400 Oglethorpe Alley, Albany
(229) 883-2734

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Brenda Griffin

I placed an online order that said pick up 2:20. So we get there and got told it's gonna be a while it took 50 minutes to get our food! Don't even try to call them because they don't answer the phones..tried calling 4 times and no answer!

Caitlin Fox

Absolute WORST kfc I’ve ever been to. They never have my order ready when it’s supposed to be. And the ATTITUDE is horrible and inside of the store is disgusting. Avoid this location if you can.

Carlos Gomez

I went inside to get some once i was ready to order the lady said heyyy we only serving on drive t so i have to go and do a long line food was good but it looks like they dnt have ppl is this every place around here omg

Leigh L

Terrible experience. I went here a week ago and ordered a chicken sandwich. When I ordered the sandwich the female at the drive thru window kept yelling, "It's 10 minutes on filas"! She would never give me the cost of the order but kept yelling this so I drove to the window. When I got there I asked what my order costed and she still kept yelling that's going to take 10 minutes. She was very rude and had a mean look on her face because I guess she did not want to deal with whatever it took to prepare the chicken and she was trying to convince me to change my mind. Well I actually waited 20 minutes. The chicken was hot but I got fries that were cold and tasted like they had been cooked the day before. I felt like she was angry and since she had to deal with fixing the chicken she was going to make me wait longer than 10 minutes. The look on her face said it all. Long story short, I threw the whole meal out because the fries were nasty, tea was warm and way too sweet, and the chicken sandwich was smothered with mayonnaise. It took way too long and when you're that longwinded with someone's food nothing should be out of order. Her response was intentional and she looked like she could have been the manager. Apparently she's disgruntled about her job. If you have it on your menu you cannot blame the customer for ordering it. What got me is the fact that she refused to give me the total. She kept yelling that's going to take 10 minutes. Well that was 10 minutes she was getting paid for but it is also what the customer prefers off the menu. It was like she was saying pick something else lady because we don't have time to waste on fixing a chicken sandwich for you. Very unprofessional and rude. If it's your job do it with excellence and don't tell the customer what they can and cannot order.

Mrs. Amazing

Great location in East Albany. Fresh, hot food and very friendly staff. No long wait in line!

Herman J. Mortimer

The last time I was there was going at the drive thru since they don't like putting signs on the door to let people know that the lobby was closed. I've learnt that the hard way once at that same location.

Denise Clark

Terrible service, the manager roled her eyes at me, the girl at the window mixed up my order twice. Both times the MANAGER took the box from me and returned the food to the hotbox after I looked in the box instead of discarding it. Poor service. I confirmed my order beforehand.

Soraya Djadjo

I am not used to fast foods so i was not sure how it worked or what each meal had to offer. It was my first time at KFC and the store and drive via was empty. I wished the staff was a bit more helpful and patient with me while I was figuring out the menu. If it was packed and busy, it would have been a different story. However, the food itself was good.

Simeon Lovett

The best ever!! There chicken pot pie yum!!


Love KFC original recipe.. hadn't had any in awhile- my chicken was perfectly golden ?? and juicy! Normally the biscuits are "okay", if I'd known that they'd be as good as they were on this visit- I'd have gotten a dozen to go to freeze & use later.. the spicy chicken sandwich my companion was loaded w plenty of jalapeños to give lots of kick to the sandwich and his fries were piping hot and golden.. lookout KFC may be coming back again soon!

Timeless Treats

HORRIBLE! I waited literally 55 mins for hard old chicken. The manager literally hiding so we couldn’t have a conversation about what was going on.

Sunga Cannon

This particular KFC, I have no problem with the food. My complaint are the homeless individuals that will come up to your vehicle while you are ordering or paying for your food asking for money. I have no problem with feeding someone if they are hungry, but when they are constantly coming to your car (the same one's) wanting money it gets very frustrating. I think the staff at this KFC has gotten accustomed to them hanging around the restaurant because they act as if they don't see them. It's becoming a nuisance and to keep me from being irritated by it, I stopped going to this particular KFC!! The KFC on Dawson Rd is much better!!

Tania Mack

The food is always hot and fresh. Not the best biscuits, but every thing else has been exceptionally good from my past experience including the sweet tea.

Kierra Sparks

Waited 25 min in my car. Had to walk in. All the workers just walking around, cook outside, and no one making food. At least 7 other cars were waiting and 3 came back because food was wrong

Devin Carroll

Ordered at night not a lot of options but still good.

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