Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

1228 N Westover Blvd, Albany
(229) 446-0101

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Michael Mulford

If your feeling like some good country food and your call with Buffett style dining this is your spot. Let me just stop right here and say if your actually reading this review for Golden Corral you are either at work and Stuck in a weird “youtubian” whirlwind of reviews. If that is the case STOP! hey your boss said back to work. If your reading this bc you have never heard of this fine eating establishment and you have US citiZenship then you may want to go home and fix another bologna sandwich bc the world is crazy out here and would hate for you to bump your head on life in the “people” world. But for those of us who read these for fun praying the next one will be like this one then I just say get you a roll, some spaghetti, a chix breast, some corn, and corn seriously swimming in butter and wash that down with 3 or 4 cokes and then (you know where this is going) better make sure the tank is full and the roads are clear bc you need to be hitting NASCAR speeds to the house. Trust me if you don’t know, you will thank mePro tip: map a course home with only right turns. There will be moments where you will wonder how I was this right. Just remember you can be like me to. All you have to do is become a single parent with no friends and you too can be like me and have all the Time in the world to write a review about golden corral. Have a good night guys and don’t forget, get the honey butter!!! IT. CHANGES. EVERYTHING!

Ms M B

It was a nice place to get dinner. Although it was full the day we visited the buffet was always clean and food buns refilled often. Our waitress was very friendly and always kept our glasses full and table clear.Food: 5/5

Heather R (clevelis)

Yesterday (8/13) around 11am, I took my Dad out to brunch and he chose your restaurant. Overall great experience, though it would have been nice to have few more brunch/breakfast items available. The hashbrown cheese dish was missing something.5 stars for exceptional service. Our server Jerry D was on his A-game, consistent, courteous, took pride in his work, a true professional, the makings of a great leader. I also appreciate the manager (sorry, missed his name) being a very visible leader, supporting his staff, and being a true team player. Every dish on the bar had food, no waiting. THANK YOU ALL for helping me show my Dad a good time.

angela cutts

Food was good, we were there at least 45 minutes and never had a waitress come to the table. I had to go look for our waitress. My sis and dad left before I did, the waitress still didn't come had to go ask for a refill. A couple of other workers came and cleared tables. It was terrible. Other people also came and sat in the same area and received the same service. I understand if it was busy at least touch bases or something. My dad was very upset.

Donna Wright

Dropped in to get lunch to go a few days ago. Cashier was nice and friendly. I had an exceptional encounter with Yvonne who was working the salad bar. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the questions I had about some of the items on the bar. She also let me know where some other items were located. She is definitely a asset to this location !

Bandit Gibson

Visiting Albany from Atlanta. Love the salad at all golden corrals. The young lady working the bar was so nice and helpful. Definitely coming back. 5 star customer service thank you Yvonne.

Stan G.

Awesome food and service in my opinion. The lady at the salad bar was sweet and very helpful. It's one of Albany Georgia's best places to eat .Thank you Yvonne for the great service and we'll be back to see you soon.

Ty Hayes

I was very hesitant about eating here but my daughter wanted it so bad. We went on a Sunday. The wait time was close to 30 minutes. They didnt have a large variety of food. Most of the chicken was dark meat. I wanted a steak but of course the line was extremely long for a steak. Our waitress was good even though she was serving a lot of people. I love the fact that the had disposable gloves throughout the food bar. The men's restrooms needs more care.

Andrea Brown

If you happen to go to Georgia, make sure you stop by this Buffet and Grill. They have the best steak. I must tell you about this because I have never tasted such juicy, tender delicious steak as the one I had in Georgia. My husband and I spent a week in Georgia and the first place we went to eat was this restaurant and we are still talking about the Grilled steak.


I’m here for the shrimp, and they kept the container filled!! The waitress hunned me to death, but was very attentive, and the company was great. Lots of nice people to visit with. The staff was working hard, and I give them extra stars because I keep seeing whole families leaving without giving them a tip. WHY???

Heather Moore

Choose this place of business for Graduation w/Family & Friends out of all places to dine in Albany, Georgia! No Mask Mandate, very overcrowded, Employees have no personality whatsoever, place was not clean, don't remove plates and old drinks! It's an older white lady that stands in the front coming in Golden Corral, she does not greet or say anything with guests coming in... literally stands there with a blank expression, like I HATE MY JOB! I experienced some customers literally coughing over the food, they were not asked to leave! It was a Disaster! The food is awful and no SEASONING! I spent $75 in this place and DID NOT EAT ANYTHING... NOTHING due to a guest coughing over my plate... This was horrible the day of my brother's graduation! My older grandparents would not even come in to eat, so they missed a special moment because of this place being so overcrowded just to make a DOLLAR! Would not RECOMMEND to animal to eat here! This place should be CLOSED! Prices are outrageous! An adult meal is almost $15! Food is not worth the price they charge! My reviews are good at most dining places, this place here was like non other!

LaErieia Foster

Our waitress was named Morgan. She was pleasant and on top of things. Tracy also helped out. She was friendly... Nice crew and good food today!

Shell Bell (sweetjuicygapeach)

Everything was clean and looked great but all the meat looked dried out. So I didn't even get any on my plate. Service was good at the table but when we 1st walked in the cashier wasn't friendly at all. Didn't greet us. All she asked was dine in or to go box. My husband asked if she was having a good day she yes why. He said well you don't seem happy and have a mad look on your face. She said well working here will do that to ya. He said well find you a job that you like then.


Guess I chose wrong day to go- it was packed due to local college graduation & big groups coming in, seating was limited with wait times. Food was good though due to the huge groups that were coming in the stations were not kept stocked as they normally are. The fresh melon, both honeydew and watermelon definitely were not in season or ripe. I did miss seeing a few of my favorites such as the amish broccoli salad and cheesecake (neither available) but,... carrot cake was awesome! Managers were trying to keep the flow under control. Would i return? Of course! To look for their fried chicken (always tender, golden & juicy better than my mama's), golden fried okra, Amish broccoli salad and the cheesecake

Tina W.

Good food. The pressed fish was moist and flaky. Hard to do on a buffet line. Mexican rice tasted like a bean a mind rice burrito without the tortilla. Corn bread and Brussel sprouts are thumbs up. All in all I don't get to go to GC that often and so far from home it found this a delight. I hope to come again while we're here.

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