes the ice cream and where he gets all his ingredients. The service is always excellent. A-plus!!

C Evers

Went with the small batch Manhattan flavour - a boozy bourbon and orange ice cream with maraschino cherries throughout, and a 70% dark chocolate ice cream. Heaven.


Great customer service!! Fun in your mouth. I love the flavor I'm too good for him. It's something like that, but delicious. Don't forget to get as many toppings.

Dean Little

Love the ice cream. Beware of parking out front. Meter parking signs hidden well by the city. Money grab for the city if you ask me.

Lexi S.

DELICIOUS!!! Reasonable prices and a great atmosphere! I visited this creamery for my birthday and was thoroughly impressed. They had many different options of ice cream "types" to choose from, such as sundaes, milkshakes, and cones. Besides the wide assortment of both dairy and vegan flavors, they had many toppings! The toppings list was clearly labeled with vegan options, too. They have many whipped cream flavors to top it off! The interior is very hip and clean. I will be returning!

Ileana M.

This place was awesome! They have so many options to choose from. They even carry non dairy options and like 5 whip cream flavors, so many fruits, sprinkles, cookies, wow! they even have doggie ice cream! Loved it!


The flavor, "He's Not Worth It" was amazing. My whole family tried it and we all decided to get it for ourselves instead of sharing different flavors.

Kathleen Mogan

Mint Chocolate Chip is the best and the people working there are so nice!

Sarah S.

I adore the place and I'm glad I don't like closer. There's a variety of flavors and the usual toppings, plus cannoli cream! The staff will let you try various flavors before you order. They seating is limited but if the weather is nice, we sit outside. You can also get a pint to go! Yum! As far as the ice cream, it's definitely fresh and made locally.

Thomas B.

Friendly service, tasteful art deco decor, incredibly delicious flavors with weekly small batches that are usually awesome! Try the malts, they're my favorite. My all time favorite ice cream flavor is Strong Coffee.

Cindy R. Hernandez

I love having discovered this wonderful place the decoration makes you feel good and is a good place to go with your friends or in love and ice creams are the best that I have tasted in a long time I liked that they also have a great variety of flavors and also they have vegan ice creams are delicious


I had a scoop of the coconut. I added gummy bears and bobas. It was so yummy. The store is cute , the staff is nice , and the ice cream is delicious.

Shirley D.

Ama-zing ice cream! You name it, they probably have it and a few flavors that you never heard of! If you like home made whipped cream, you must try their multiple offerings!

Martin L

The ice cream is unusually good. Plus, we appreciated the friendliness of the owners and felt at home instantly.

Samita T.

He's not worth it is the flavor when you're on your feeling. Have some ice cream that cure your broken heart and remind you that you're just too fabulous to be treated that way. Beside that, yuzu ice cream is something I wish they make year round. That thing is addictive. A perfect combo of creamy and tart. Technically this place is great. All the flavors I've tried are banging. Flavored whipped creams are bomb. Come here now.

Greg Jules

We absolutely love this quaint ice cream spot. We do not consume any animal products and was happy that this Creamery offered dairy-free items so we enjoyed a banana split with dairy free vanilla ice cream and dairy-free chocolate ice cream. We topped it with dairy-free whipped cream and a lot of other dairy-free options. This is definitely a location to visit. There are options for regular ice cream as well

Andrew J

This place has the best Ice cream south of the mason dixon and I should know; I love ice cream. They give my dog treats! The only bad thing I have to say is they took away the NSA butter pecan! That ice cream is amazing.. I guess I’ll have to settle for every other amazing flavor they have.

dcm roady

Some of the best ice cream you can get in the area. Always switching up new flavors. Get them before they're gone!

Patrice Holder

The BEST ice-cream in Fort Lauderdale! Lots of awesome flavors. Friendly staff and great atmosphere!

Christian Major

This place is amazing. A definite must visit if you're in the area. So many choices of Ice cream in amazing flavours and some really weird (but surprisingly nice) flavours. Case in point, Pineapple and Cilantro. Me and my wife both hate Cilantro (Coriander), but we were persuaded to try it and glad we did. She ended up choosing it. I loved the Snickers Ice cream, it's the most Snickers-like thing I've ever tasted, other than Snickers itself! Lots of toppings to choose from too. Honestly, the place is great and the staff are so friendly. We visited on 2 consecutive evenings it was that good.

