Shabazz Fish Supreme

241 E Oglethorpe Blvd, Albany
(229) 435-9148

Recent Reviews

Gregory Leverette

The owner is very rude. I can’t spend my money with someone that rude

John R.

Fabulous. I had the fried flounder - ask for hot sauce and their tartar sauce. Hush puppies are like cornmeal doughnut holes - perfect texture, flavor, heaven. Great people working there. This is a "joint" - go enjoy some honest food.

Rajun Bogan

Best burger in town.

Selecta Princess

I love the whiting!

Shauna Y

Went there 2 days ago ( 6/28/22? I think) Anywho, CUST SERVICE wise...not so much. Decided to try this place on a whim. Told the older BM, I had NEVER been there before. I needed a moment to look at menu. Found what I wanted within 1min. He seemed annoyed. Before I ordered a dinner/meal, I asked what were the sides. No response, figured he didn't hear me ( wearing mask). Gave my order, and spoke a little louder. Asked again about sides. Again, he was short with me..obvious this time. Thank God he wasn't cooking my food, just order taking and register. Enough there.FOOD: Fish was good, wasn't as seasoned..but I can understand why it wouldnt be. I did eat that.Hush puppies were greasy. Bit into 1 and you could see it inside. The center of the hush puppy was grease- free. Threw that one and the rest away.Tastewise, it was sweet almost " jiffy corn bread-like". Bottom line, I gave SHABAZZ 3 stars because fish was perfectly cooked, NOT greasy.However, WON'T patronize them again.

Shawn Vs King


Alesa Green

wings were good but very small and i was supposed to have 6 but only got 5 because the owner was being petty about me sending back his “cheesesteak” i ordered originally … also found a hair in my drink … but the lady at the counter was very polite

LaKeisha E McG

Pass out on the floor, slap yo mama good

Howard Mitchell

Great fish and chicken a lil spot but a hidden gem

L Clark

Great food and service! Try the fish supreme sandwich or the bacon cheese burger (turkey bacon)! No pork served here...great food options! You will love it!! Located near Albany State University

Larry Bellamy

Food was delicious

shaun hudley


Junsoo Lee

Nice fried fish and potato.

jd mccoy

Nothing special about the food or service. I have been twice.

Chariena W.

This place is awesome! An Albany must taste place! If you're ever in town check it out!!! Amazing everything!! I'd eat it everyday if I could!!

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