Wilton Creamery

2301 Wilton Dr STE C4, Wilton Manors
(954) 565-1183

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Kelly G.

Craving something sweet and near by then sure stop by! Today was an extremely hot day and after noodles we were craving something sweet. We found this place on yelp and decided to give it a go. It wasn't hard to find, but parking, on the other hand was a challenge. I wouldn't go out of my way to this creamery because of the terrible parking situation. Once there, the menu is wide and offers a little bit of everything. Very much on the higher end of the pricing scale. They didn't have cookies and cream which is my go to. They did, however, have passion fruit sorbet, so we went with that. It was very delicious and expensive. Finding parking was tough and it wasn't crowded. I can only imagine the headache when it is. Sure it's a cute little hole in the wall that if your nearby I would checkout. Probably due to COVID the flavors are limited, but it's very well decorated.

Rashauna H.

I loved every moment of Wilton creamery. Since Ive lived in Florida I have found so many quant little ice cream shops. Most of them one cute strips including lauderdale by the sea and Las olas. I wandered into wilton creamery while exploring Wilton Manors. The ice cream was amazing. They had so many flavors and I definitely taste tested about 5 of them. The staff was super patient, gave me great suggestions and were super friendly. I ended up getting a Dulce de leche with dark choclate whipped cream. The list of whipped cream flavors and toppings was enough to keep me coming back. Between the friendly service and great selection this has become my weekly ice cream shop. See you see Wilton Creamery.

Teresa E.

Love, love, love. Amazing place to go for a little summer ice cream very good flavors great atmosphere

Adam Rodrigue

This restaurant gives great service as well as delicious meals. The best spot around town. The meals came out rapidly and the rates were fair. Highly recommended.

Jim G.

Expensive, but good. Expect to park at a meter and/or enjoy walking, especially at peak times. And once inside, expect a line. A good menu, and off-menu custom specialties as well...just use your imagination!

LLoyd Heckman

Great ice cream options in a great neighborhood.

Miriam Ochoa

Went for July's ice cream challenge and was not disappointed!! Wow?

Sam Goldman

This is one of my favorite spots on the drive. Their vegan ice cream is so silky smooth and delicious. Check this place out!

John M.

Of course they have 5 stars with 350 reviews (at this time). They're hands down the best ice cream in south Florida. Which means all of Florida. Which also means probably all of the south. Idk. I haven't had better.

Roberto Rivera

Richard made a delicious half coffee and chocolate milkshake for me with coffee whip and it was the best shake I've had in years! Thank you!!!!!

James D.

I'm going to echo the review by Chau - this ice cream is towards the bottom of my list and tastes extremely fake. I went here for the reviews but was really disappointed. Due to C19 - they aren't offering samples - which they actually could if they took the right procedures - but I ordered their Frozen Hot Chocolate (featured Small Batch) and there was absolutely no taste of Hot Chocolate or Marshmallow. It was just melted chocolate ice cream. I even asked for a cone and she couldn't do it as only a cone because it was melted by the time it was served. I didn't even finish eating. Two bites and I was done. Not worth the calories.Only reason I give them 3 stars instead of 1 star is the service was quick, the place looked clean and plenty of parking, price was $5.50. Otherwise, 1 star for taste. Save yourself time and go to Chill-N, Kilwins, Cold Stone or even Publix brand. These are all much better ice cream.

JP Italish

Best Ice Cream ever I got the vanilla with caramel it was filled with so much I really felt like I got my money's worth other places have lite strips of Carmel

spencer brewer

Since Ice cream can only get so bad, I’m giving it a 5/10. The toppings were not well marked and not easy to choose from. The ice cream was nearly melted already by the time I got it. Not sure that it was frozen that well to start with. Asked for Reese’s pieces and there were whole Reece’s pieces and not crushed pieces. Not a big deal but not ideal. The service was slow and we were the only ones there. Definitely avoid the non dairy ice cream. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t recommend at all.

Gene Mahoney

Great ice cream. A little pricey though. $5.15 for a single scoop in a cup.

Maria Delgado Hritz

Best bubble tea. Ice creams are so tasty and creative! Love this place.

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