The Cookie Shoppe

115 N Jackson St, Albany
(229) 883-3327

Recent Reviews

Pamela Dent

I had lunch here today and it was my first time, everything was delicious. I will be back very soon. Highly recommend

Cameila Cash

Had to come to the realization that this place isn’t what it used to be. There were not one but two hard pieces of bone or something in my chicken salad sandwich that almost broke my teeth. I remembered the chili being amazing years ago but not anymore. It literally tasted like dish water with absolutely 0 flavor. It was inedible and I threw it away. Did they change owners or something ? The recipe is miles away from what I knew and loved. They have fell off so bad since the last time I’ve been there. I won’t be back.

Andrea Nason

Friday cheese biscuits should be their own holiday. The baklava is THE BEST I've ever had. Excellent friendly service and a cute, vintage atmosphere.Food: 4/5

Bryan Brendley

One of the most enjoyable places to have lunch! The chicken salad was the best that I’ve ever eaten! I wish I had been in Albany longer to try other sandwiches on the menu! The homemade cookie was amazing … again, I wished I had more time to sample more cookies! Thanks to the wonderful folks who worked there for making my visit a treat!

Kewa H

Excellent stop when you are visiting Downtown Albany. The popcorn is fresh and the staff is friendly


This was a wonderful lunch. The sandwich bread was so soft. We had two hot and a cold sandwich. Both types were great. A cookie even came with the kids meal. We went back to get a second cookie, this one was cream filled! Excellent! We'll be back the next time we visit.

Ahmed Arikat

Great place for a quick lunch, their service is relatively fast compared to Albany, very clean as well. I highly recommend the Baklava!

Mattie T.

Very fresh and homemade cookies l really like this place peoe there are very nice and helpful.

Pamela V

So the Reuben was really good, my s/o got it. I also got a Philly steak sub as well. The meat for the steak sub was really delicious, it could use more cheese though. There was virtually no cheese on the sub. It was very dry, but it could be a lot better with maybe some sauce or more cheese. The atmosphere inside was really cozy and it smelled great. They have very old news paper on the wall, it is very historical. The information on these papers… will pull at your heart strings.

Kim S.

Have you ever had that one deli that when you are hungry for good food that you think of fondly? This is mine- roast beef on rye. Everything is good and get a box of cookies to go!

Cat S.

Love this family owned sandwich shop! They have the best biscuits, and on Fridays they have cheese biscuits (as seen in pic). They also have sweet treats like baklava, floats and gooey cookies.

Heather Andrews

We have made this one of our regular places to eat on Fridays because their cheese biscuit breakfast sandwiches are out of this world! (Their cookies are delicious as well.) The employees are super friendly and the atmosphere is so inviting.

Dawn Blanchard-Vincent

Great local bakery and sandwich shop. Fresh and tasty, the cookies are amazing, and the ladies are fabulous.

Charles Soler

I've been here a couple times, I love this place. Great food, only place I've found in the area that serves baklava ?. Home made soups, great sandwiches, and wonderful service. Everyone that works there is so polite. Both times I've gone the owner is present, and involved in serving customers. I love to see these kind of businesses.

Elsie Gilmore

Was recommended this place by an employee at the Hilton. Love the classic interior with pressed tin ceiling. Had a really great turkey wrap that I ate outdoors on a shady bench up the street.

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