Jimmy Hula's Winter Park

2522 Aloma Ave, Winter Park
(407) 790-7838

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Frederick Hall

This is what 5 star ratings were made for: to convey a truly great thing. Absolutely the best tacos we've ever had. Period, hands down, nothing else comes close. The flavor animations, to include the sauces, were awesome. We had the killer, tree hugger tacos.

Christian K.

Service was horrible and they lost and forgot our food. They ignored us when we were asking about our food. I'm probably gonna stop coming after today. This hasn't happened just once but on multiple occasions.

Reine B.

I went to Jimmy Hula's for the first time this week. Ordered a fish taco and I must say it did taste very good BUT when I got home I got violently sick! Since I have experienced food poisoning before, I knew these were the very same symptoms! My husband called them to let them that something went wrong in the kitchen, and they immediately started defending themselves saying that they only use fresh ingredients etc.... That may be the case BUT something was definitely contaminated. Asked to speak to manage who gave us the same line and said that the best she could do is to give me another taco!!!!!!! Almost funny!!

Dan Montanez

Been a regular for years now. Weekend brunch menu is fantastic. Vibe is excellent.


I haven’t been to Jimmy Hulu’s since the one on University blvd closed. Ordered the voodoo taco with chips and queso. Fish was light and crispy. Pineapple salsa was tasty.

Zachary T.

THESE TACOS ARE ADDICTING! I can't stop thinking about them! The Baja tacos are fantastic! Definitely try them if your in the area!

Rox Y.

Hidden gem in Winter Park. Nice atmosphere and the food had great flavor. The fries my boyfriend had were a little salty and I didn't realize how much of the sauce (if your burger has sauces/dressings be mindful) they put on the burger. My sweet potato fries were perfect. I should have gotten the double patty!

Jany Alvarez

Good Tacos and burgers, Fast service and affordable prices.I love the Jimmichurry bowl

Matt Winter

You gotta stop over here for some delicious fish tacos. My favorite is The Killer, the habanero creama is great. I always add a side of guacamole and drink for a meal under 10 bucks. Great lunch!!!

Urjit P.

Their killer tacos are amazing. Try it with grilled fish and extra hot sauce. Enjoy a side of asparagus fries and a cold beer.

Rachael Martin

Delicious place! We got lots of tacos (ratings are included with each choice: Jimichurri (5*), Kingston (5*!!!), killer (4*), and Luau (3*- good but the other options are amazing, so I would not order this one again). The Straws make your drink taste funky, so before you think the water is gross, try your drink without a straw!

jim h

Best taco’s around. I have only tried four of the many different taco’s offered. My favorites so far are the Voodoo fish taco with the voodoo sauce, and the Luau with chicken teriyaki. Four house made hot sauces available, also for purchase. Many different taco combos available. Very fresh ingredients. Big Wave beer on tap. Sports bar. Great service but we were the only customers there at the time.

Sherry Hotkowski

they have the best tacos and salads so many choices of different flavors we go a few times a week when we come to visit my son

Yadnesh Samant

One of my favorite restaurants in the city. The food is delicious ?. I usually avoid eating fries but can’t resist to buy them here. The lava sauce is just awesome with moja fries!!!I have tried their tacos too and love them! In picture is teriyaki bowl with blackened chicken. It was so good!!!

Laura Schwartz

We where here today and we paid for bottomless drinks. But you have to get your own refill. I even tipped $20 when I bought my food thinking that they where severs. But they are not you have to get your own drinks if you need refills.

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