Mikata Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

2610 Dawson Rd, Albany
(229) 435-3516

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Khaled Ajib

Mikata Japanese Steakhouse has left the best impressions! One of the best sushi places in Albany.A variety of options on their menu. Great taste and presentation.Let’s not forget their delicious Orange Sherbet

Tanza Sutton

This was only my second time at Mikata's. MY first experience was not impressive but the food was awesome. I decided to give it another try since it had been a decade since my last visit. The food was awesome and overall my experience was better the second time around. They can come across as rude at times. I am not sure if it is a cultural thing or what. I will go back again and see if the third time will be the charm.

Kimberly Miller

My family and I took my daughter there today to celebrate her birthday. We had a party of 7 people. Before we could finish our food, the owner's wife brought us our check. We were the only ones out of a room of about 20 people that she did this to. I went ahead and paid the $300 check. When she came back with the receipt I asked her why did she do that. She pretended like she didn't understand what I was saying. I have been there plenty of times before and caught little glimpses of racism. But today was my last day spending any money there.

Sheaskii Bell

The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because how rude the owner was. While waiting for the rest of our party one of our guest keys happen to slip out of her back pocket in between the wall and chair we were sitting on. We asked nicely for assistance. He came over with a attitude and stated very nastily “why you ppl don’t put your keys in your pocket I’m just gonna remove this seating area people will just have to stand up moving forward” I didn’t like his reaction to good paying guest’s. We didn’t let that ruin my sisters birthday tho… Word of advice be mindful of how you treat your guests. All and all our host and server were amazing and the food was phenomenal. I ordered for two and a takeout came up to $105 including tip. The owner should treat his paying customers better. First impressions are very important!

Mara Banks

This is a nice restaurant. The staff was great! There were a few hiccups with the orders but manageable. I enjoyed my experience there. This place is best for groups.

Kathryn Cook

Disappointment. I was excited to try the restaurant for the first time but will definitely not waste anymore time here. The server was rude and the food was nothing special. In all honesty I could of handled the food but the service was just so rude my whole experience was ruined. I was literally told the chef was about to start cooking... aka hurry up (all while having to wait 7-10 mins for someone to hand us 1 menu not even asking our drinks then proceed to hover and be short when asked questions about the menu, ya know since it was my first experience) Was also asked how I wanted my steak cooked and honestly confused why she even asked since it was the opposite of what my partner and I ordered. All in all just don't cause even if you like the food you will leave will a foul taste in your mouth from the service.

Alice G.

Went there with hubby for date night. We were sitted in a room where the other hibachi station was full of children for a birthday party (12 children) & two "adults." The "adults" complained about everything. The one sitting next to me even complained about smoke from our hibachi station. Well, duh!!! There's going to be some smoke when you have your food being cooked right in front of you. She complained to management & because they wouldn't give her food to her for free she pouted the rest of the evening. After eating that's when the children got really loud & started running around the dining area. We spent the entire time just sitting & eating because it was so loud we couldn't talk to each other. Don't get this review wrong, it's not a complaint about our food or service (that's why I gave them 5 stars). It's about the surroundings. In the future be more aware of your customers particular situation. If you have a couple on date night seat them in a different area than a room with a lot of children. Seat them with other couples. That way they will enjoy the whole experience & not just the food.

Andrea Tatum

We had an awesome time! The servers and the chef were great. The food was delicious!

Les Reed

Food here is excellent. From sushi to hibachi it is all excellent. I had the Salmon and scallops which was cooked to perfection. They have a unique house dressing for the salad that was very taste. Highly recommend!

Trolling with Treyce

The service is top notch the food was amazing every time I go there the never disappoint and every time I go I always get extra for lunch the next day it is my favorite restaurant in Albany by far

PJ Dunn

Ok, so mixed reviews here. Food quality was amazing and people were all nice! Our cook was friendly and we had a great server. So why 3 stars? Environment of the restaurant. Ugh. It was very apparent that things had not been dusted for a long time. Several of the hood vents were not working so it was very smoky and hard to breathe. Floors were sticky in the bathroom was kind of scary. So overall it really truly needs a good cleaning and update and would be a five star. *** Updated to 5 stars since owner replied to address issues***

Trinity Miller

Food was amazing and so was our server ?

Abi D

We had an absolutely amazing experience at this restaurant. The staff was super welcoming, friendly and entertaining. The food was out of this world. If we are ever in the area we will definitely try them out again. I highly recommend that everyone try the hibachi.Once we try the sushi I will update the feedback.

Shawn D.

Went in a couple of days of ago and sat at the sushi bar to enjoy a nice meal after work. I order a few rolls. As I was waiting on my order the sushi chef starts sneezing and coughing with his mask pulled down on his chin. I was appalled and disgusted. I asked the chef to change his gloves before doing my order and he just ignored me and laughed it off like he didn't do anything wrong.

Brenda D.

Been there many times and never had a problem but one time. Cook gave my order to a girl who took it w/o paying and I had to wait longer for them to cut it up and cook it. The Cook was careless and there is no excuse for that.

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Mikata Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

2610 Dawson Rd, Albany, GA 31707
(229) 435-3516