Robin Wolfer

Tried to get items delivered by GrubHub who left 4 of the 5 items at Wilton. They tried to call back the driver who would not respond to him and who told me he would not go back. The manager, Emilio, delivered the items himself. I would absolutely go to Wilton Creamery again and enjoy the delicious ice cream treats, but I would not order from GrubHub. Thank you Emilio!

Angee G.

We had a little trouble finding it at first, but so happy we didn't give up and go somewhere else. The location is eclectic, has a sitting area and the owner was very nice. There were so many options and they all looked delicious. I had the cinnamon ice cream and my friend had a milkshake, both were delicious. This place was a nice way to end our week in Florida & enjoy a sweet treat before heading to the airport.

Franklin Rodriguez

What the he#@! A Pineapple/Cilantro ice cream? Heck YES!!! The best two ice cream scoop I had in my life since the Mango ice cream I had in Budapest. Hands down to this creamery. My wife is a chocolate maniac and I am not. However, their 70% Chocolate ice cream was the BOMB!!! I'm definitely coming back here and I'm having their chocolate ice cream. The pineapple cilantro is just a seasonal recipe. I hope they make it permanent. It's an hour drive from the house but it's worth every penny of gas.

Morry Heller

Some of the best I've cream we've ever had. It's one of our favorite ice cream locations. If you've never been there, put it on your places to go list. They also have 9 flavors of whipped cream. I had chocolate and my wife had coconut & coffee. Deelicious!!!

Ashley A.

This place is awesome! The workers are incredibly attentive and kind. They helped me and my friend find exactly what we were in the mood for. I got a drink to go for my sister and they even kept it in their fridge until I left! They definitely go above and beyond for their customers. The food is delicious to say the least! I got brown milk boba tea, which tasted like cereal milk. I got it with coconut milk, but they also have whole milk, almond milk and more! My friend got the tiramisu, which she absolutely loved! They have non-dairy options for ice cream, which I will definitely come back to try! I'm bringing all my friends here!

Earlyne C.

So yummy and with vegan options! So many flavors and toppings, you will definitely find it hard to have 1 scoop. They probably have the best strawberry ice cream I've ever had! Love to go on a Sunday afternoon and sit outside.

Kevin R.

I've been here about five times and each time I forget to write a review because the sugar hangover is so intense, which is a compliment. The flavors are creative and delicious. The latest one in I had was Oreo omg with wet walnuts, candied pecans, and white chocolate fudge. This flavor is what cookies and cream should be. Tons of Oreo in your scoop, not little chips that are lightly spread throughout. It almost feels like I'm happy/drunk right now. Thanks, Wilton Creamery.

Neosha D.

So today I was on the hunt for "Sugar Free" ice cream...... Being keto it's sometimes hard to find Great Tasting Sugar Free options when it comes to desserts. I'm so happy that I ran across Wilton Creamery! Not only did they actually have the selections they advertised but they tasted GREAT TOO!!! The gentleman who helped us was so awesome! He was very knowledgeable about keto and shared with us his journey as well. I'm so excited to have a place that is now a staple for us when we're craving a sweet treat! oh and they also sell pints!

Alessia I.

I haven't had ice cream this good in too long. "He's Not Worth It" was amazing. It had the perfect amount of mix-in's. Definitely my new favorite ice cream spot.

Priscilla B.

This place was very delicious and I am a cold stone fan but I must admit this ice cream was great and they are open for the late night cravings if you're in Florida for vacation this ice cream shop is a delicious place to visit Very nice decor to take amazing pictures as well ! They have so much flavors and toppings to choose from !

David Lounsbury

Amazing flavors. Flavored home made whipped cream! All the toppings you could want. So perfect. The interior is pretty funky the loft area thing and the huge coffee table I have to awkwardly straddle past to get to the end of the line but hey the product is the main focus I'm just gonna eat it outside.

DNA 305

The one I got was really good but my friends thought there's was ok. I like the toppings they had.