110 S Slappey Blvd, Albany
(229) 883-3131

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Tomeka CrawfordKendricks

Food presentation has went down a little. But oh my! That ice cream they service is phenomenal. Staff is friendly and professional as always.Food: 3/5

Kenneth Daniels

Ordered a burger and a shake using the app. I get there and have to wait 10 plus minutes when the app stated my order was ready. My burger was ready and bagged up because when I am handed my burger it's cold. I am offered a drink since the ice cream machine is like McDonald's not working. They wanted to short me the difference of a $4 shake for a soda and I was supposed to be ok with that. They wouldn't let me pay $5.39 for a $6 order why should my money not matter. Overall, a bad experience.

David Mayers

Food was good.....but, could have been a bit hotter/fresher.....only 1 lane open.


I always have a good experience when I get food from this location. My food is always hot and the staff is super friendly!

Aprill “Turtle” Meadows

Considering the time of day that we had to go the drive-in lines were full but they were moving at a good pace only had to wait maybe 10 minutes. The cashier was friendly and nice the order was correct food was hot and tasty. I would definitely recommend this place for a quick bite to eat.Dietary restrictions: Well you have your choice between chicken or hamburger. A different choice of diet drinks or regular sodas.


Stopped in for some late night drinks and chicken tenders.. was bit busy but, the young lady at window was very polite, courteous and made you feel welcome... definitely need to keep her at window where seems she was shining while coordinating the kitchen, orders and a truck delivering supplies.. ???

Andrea Mitchell

Even though it was dinner rush, the staff was polite, and efficient. The food was made exactly to my specifications and the fries were the absolute best part of the meal

Christopher Wilson (Writtenlogic)

This Checkers is the freshest I've ever had and that says a lot considering I've been eating at checkers for 30 years! No need for photos cuz you know what checkers looks like, but I promise you they do your food right. Thank you Leesburg checkers!

Irihanna ..

Good good taste fresh, the drink was good every thing was good well to me idk. People have different taste buds.

Julie H

I hope that homeless man that was assaulted & kicked by that employee is ok. Hopefully upper mgt check the camera for 6/21 around midnite or so.....calling the police would have been a better & more sensible decision. Customers in drive thru had to witness this. As well shows alot about the character of the checker employee

Trish Perry

Terrible this time. Wrong order!Dry old burger and fries. Nothing made fresh!Milk shake had way too much flavor added. Last time the fries tasted like awful cinnamon.$18. For what ??

Mighty Pain h

Checkers is a great fast food joint that's open late night. There will be long lines but it's worth it.

Herman J. Mortimer

Excellent food IF cooked right. The associates are friendly at the Albany, GA location on Slappey Blvd and they greet you with a hello and a smile.

Jamie Surface

They were super slow, but the food was good. The lady that took the order was pretty frustrated, but maybe it was too busy for them.

Shirlette Morris

Chicken bites box- bites were cold and dry. Bites were not edible. Advice to all: Check your order before driving away.

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