Chicken Salad Chick

Largo Plaza Shopping Center, 2416 Dawson Rd Suite 1 and 2, 2416 Dawson Rd, Albany
(229) 999-4093

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This place saved my daughter’s birthday party wishes after our local store cancelled our order 15 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. She loves Chicken Salad Chick and wanted chicken salad and a pumpkin cheesecake for her party. We were able to order everything here at the last minute with a quick pick up time. The food was excellent and service, too. I will definitely come back to this restaurant for my large orders in the future!

Nicola Nicola

The barbeque chicken salad sandwich was made to perfection. And the grape salad was great as well.

Jahquanna Bruner

It’s Great Over All i Just Wish They Would Give You Your Money Worth Cause 15 Dollars & I Barely Have Grape Salad On My Plate

Christie Milner

If you don't have the app, I would recommend it, you can order ahead and either walk in or drive thru and get in and out quickly, the food is always good and the service always has a smile.

Todd U.

Disappointed from the Albany location. Four employees standing lazily around the counter, not one of them checked our order. Luckily we checked in the bag before we drove off b/c they forgot our sides. Then get home only to discover they gave us the wrong sandwiches. If you visit this location be sure to check everything before you drive off.


I need to try it again. Was not impressed the first time. $8 for bowl full of lettuce 4 little tomatoes and a spoonful of chicken salad. Add the drink and I spent over $10 with tax. The service was great and everybody was very helpful. I just was not impressed with the food. Again .....I need to try it again to find something else that maybe has a little more substance to it. Especially for the price.Well, fast forward about 3 years and this has become one of my favorite restaurants. It's still a little pricey, but they do have a large variety of different flavors, foods to choose from soup sandwiches desserts. So yeah one of my favorites.

Nicole Reasner

Very good customer service. The food is amazing!

Kimberly Arrington

I love chicken salad chick! The service is always great, and the food is delicious! The fresh salad with a scoop of Jalapeño Holly is great! Jack and Tiara are awesome! Lexi too! Even my pups give it 2 paws up!! We love dining on the patio!!

Allison Carlson

This place was super good! The atmosphere is casual yet still upscale. I really appreciated how they have a Vegetarian option (an incredible egg salad). The chicken salad was SOOOO good! We got multiple different types and I honestly couldn't pick my favorite, they were all so good. The sides were also amazing. The to-go orders came with a little frosted cookie that was delicious. Lovely place!

Linda Goodman

Great Chicken Salads . Not many sides to choose from . Limited menu but all choices are good . Never had a mistake on my order and service is superior

Gabbie E.

This is always our go to place whenever we can't figure out what to eat for lunch. Absolutely loveeee the quality of the food here. You could taste the freshness in your food, and they don't give you a soggy piece of lettuce or an old slice of pickle. We usually go through the drive thru and they get the food to us fairly quickly. And the cookies they add to the meal, soooo good. Their menu is huge which I love because there's so much to choose from. Perfect place to grab a quick bite!


The best salad ever! I love coming here and putting the buffalo chicken salad on my salad.

Elijah frett

Never have i ever had such a healthy tasting chicken sandwich before. Tomato and lettuce so fresh and crunchy. My kids whole are normally picky, tried and liked everything. We will be back

Ashly Oliver

Poor customer service! I went through the drive through and no one came on the speaker. I was the only car in line. After honking my horn at the speaker to see if anyone would come on no one did. So I drove up to the window. The little girl there told me she was talking to someone and didn’t say anything on the speaker and I could drive back around after 3 cars! She had a nasty attitude at that! Hire ppl with professionalism!

Collier Savelle

WOW!!! Brock Foyt really made me a 10/10 classic carol, and he even hand delivered it too me, he also told me about his dreams to stop worldwide homelessness. He also mention he gives 50% of his earnings to charity. Overall a well mannered young fella. WILL BE RETURNING SOON, thanks to the great customer service. #fyp #brockfoyt

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