1723 E Oglethorpe Blvd, Albany
(229) 439-0181

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Regina Mcclendon


Richard Green

Had the Pot Pie it was very filling. The crust was outstanding. Plenty of tender meat inside.

Sherry Terrell

Don't like that you can't go in and sit down and eat or that you can't go in and order .Food: 4/5

Trish Perry

They have improved since remodel. I only went thru drive thru. But pricey.

Kayla Dykes

The workers never came to the microphone to take my order. I went to KFC around 9:50pm and they close at 10:30pm.When I decided to leave, I looked through the restaurants window and saw all of the workers standing around talking while they have customers waiting. I am very very disappointed with KFC’s workers !!

Minica Green

We pulled up and two other cars were ahead of us. The time was 9:45pm on a Friday. I’m not sure how long those cars had been waiting so by the time we got up to order we waited 15 minute and no one still hadn’t taken our order so I drove around towards the door windows and saw all the employees just standing around talking.

Mrs. Amazing

Great place, friendly staff. Food is hot and lines aren’t terribly long. I appreciate their location in East Albany!

Gloria Powell

I probably came at the wrong time. The entree' I ordered was a little tough. So for this visit I gave it a neutral score.

Ryan Waller

Woman who took our order assuming it was the manager, was very rude and would barely let us speak to order our food. My wife wanted honey packets and she wouldn’t shut up for 5 seconds and listen to me speak. All she kept saying was that’s our chicken wings. Had a very snotty attitude as well

Sum Cole

Very disgusting. The management of this location needs to be reevaluated. The customer service skills is of a kindergarten student. I waited several minutes to be ask I wanted after watching the employees chat amongst each other as if they was at a kickback relax. They are rude with a attitude as if I had to buy or they don't have to sell me anything. I'm sure the owner of this establishment wouldn't be happy to know this is how business is being conducted. Wast eof time even stopping to attempt to buy lunch. This us the manager that made me wait until she felt like taking my order

Chimere Sweet

Not so great service. Food is always fresh and good.

Quantese Amos

Worst experience ever shouldnt even have one star period..... i ordered with the one on 1723 E oglethrope...i did an online order stuff was missing out the order...they door dash it i didnt have a ride to move about. I call them once the manager rushed me off the phone saying they didnt have my order to call other stores. So i call back she asked me to come get...bad experience will never order from here again

Step P.

Husband just went through drive through and ordered pot pie- no pot pie. So he ordered 2 five piece tender box - comes with two sides so he ordered mashed potatoes and slaw.... Ended up with one fry in each box. He also ordered 3 piece chicken with slaw and mashed potatoes.... And got 3 pieces and slaw - no mashed potatoes. We live in 10 miles away, so going back is not an option. Won't be back. And the biscuits were hard and dry!

Dietree McGill

They are always out of wings and at dinner time we in drive thru for 20 minutes before they took our order . If it wasn’t for my 83 year old mother I’d never come here.

Thomas McCarton

Chicken sandwich ? was good, disappointed by corporate greed as they raised the price $1.00 overnight

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