1971 Aloma Ave, Winter Park
(407) 794-0360

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Anthony Romano

First time customer.. Efficient service and the food was excellent! Owner Operator (Danny) even came over to ensure we were taken care and if needed anything. Anytime in Winter Park, I'll stop by!

Richard Wood

I have been there several times before. Food quality and flavor never disappoint. Great service and food at a good price.


It actually breaks my heart to give only three stars to Bolay Kitchen. I started coming here when it opened locally, and was so thrilled because the only time I've ever tried it was in South Florida... And I Loved it! It was healthy, fresh, great options (Love the Sweet Potato Noodles!) and the entire restaurant is Gluten-free. However, I experienced several very disappointing issues on this visit. The amount of food was less than before, and when I was surprised by this, they offered to charge me more for "double base" to get more sweet potato noodles. I understand charging for more protein, and I always have to, because I love the shrimp. But even paying the up-charge, it was six shrimp...Not sure if you are paying for a large bowl with two proteins, plus extra for the shrimp, that I should also need to pay for a few extra noodles... Anyway, the food seems a little less fresh than usual today. The broccoli and mojo pork were tasty, but they were not warm. The sweet potato noodles are different, they must have a new sauce? They tasted okay, not as delicious as before, but they seemed too soft, they were Not the springy freshness that I've had previously. Which means they must have been sitting around for a very long time. The other extremely disappointing aspect, is the absolutely filthy interior. There were Both Flies And Gnats swarming all over the whole restaurant. I had decided to dine in because I needed to get caught up on a little computer work, and I was inundated with little black gnats and flies. Which of course got much worse if you got near the beverage station. Management REALLY need to get a handle on this issue, ASAP! Reading through all the reviews, it sounds like this has been an ongoing issue. Unfortunately (because I was able to watch for over an hour), at any given point there was only four to six tables of people inside the restaurant. But there were dirty tables the Entire Time. I watched one employee come out and wipe One table down and walk away, even though there were six or eight other tables that were dirty. Then a manager came out to sit down and talk with another employee, he took his mask down during the talk, and when done he asked her to clean up the area. She did a little around the trash bins to pick up the dirty dishes. But did Not clean any of the tables or the beverage area with the swarming bugs.And then another manager sat down for a few interviews, and he did not have a mask on his face, he pulled it down below his chin to do his interview the young man. BTW, That manager did not clean up the restaurant either.Cleanliness is Paramount in any restaurant, at any time, every time, always and forever. Period... However, in these current times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, wiping down the tables Every Time should be mandatory, much less with utilizing some type of disinfectant to be in compliance with the health codes! Good Grief, this is sad and Scary! How clean is the kitchen? if no one is ever cleaning anything out in the dining area? I'm afraid to know... Definitely worried about ever eating here again.The other issue that's been mentioned by previous reviews, the music is still Way Too LOUD. Outside it is eardrum blasting. Completely unnecessary. To the point that it almost made me turn away and not walk in the door in the first place. My only hope, that it wasn't as loud inside... It was loud, but not as bad as outside. Overall, the experience was very disappointing. I really hope they can get themselves together sometime soon. Otherwise they'll probably be closed for health code violations. Or maybe even noise violations! LOL!

Andrea L.

It's like a healthier chipotle and tastes super fresh and delicious you feel good after it instead of that "post fast food feeling" !

David Sherer

Bolay is my favorite food to get on a daily/weekly basis. The food is fresh and taste delicious. The environment is friendly, clean, and welcoming. I can eat Bolay daily and still feel good about the quality and nutrients I am getting, unlike other restaurants that add a bunch of “non-healthy” ingredients. I also was greeted by one of the leaders/managers named Danny, who asked me how everything was and if he could do anything for me, which made me feel like an appreciated customer. 5 Stars all the way!

Henry Classe

I was looking for something healthy and delicious! Finally I have found the best place !! AMAZING !!

Rosa Johnson

very good selection. staff courteous although some did not wear a mask behind the counter what made me uncomfortable. very delicious food. We will come back. great place and food

Christopher Cano

Bolay is a hit! Especially with my wife since she is vegetarian and gluten free. Great options, tasty food and friendly staff! Definitely recommend anyone in the area to stop by and give it a try.

Dominique Papa

I love belay. Such a healthy fast restaurant to go

Annie Cascarano

I will never come here again. It is just disgusting. Several flies everywhere. A place to eat is supposed to have peat control. I couldn't eat my meal without being so I left because of those flies bothering me.Sun August 8th, 2021. 2:30 pm

Ava G.

I had heard about Bolay because they deliver every week to my job. Today I decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did. They live up to their claims So fresh, So bold. I was not disappointed. Everything was very flavorful. Portions are great for the price. The staff were both friendly and helpful. They deserve a five star rating for their 5 star quality. I have recommended them to both family and friends. Try them. You won't be diappointed!

sam s.

Quick meal with family. Everyone was able to order something that suited their taste buds. Healthy and delicious. The Kale Yeah base was delightful.

isaac cox

Food was fresh with plenty of healthy choices on the menu. You can also make your own bowl a variety of ingredients. The store is clean, casual and the manager Dan and staff are friendly and attentive.

Pietro Dorazio

Only one word to describe it.Excelent.Tasteful food. Really healthy and really good price quality quantity ration.Totally recommended

Diane Snyder

The good is fresh and delicious. Staff was friendly and helpful. Will definitely eat here again.

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