Jimmie's Hot Dogs

204 S Jackson St, Albany
(229) 435-4751

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Very nice take out spot for Hotdogs. Jimmies is quite well known. Many of my Florida coworkers knew of JimmiesFood: 4/5

Wendy Banks

My family and I are from Albany, but now live in Atlanta. We were so excited to come to Jimmie's! OMG! Their hot dogs, plain, or all the way are delicious! If you ever visit Albany, please stop by to grab you a few Jimmie dogs! You will not be dissatisfied! These hotdogs melt in your mouth!! The customer service was phenomenal and made the visit welcoming and pleasant! Love them!!

Joe C.

I read a lot of good things about Jimmies. Made a slight detour through Albany to stop here and see the firehouse from the movie Fireproof. Small takeout place, no tables inside. We sat outside. Ordered a mix of all the way dogs (chili, mustard and finely chopped onions), and slaw dogs on split top griddled buns. The frank by itself was bland however all tasted very good together. $1.75 each Nice stop if you're in Albany.

Lucy Marie

This is one of my absolute favorite hot dog joints around our Town. They have friendly workers, and a lot of antique photos and other things. They have a lot of cool signs to look at, and they have amazing hot dogs! They are great to eat anytime for any meal. I definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants some good hot dogs!

Rhonda Newberry

We Love Jimmie’s hotdogs! We travel from North Carolina to Florida to see family and go out of our way by a few hours to pickup extra and take back to family.


I used to be stationed at MCLB Albany back in the late 90's. Fridays we would put in an order for Jimmy Dogs with chili and onions and send someone to pick them up. They were the cheap little red hotdogs with cheap crappy chili but damn were they tasty. The Marines in my office loved em. My wife not so much lol. More for me.

Mattie T.

Bring back memories when l was a child in the 1970s my mother.took us there many time best hot dogs in town still is l had move to Florida but each time l visit Albany, GA l have to get me and my family a hotdog

Ty Hayes

Took my mom because she wanted Jimmie's. Staff was very courteous. Only 3 stars because after all these years they still dont sell beef hotdogs.

Cornelius Coachman (indiscretion)

Best hot dogs in Georgia. Whenever I come to Albany, I gotta stop by and get 20 dogs to take back home to Atlanta with me

kt baby

All the way from Florida and I had to try these Hotdogs. And boy was it worth it . I ate like 6 lol they are delicious

Richard Senn

This place has been in the same spot for over 50 years . With that said you get your hot dogs and go. And it looks 50 years old. But you will not find a better hot dog no where in the world. They the best around.


I came to Albany about 4 1/2 years ago went to Jimmies Hot Dogs ? and I enjoy the hot dogs it was my very first time eating them and while in Albany I met the Love of my life YeLLa if it wasn’t for me going to get me a Jimmie’s hog I never would have met my Baby ?

Find Your Fit With Dwarttis

It’s a rarity these days that you get great customer service but I received just that on Tuesday June 28th! I walked in and was greeted by a young African American man with locs and young white lady blonde hair and lip ring ( identified them this way only because they didn’t have name tags lol) first and foremost I was GREETED!! But also greeted with a smile!! They asked how my day was and were very communicative throughout the preparation process. I was thoroughly pleased with the food and service!!

Brunson Tomika

Everyone knows how Jimmy's is a hometown favorite. However, this past experience was TRASH. The customer service I received was under whelming by the Owner Tommy. I called to let them the order received which was WRONG, it wasnt a BIG order. He completely went irrate with how it could NEVER happen. I said Sir were there yesterday when I patronized your establishment. I asked again to repeat his name because of his poor customer service. Good thing I only visit the area maybe twice a year. But, I will NEVER do business there again. Hopefully, your employees will mimic your behavior. OWNER Tommy thank you for service and hospitality. It's kind of what I expected of you as the owner.

Mortisha Stubb

I normally love this place. The hotdogs are delicious. I don't live near Albany anymore but I was visiting today and stopped to get some dogs for the family. I ordered 20 chili cheese dogs. The lady who took the order rolled her eyes after I said it and then started complaining about the size of my order to the other employee standing next to her as she fixed it, stating "she's ordering this many like we have 5 people working." There were 3 employees standing there. One cashier, and two fixing dogs. Which is the same as any other time I've been in there. Mind you, there was no line of people behind me. Just one other person waiting to order after me. Instead of asking the employee if taking my order was a problem or simply just leaving, I kept quiet and waited because my kids were really looking forward to getting those dogs. They fixed the dogs in under 5 minutes which made it seem to me that it apparently wasn't that big of a hassle at all. She then asked the lady behind me, "Ma'am do you have a SMALL order that you would like to place." The lady proceeded to order 10 hotdogs and said "well I'm sorry I guess that actually isn't small is it?" And the lady fixing the dogs said "Well it's smaller than what SHE just ordered". I don't even know this lady so I'm confused as to why she's so offended by my order. There have been times that I've been in there when the line was stretched out the door and I saw people order 40 dogs and not a bad word was spoken. The lady checking me out was very nice. But the lady that was loudly complaining about my order really rubbed me the wrong way. Not yet sure if I'll be returning there after today's visit.

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